Carbon fiber Handpan or Hang drum open source alternative non patent

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The makers of Hang drums patented the use of fully nitrided steel for the creation of instruments.  Handpans grew out of that restriction and became the open source alternative to the greedy hang drum creators however they are still limited by the patent on nitrided steel.  Well I have another idea of an alternative to fully nitrided steel: carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber with epoxy and any other material (including wood or steel or even nitrided steel) can be used to also create a very hard and stiff material like nitrided steel.  This is an open source alternative and should lead to even lower prices than current for handpans.  The material cam be a solid piece or have cuts in it for tuning the notes, but preferably uncut.  To tune the sound for each note the handpan can be ground or sanded to achieve the proper tone.

Discussed here first:

Nitrocarburising or nitrocarburizing is also an option to get around the hang drum material patent and can be done on the surface(s) and/or throughout the entire thickness of any type of metal.  Also a fully nitrided metal can be caurburized in addition on the surface so that itnis not solely nitrided all the way through.


boriding or boronizing or boronising is another option to replace or supplement nitriding and or/carburising and can be done on the surface(s) and or through out the entire thickness of the iron, steel, or any other metal.


What is the difference between an Inventor, a Designer, and an Engineer

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As someone who not only does all three of these things, but also takes pride in each one;  I feel I am in a unique place to give an unbiased analysis of this topic.

Firstly all three are Makers and Creators.

An inventor makes a solution possible.  A designer makes a solution practical.  An engineer makes a solution prescribable.

An inventor discovers.  A designer designates.  An engineer dictates.

An inventor discovers that when you coil a wire and put electricity through it you get a magnetic field which can create movement.  A designer designates these coils into a cylinder creating an electric motor.  An engineer dictates electric motor specifications for a particular application.

An inventor discovers that when dissimilar metals are separated by an electrolyte and then the plates are connected with wire, the one of the metals dissolves and electricity flows from the dissolving plate to the other plate.  A designer makes a cell using this principal, selects the best materials for the anode and cathode and electrolyte and casing and determines the connections.  An engineer determines what specification is required for each aspect of the battery and does charecterization testing to verify compliance with required specifications.

And it comes full circle.  The engineer tells the designer what specifications need to be met and if designer can't accomodate that given the current technology, he goes to the inventor to come up with a new solution.

An inventor comes up with a new idea to solve a problem.  A designer fleshes out the idea and optimizes it.  An engineer charecterizes and tests it and has it be built.

One person could do one, two or all three of these things.


How to make your own carbon fiber bike frame

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Take a sheet of a couple inches thick polystyrene (Styrofoam) and cut out your frame model.  Use slow setting flexible epoxy. Paint the styrofoam model with the flexible epoxy and wrap with tussa silk or cotton fabric or gauze or kevlar (few inch wide strip, wrap like a mummy.  Thinking about it you should probably paint the outside face of the material too so it can stick to itself when it overlaps).  Next paint that cloth layer with the epoxy.  Use a few inch wide flexible carbon fiber cloth next (again wrap like a mummy).  Then paint with the flexible epoxy and add a layer of woven fiberglass cloth, same method, get a few inch wide strip and wrap like a mummy.  Paint that layer with flexible epoxy.  Then wrap with carbon fiber.  Paint with flexible epoxy, then finally wrap with cloth (silk, cotton, or gauze, or kevlar).

This method was based on the design of bone.  Marrow is the foam, endosteum and periosteum is silk, compact bone is carbon fiber, and Haversian system is fiberglass.  Flexible epoxy is used to help improve toughness and add a little shock absorption.

Frame Parts


Designs, don't need to do typical frame shape

DIY info

Youtube do it yourself frame

Bone design

tussa silk best


How to prevent calcification of the Pineal Gland

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As we have recently uncovered, the pineal gland not only secretes Melatonin to initiate sleep, but also dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and pinoline that work together to further shut down the brain and body during REM sleep and achieve restorative and perhaps trancendent recovery and adaptation.

The pineal gland is under attack.  The pineal is the second most blood profused organ in the body second only to the kidney.  This shows just how important it really is.  Just like the kidney it is suseptible to "stones".  In the kidney's case it is called kidney stones, and in the pineal it is called brain sand.  It is important we keep not only the kidneys but also the pineal clear of this so they can function properly.

