The true reason why the 2017/2018 flu is different this year

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I am very busy lately trying to make my own cryptocurrency and build CPU crypto miners so I put off posting about this flu season. But today when I learned it was killing kids I knew I had to speak up and get this info out.


The reason? Because of this:


Why? Because it is legal. In the past the CDC had to create the years flu virus with old technology, but now it is free to create and spread new deadly viruses. The flu this year is different and the reason for that is because it infects gram positive bacteria like strep instead of gram negative bacteria like ecoli. Traditional flu caused by gram negative bacteria is really easy to prevent or cure, simply take food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal since this kills the host bacteria in the intestines. This year however, since it infects gram positive bacteria, these methods don't work. The way to tame this years flu is with herbs that kill gram positive bacteria, specifically triterpenoid saponins from herbs like gynostemma and ginseng and eleuthero, with absorption enhancer (steroidal saponin) like tribulus or sarsaparilla. These are natural biological soaps that kill gram positive bacteria. Combine this with thyme or oregano essential oil for a very powerful combo. Even big pharma sales people (doctors) are pushing antibiotics for this flu which is smart (except their antibiotics are fungal based and carcinogenic so stick to herbs).

Anyway that's about it email naturehackerproducts@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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