What causes my heart to skip beats?

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It is caused by oxidative stress of the heart.  The root of this is five fold.  Definitly high saturated fat foods especially milk based ones.  Also iron overload.  But on a deeper level it is tuberculosis especially bovine tuberculosis namely Mycobacterium Bovis.  This bacteria is also often in dairy.  Also streptococcus bacteria can also be involved.

In order to stop your heart skipping use a blend of essential oils taken internally several drops at a time.  Some essential oils that kill TB are:
juniper berry
garlic oil (not so good allicin better)
nutmeg (eugenol)
cinnamon cassia
rosemary oil (a pinene)

to make a 1 oz bottle use 4-5 droppers full of thr above oils and mix into a new 1oz bottle

The way I lower my iron is by taking a teaspoon of L-histidine, a tsp of L-cystiene.  Then a few hours later follow with a tsp of potassium bicarbonate.

Kill streptococcus with adaptogens and steroidal saponins; like a combo of tribulus terrestrus and gynostemma.

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