Potassium citrate is basically the magic bullet.  Citrate is known to not only prevent and reverse calcifications body wide, but also acts as a aluminum and fluoride chelator, and fluoride is also a major player in initiating calcifications.  Not only that but potassium acts with citrate as a blood and urine ph buffer which helps prevent and reverse the improper calcification process in both the kidney (calcium oxalate from low ph) and pineal (calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite from high ph).

Also the pineal is reddish grey which signifies it requires carotenoids, chief among which is astaxanthan from salmon and other sources.

And of course I can't forget that it appears haemophilis reduces DMT secretion from the pineal which is killed with cinnamon and peppermint essential oils.  Also Bacillis and/or mycoplasma degrades DMT into indole acetic acid (IAA) which are killed with garlic extract and especially eucalyptus essential oil (never take over 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil at a time).  Also pseudomonas also degrades DMT and it is killed from with food grade diatomaceous earth and cinnamon essential oil.

pineal calcification

wiki article

pineal calcification (PGC) vs kidney stones (oxalate vs hydroxyapatite)

fluoride in pineal


Real wound care

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Sometimes you need a wakeup call in bieng careful, to stop bieng non chalant and taking unnecessary risks, and to focus on saftey.  If you drive, sooner or later you will crash.  If you ride a bike sooner or later you will fall.

If you are riding a bike ALWAYS:

1. Wear a helmet with a chinguard.  Chins are the most common thing you will hit when you fall.

2.  Wear gloves like mechanix or actual biking gloves.

These are musts.  You also should absolutely carry a bag of food grade diatomaceous earth to stop any bleeding.

When you get home you must scrub your wounds.  Road rash type scrapes are good as their is likely nothing lodged in the wound.  First take a shower and wash down your whole body.  Then when you get out focus on any deeper wounds and make sure to get anything out like dirt or gravel because this will absolutely come back to haunt you if you dont (you will have pain and or bumps there that will last years if not forever).  Scrub all wounds very well with soap down to the raw flesh, this is required to prevent infection.

*New version.  Should be able to leave on wounds up to 12 hours before washing off and letting wound dry*

coconut oil
food grade diatomaceous earth
1 part thyme oil
1 part cinnamon oil
1/2 part peppermint oil
1/2 part oregano oil
1/2 part lemongrass oil
1/2 part orange oil
1/2 part eucalyptus oil
1/4 gingerol
manuka honey
gynostemma extract powder or natures fury (90% gynostemma extract powder 10% tribulus terrestris extract powder.)

also should probably have rosemary (from thieves recipe and is anti-inflammatory)
and also juniper berry for tetanus.

sterilized (with 70% etoh) silk powder
garlic extract powder

Mix a bit of de into the honey.  Mix a bit of gynostemma extract powder into the honey.  mix in some coconut oil with esential oils in.

You can make a coconut oil/ eo (coceo) mix with the following:

1 oz coconut oil (melted, or synthetic human sebum recipe)
10 drops thyme eo (staphylococcus)
10 drops cinnamon eo (pseudomonas)
5 drops peppermint eo
5 drops oregano eo
5 drops lemongrass eo
5 drops orange eo (serratia)
5 drops eucalyptus eo (mycobacterium)
5 drops clove eo
5 drops juniper berry eo
5 drops rosemary eo
5 drops fresh ginger eo (campylobacter)

This recipe started with thyme oil and the other oils were added in order as their symptoms manifested.  You may interpret this is thyme oil caused pseudomonas overgrowth, cinnamon eo caused serratia overgrowth, etc.

then an example recipie can be:

1 tsp manuka honey
1/2 tsp food grade de
1/2 tsp natures fury
15 drops coceo oil

silk powder

to try; carrot eo for h pylori.  Could clostridium also infect wounds, yes but gynostemma should kill.  Eugenol from clove is highly antibacterial especially morgonella.


*Old version, dont leave on wounds longer than 8 hours*

Next get out your trusty naturehacker recipie to apply to your wounds:

1.  2 tablespoons Food grade diatomaceous earth or bentonite clay.

2.  10 drops thyme essential oil.

3.  1 tbsp humectant like food grade glycerine or honey or maple syrup.

4.  2 tsp Gynostemma or other adaptogen extract powder

5.  1 tbsp powdered wool

Exact Amounts dont really matter.

