Guns are obsolete

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Are you worried that these false flag mass shootings are bieng orchestrated to disarm americans?  You have something bigger to worry about.  Do you really think the government would use humans to take over for them?  Too risky.  What they are gearing up to do is use AI to do it and have plausible deniablility.  How are your guns going to protect you from AI?  Most likely they won't in any efficient fashion.  What you really need for protection is an inductive pulse magnifier.  It is designed based on principles from Nikola Tesla's magnifying transmitter.  What it will do is create a pulsed electromagnetic field to disrupt AI.  Be very careful especially around medicsl devices or other peoples property.  If you enclose it in metal it is legal because there will be no rf frequency emmitted, it is just a magnet.  Here is the open source design:


UBER's plan to price humans out of the ridesharing game

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-We all know intuitively that UBER wants to replace human drivers for robot autonomous vehicles.  Humans are expensive and they take most of the ridesharing profit. UBER has been announcing testing of autonomous vehicles and we all know that they would make more money by having self-driving cars.  The question of "how much money" though was in the air.  But big corporations and secret societies always want certainty that they can bank on (or bet on more precisely).  Well that certainty has just arrived.  UBER just limited human drivers/cars to 50% efficiency.  How?  By limiting Drivers allowed time behind a wheel to 12 hours out of every 24 hours.  This means at a maximum, human drivers and cars can be only 50% as efficient as self driving ones.  Now that is a variable that has been fixed so their profitability equation can be accurate.

What will this do ultimately?  Well obviously it makes human drivers less competitive.  Now what happens when uber reduces their prices by 50%?  Human drivers would no longer be competitive and would become unprofitable in many cases.  Humans will just be used for surge prices when autonomous cars can't keep up with demand.  What this will also do is reduce demand for cars in general since ride-sharing will be so cheap.  Car makers will then shift to autonomous vehicle production since they will be the only types of cars that make good profit.

Well that's the plan, at least.

Oh and I just did a search after writing this; and it appears my read was 100% accurate:

What causes my heart to skip beats?

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It is caused by oxidative stress of the heart.  The root of this is five fold.  Definitly high saturated fat foods especially milk based ones.  Also iron overload.  But on a deeper level it is tuberculosis especially bovine tuberculosis namely Mycobacterium Bovis.  This bacteria is also often in dairy.  Also streptococcus bacteria can also be involved.

In order to stop your heart skipping use a blend of essential oils taken internally several drops at a time.  Some essential oils that kill TB are:
juniper berry
garlic oil (not so good allicin better)
nutmeg (eugenol)
cinnamon cassia
rosemary oil (a pinene)

to make a 1 oz bottle use 4-5 droppers full of thr above oils and mix into a new 1oz bottle

The way I lower my iron is by taking a teaspoon of L-histidine, a tsp of L-cystiene.  Then a few hours later follow with a tsp of potassium bicarbonate.

Kill streptococcus with adaptogens and steroidal saponins; like a combo of tribulus terrestrus and gynostemma.


The true reason why the 2017/2018 flu is different this year

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I am very busy lately trying to make my own cryptocurrency and build CPU crypto miners so I put off posting about this flu season. But today when I learned it was killing kids I knew I had to speak up and get this info out.


The reason? Because of this:


Why? Because it is legal. In the past the CDC had to create the years flu virus with old technology, but now it is free to create and spread new deadly viruses. The flu this year is different and the reason for that is because it infects gram positive bacteria like strep instead of gram negative bacteria like ecoli. Traditional flu caused by gram negative bacteria is really easy to prevent or cure, simply take food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal since this kills the host bacteria in the intestines. This year however, since it infects gram positive bacteria, these methods don't work. The way to tame this years flu is with herbs that kill gram positive bacteria, specifically triterpenoid saponins from herbs like gynostemma and ginseng and eleuthero, with absorption enhancer (steroidal saponin) like tribulus or sarsaparilla. These are natural biological soaps that kill gram positive bacteria. Combine this with thyme or oregano essential oil for a very powerful combo. Even big pharma sales people (doctors) are pushing antibiotics for this flu which is smart (except their antibiotics are fungal based and carcinogenic so stick to herbs).

Anyway that's about it email naturehackerproducts@gmail.com if you have any questions.