Credit/Debit cards will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED!

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I will be transitioning off credit/debit card payments and only accepting cryptocurrency in the future.  This transition is probably a few months off and will proceed by me posting my Monero address for you to send payments to.  The shopping cart will still work to keep track of what you are buying and total up the price, but payment will only be accepted as Monero.  You are going to need to learn how to acquire monero and send it if you want to continue to buy from me.  You will thank me for this later as Monero will reach up to $1000 a coin in the future.  You do not need to buy or send a whole coin, it is divisible into small fractions.

The easiest way to buy monero would probably be to create a Kraken.com account where you can buy monero with dollars.  XMR is the ticker. 

Other cryptocurrencies will likely be accepted in the future but for now Monero only.

Comment below and let me know what you think.  Cryptocurrency is the future and if you don't get into it now you risk loosing lots of money in the future.  China is stopping buying US bonds and is instead buying cryptocurrencies (especially the one they are creating) so the dollar will crash.  If you save money in dollars you will loose lots of value.  Monero is the most mainstream extremely private and untraceable cryptocurrency which will gain lots of value when crypto becomes more regulated in the future.

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