Add enough water to turn it into a mud and spread onto your wounds.  The DE will kill any gram negative bacteria, and the thyme will kill any gram positive.  The humectant will prevent it from drying and flaking off.  The gymostemma is a natural detergent and will kill gram positive bacteria and tetanus (thyme will also do these things and I think also kill tetanus but its still a good ingredient to include).

powdered wool made in a ball mill:

Guillain Barre: A tale of three bacteria

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UPDATE:  I think clostridium perferingens is also involved causing the tingling sensation of Guillain Barre.  This is killed with adaptogens like gynostemma like all clostridium species.

Guillain Barre is charecterized by progressive numbness and tingling and pins and needles sensations followed by paralysis.  There seem to be 3 bacteria involved, latent Tuberculosis (which is anything but innocuous), tetanus (which everyone has but doesn't realize it), and of course Campylobacter Jejuni, one of the most common food poisoning bacteria from undercooked meat.

I spend quite a bit of time updating my "quintessential guide to gut microbes" but it is getting so large and slowly falling out of date so I think I will mostly just make new posts at this point.

So anyway latent TB causes chest pains, heart skipping beats, and high cholesterol.  Also when it is a bit more active it causes night sweats and weight loss.  Tetanus causes muscle twitches, and campylobacter causes brain buzzing, restless legs (in tandem with proteus, and proteus alone causes lower back pain) and the pins and needles.

(Also for the heck of it haemophilis causes high blood sugar and diabetes and inflammation and skin picking or hair pulling or other nervous tics.  Pseudomonas causes itching or crawling sensations in random places on the skin.)

So anyway I got my worst attack of guillain barre after a series of events.  I have been eating lots of christmas leftovers and started to get heart skipping beats.  So I took eucalyptus oil and garlic to clear up the Mycobacterium tuberculosis or bovis that was causing that.  Then that caused a tetanus overgrowth which caused muscle twitching.  I killed that with gynostemma. Then that caused a campylobacter overgrowth which caused tingling sensations.  I killed that with ginger powder.  So I had excessive levels of all three of these bacteria however the mycobacteria covered up the tetanus and the tetanus covered up the campylobacter.  Also for the record haemophilis covers up tuberculosis.  By covers up it may hold it in check and/or supress the symptoms.

Read comments for gullain barre symptoms:


What to do for Eucalyptus oil overdose home care.

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Eucalyptus oil is a trememdous medicine especially for lung issues including tuberculosis which causes high cholesterol, chest pain, and heart skipping beats.  Also it is great for proteus which causes high blood pressure, low back pain, and uti/kidney infections.  However one should never take more than 1 mL at a time.  In case one forgets and takes 2-3 mL you can probably be treated at home.  If you take 3-5 mL you may need urgent care and over 5mL you will most likely need emeegency care.  This oil is no joke so be very careful.

Home care:

1. Administer activated charcoal

2.  Do not eat much

3.  Do not excercise

4.  Keep the body cool.  Warmth volatilizes the oil and makes symptoms worse.

5.  Rest, but adrenaline helps.  Getting a little scared but not overly scared may help too keep blood pressure up.

6.  Breathe.  Make sure you are breathing adequately.

7. Wait it out, the dizzyness and lightheadedness should pass.

8.  Stay awake, at least until you are mostly back to normal.  Sleeping can enhance respiratory depression.

Obviously if you need help, call poison control center and/or get emergency help.


IT'S TRUE: Trump is leading us toward another 9/11 and economic collapse

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9/11 was an inside job.  The deep state in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, created the major modern False Flag attacks like 9/11.  It was obvious they used 9/11 not only to save money on WTC demolition (contained asbestos, demolition would have lead to lawsuits) but to get the 70 IQ americans to buy into perpetual war in the middle east (really just a security operation for CIA Poppy fields and Oil Companies).

Now Trump gets it and pulled us out of the Middle East.  Well what can the deep state do but another False Flag attack to try to overturn his decision to leave?

Also Trump is leading us to another economic collapse.  Why?  Because he is killing China's economic superiority over us by leveling the playing field.  The deep state has bet all theur money on China and china overtaking the US as the worlds economic superpower.  Trump making america great again is a threat to the deep state's pocketbook.  So they will raise interest rates untill the economy collapses ahead of the 2020 election.

You know Trump is doing a great job when the parasites are squeaming.

