Behold the second beast of Revelation 13; Martin O'Malley

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Martin (6) Joseph (6) O' Malley(6)

Long before Xi Jinping became the most powerful chinese president after Mao Zedong, I declared that he was the first beast of Revelation.  This was based on a dream that I had around 11 years ago.


Well I had another dream.  And this one even more clear than the first, that Martin O'Malley is the second beast of Revelation which some also refer to as the antichrist.

The dream was this.  A man that was well dressed and polished was speaking in kind of a jokingly way, very charismatic.  He was a tanned white man.  Two men were watching him, sort of FBI types.  Then the man speaking said profanities and it surprised at least one of the men.  The man speaking invited them on an airplane with him.  I got the impression he was a pilot or owned a plane.  I saw the state of Maryland like that was where this person was from or resides.  I saw two green snakes with yellow bellies coiled up into two 6's on the man or in relation to him and was told that they referred to him.  I then saw a bronze snake, the same type of snake as the other two but different color, in my face and I woke up.  I interpreted the 66 snakes as saying this man was the second beast.

So I searched for Maryland governors.  The current Maryland governor was not the man in my dream.  But the previous governor Martin O'Malley matched the person I saw in my dream.  He looks very very similar to the man in my dream.  This is supported by the fact both his mom and dad were pilots, and he probably is one too.  Also he said "bullshit" in one of his campaigns and it endeared him to many people.  He also ran for president and was third behind clinton and sanders.  People may think of him as a cross between JFK and Obama and won't be afraid to take his shirt off like Putin.

My prediction based on this prophetic dream is that he becomes president in 2024.  At that time Xi Jinping will have already done his work as the first beast.  Martin O'Malley will be the one to chip all americans and perhaps the world.

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