Guns are obsolete

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Are you worried that these false flag mass shootings are bieng orchestrated to disarm americans?  You have something bigger to worry about.  Do you really think the government would use humans to take over for them?  Too risky.  What they are gearing up to do is use AI to do it and have plausible deniablility.  How are your guns going to protect you from AI?  Most likely they won't in any efficient fashion.  What you really need for protection is an inductive pulse magnifier.  It is designed based on principles from Nikola Tesla's magnifying transmitter.  What it will do is create a pulsed electromagnetic field to disrupt AI.  Be very careful especially around medicsl devices or other peoples property.  If you enclose it in metal it is legal because there will be no rf frequency emmitted, it is just a magnet.  Here is the open source design:

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