Melodic triad: 3 instruments for melodic music

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Melodic trance is my favorite type of music which typically is made entirely on synthesizers.  I have been getting full songs and melodies in my head when awaking from rem sleep (naturally released DMT induced, to enhance natural dmt take cinnamon and mint essential oil before you start rem sleep) and I needed to figure out what instruments would be needed to play it acoustically.

I will call it instrumental trance or acoustic trance, or just Melodic Music.  Here are the 3 main players.

1. bowed string instrument or organ or singing bowls
2. guitar and/or bass guitar or handpan
3. harp or lyre or keyboard/piano or flute or acoustic guitar

1. foundation - holds the scale note
2. driver - expounds on the foundation
3. melody - transistory elaboration

typically will consist of:
1. violin
2. guitar
3. piano

1. The stringed instrument will play slowly with a bow to sustain the scale note (typically only 3 or 4 notes in the whole refrain).

2. The guitar will play the base melody using the scale note the string instrument provides.  Typically 6-8 melody repeats (played twice [or 4 times] for each of the 3-4 different scale notes) per refrain.

3. The piano will play distinct high notes that float above the rest of the music in a transistory way, usually only 1 repeat per refrain.

So the string only plays 3-4 long drawn out notes per refrain.  The guitar plays a melody and a repeat for each string note so a total of 6-8 repeats per refrain.  The piano plays 1 melody spread across the top in the refrain.  And of course vocals can also be used and they expound on the piano.

For the "dropout" one or more instrunents can be dropped out or simplified or slower melodies and there can be solos and expanding.  So for example the piano and guitar can drop out and the violin solo's the piano melody or the driver melody.  Or the piano solos a new take on its own melody, etc.

A little more eclectic triad could be a harp or lyre as the melody, a handpan as the driver, and a violin or cello as the foundation.


WARNING: Economy has flatlined, prepare for recession

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As I have said before I had a dream that when the 1 year bond yield crosses the 5 year bond yield the economy is on borrowed time.  Every time this happens there is a calm before the storm, then an economic collapse.  It is the most reliable indicator of an upcoming crash bar none.  It is always right.

So what does this mean, the 1 year crossing the 5 year?  It means you will collect more interest on a 1 year investment than if you sign up for a 5 year investment.  What this obviously means is that no one in their right mind would want to tie up their money for 5 years when they will earn less interest than on a 1 year investment.  So everyone sells their long term bonds.  This is what causes an economic collapse, people pulling out of investments.

Now the important thing to realize is that the FED knows this.  The FED is a private entity that is run by the shadow government trillionares.  The FED owners don't need to borrow money to buy stuff.  So when the economy crashes and prices plummet, they buy up all the cheap assets with cash.  This is how they make money.

The tool that is used to cause these crashes are interest rate hikes.

As you can see below the 1 year yield is just now within the last few days started crossing the 5 year.  This is an EMERGENCY ALARM that the economic crash is inevitable and immiment.  They are timing this to coincide with the 2020 elections but as I have said before I know for a fact that Trump will stay in office and Martin O'Malley will win in 2024.

Get your money out of the banks and investments and prepare for the collapse.


The Real Truth About Iridescent Roast Beef and Pastrami: It's Bacteria

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Even the USDA is complicit in this Big Agra Coverup.  Iridescent beef is not natural and normal, it is a sign the meat is spoiled.  It is the bacteria Leptothrix.  This bacteria requires B12 and Iron to grow, which is why you only see it on beef.  This type of bacteria is called filimentous, and these filiments are what cause light to diffract causing a rainbox of colors.

Don't believe the lies that they claim it is just the muscle fibers.  You will know that is bullshit when you buy the meat and its fine then after several days it turns iridescent.  Government agency scum.  You may have also seen this bacteria in ponds and steams causing what looks like an oil slick on the water.  This is the same bacteria in your roast beef.


Straight to solvent extraction 2: easy future medicine

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I have made a post on a "straight to solvent" extraction before that uses acid/base technology that anyone can master and aquire ingredients for.  I am making a whole new protocol from scratch so that it is as easy as possible.  If you want crystaline alkaloids, see the other version of my protocol.  This version is intended for home medicinal use.

Tested on Catuaba and Kanna extraction with flying colors!

1 oz shredded plant material into glass mortar and pestle (biggest you can aquire, 120mm or 16oz is perfect for 1 oz of herb, try to get a 180mm on ebay to attempt 100g.  150mm is usually 32 oz so 180 mm may be 48oz if we are lucky)

Barerly but thouroughly moisten plant material with vinegar.  There should be no excess liquid.  Or use water then add a bit of glacial acetic acid to make it vinegar like.  Mix around for around 5 minutes.

Sprinkle sodium carbonate onto plant material to cover it like snow.  Exact amount doesn't matter, you can check ph if desired.  The whole thing may foam up (but not overflow if your mortar is big enough). Mix thouroughly 5 mins.

You should have damp material with virtually zero free liquid if you did it right.  If too much liquid, just add more sodium carbonate to dry it up.

Now add around an ounce of limonene at a time, mash and mix around for 5 minutes, and pour off and collect limonene.  Do this at least 3 times or untill you can tell that no more color (usually yellow or orange)/alkaloids are coming off.  Color may be very faint and only seen in collection vessel (catuaba).  For kanna it should be yellow-green.

Use a lab vacuum system and a warm water bath to evaporate off all solvent except 1 oz.  Preferably use a distillation rig so you can collect back your excess limonene to use again.  45 celcius is perfect for limonene, make sure vacuum and seals are good with high vacuum grease.  Also you can use rice grains as boiling chips.  Boiling chips are essential for vacuum evaporating limonene.  A vigreux column is highly desired and will help prevent any product from spilling over in distillation.  If you evaporate too much, it is ok just add a little more fresh limonene to 1oz afterward.

Place ounce of product in a 1 oz dropper bottle and use.  Typical dosage is 1-4 droppers full.  This is a 1:1 by weight extract, 1 gram of this limonene is roughly equal to a gram of the raw material but HIGHLY more bioavailable.

120c burner (setting 1 on my stove) = 45c waterbath.


Sardines to save humanity

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We live in a tame world.  The very definition of tame vs wild means that tame is the absence of full connection to nature.  A tame rabbit lives in a house or a cage and doesn't have the full natural experience.  Tame horses don't migrate vast distances.  And tame humans don't live out in the elements and have to dig for water or hunt for food.

Tameness is lameness and will lead to extinction.  To tame something means to disconnect it from the natural gene flow that causes adaptation in our world.  As we know from "Universal Expression" that life doesn't evolve but rather accepts genes created in other species to adapt.  The way this is done is by eating their DNA.  Also DNA of species will help our bodies repair or improve expression of our own, not just aquire new genes.  If you want to keep your dna healthy, you will have to eat healthy dna.

Sardines contain up to 1.5% DNA and they are all wild caught.  They eat plankton, one of the most genetically diverse groups of species on the planet.  If any lifeform is on the cutting edge of adaptation to our changing world it is wild plankton.  Sardines are on the front lines of solidifying their own dna with healthy planktonic dna and also aquiring any new genes that plankton aquire to adapt with the changing planet.

Could eating sardines save our species (SOS)?

science validating this theory


Canned sardines contain about half the DNA as flash frozen sardibes however some of the larger (over 300bp) genes are destroyed.  So canned sardines are better than nothing but flash frozen is much better.

Time Perception and how to slow down or speed up time

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There are two factors that determine how fast time seems to be going.  Dopamine and serotonin.  All things bieng equal if you increase serotonin, time will seem to be going by slowly.  If you increase dopamine time will seem to go by fast.  The reason why time seems to speed up as people age is that their number of dopamine receptors decrease so the little dopamine they have fills up all their receptors and it is as if they have a lot of dopamine and so time goes by fast.  The reason kids seem time goes by slowly is they have a lot of dopamine receptors so it takes more dopamine than they have to fill them up.  This is a relative lack of dopamine for kids and so time goes by slowly.

The reason people drink coffee is because it helps time go by faster at work.  This happens because caffiene stimulates dopamine and increased dopamine makes time go by faster.  So if you want time to go by faster use herbs that increase dopamine like catuaba.  If you want time to go by slowly use serotonergic herbs, dmt is one.

We are slowly loosing our DNA fidelity

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I think that it is probable that modern methods are breaking us off from nature not only in a mental and spiritual sense but also a physical one.  What if genetic engineering in nature is a constant process? What if an organism needs a new gene and it's food provides it?  Over the course of our life we eat pounds and pounds of DNA.  What if biology is designed to genetically engineer itself using its food (and medicine ie: herbs) DNA? I think it is highly probable.

What this means is that if we cut ourselves off from nature our DNA will slowly degrade, we will loose gene functionality.  This is a natural process but the counter process is gaining new and improved genes from nature.  However modern clone farming, food processing, etc has stripped nearly all unique and adaptive DNA from our diet.  Our foods are not allowed to adapt and gain new genes.  Therefore our own adaptation has also been halted.  This will not lead to the destruction of the world, just the destruction of our own species.  Don't listen to the climate alarmists, the world itself will be fine.  It is we who are on a path of destruction.

Eat wild foods.


Sarpa Salpa the time travelling fish and n,n-dimethyldopa (DMD)

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Note: it looks like n-methyldopa is not acted upon by dopa decarboxalase so it also doesn't look good for dimethyldopa, however there is a chance that it does work.  Also perhaps another similar compound is the true player we are looking for that by isn't exactly n,n-dimethyldopa. See first link at bottom.

I am going to propose a new molecule n,n-Dimethyldopa (not the same as a-methyldopa) and its probable function and one probable biological source.

I was curious as to whether there could be a dopamine mediated hallucinogen because I had thought that DMT helps one to think in an extremely fast manner (as do all serotonergic hallucinogens) and it really slows the passage of time.  It helps one to experience the universe in an amplified way basically at a higher frequency (I propose that DMT increases gamma waves (60hz) since I believe it is responsible for REM sleep).  I was thinking of what could be the opposite of this, something that could help one "take everything in" in a slow way.  If DMT makes you like an insect in experiencing reality compressed, what would it be like to experience reality as a blue whale, slow and drawn out? Also if this is possible then it would be very akin to time travel.  As I (think I have) said before on this blog, time travel is possible but you can only speed up or slow down time.  This biological time travel theory here also agrees with that theory.  So what could cause the passage of time to speed up? Well we know serotonin slows down the passage of time.  Also we know that when we are excited about something the passage of time speeds up.  Bieng excited about something is dopamine.  That would make sense too, if serotonin slows down passage of time, dopamine is its' opposite so would be the best candidate to speed up the passage of time.  So then I was thinking I wonder if there could be a DMT analogue but for tyramine instead of tryptamine? Tyramine is the building block of dopamine wheras tryptamine is the building block of serotonin.  I took a look at the catecholamines and yes especially epinephrine is mono methylated and should easily be able to be dimethylated.

And then I literally stumbled on the "hallucinogenic fish" thing.  I was reading something that had nothing to do with these things (had to do with DMT) however they said it probably isn't DMT in that fish because the symptoms don't resemble serotonergic hallucinogens.  So I wondered if they resemble dopamine and would be the thing I was looking for... turns out yes the symptoms exactly match dopamine agonist side effects; auditory hallucinations, dizzyness, confusion, etc.

Dimethyltyramine does exist but the problem is it does not cross the blood brain barrier.  However we know that L-dopa does and is then converted to dopamine in the brain.  Big pharma goons have also created a-methyldopa which is converted into a-methynorepinephrine in the brain and has an onset of 6 hours and an action of 48 hours much like the sarpa salpa hallucinogen.  Could n,n-dimethyldopa or something similar, be what causes this fish to be hallucinogenic?  If so, could this be produced so if one member of the school is eaten, it allows the rest of the school to easily escape the predator (since the predator would be experiencing time go by faster and unable to keep up with the school?) I think it is likely.

N-methyl dopa is not acted on by dopa decarboxilase

Auditory hallucinations are from dopamine

Sarpa salpa auditory hallucinations loss of time

Dopamine speeds up time


Dangers of DMT and Ayahuasca

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Current recipie to help prevent bacterial growth on DMT:

10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops cinnamon essential oil
1 tsp DE (food grade diatomaceous earth)
1/2 tsp NF (90% gynostemma extract powdwr, 10% tribulus terresteis extract powder)
0.1-3g ACRB (powdered acacia confusa root bark, this is the DMT containing plant)
1g Rue (syrian rue seed powder, this is the MAOi)

optimization of MAOi; try 1g ac and vary rue...0.5g to 2g

also vary preextraction like acid/base treatment

Dangers, risks, and consequences of taking, administering, or using DMT or ayahuasca long term or microdosing.

DMT is made endogenously in the human body.  However this does not mean it's supplemental use is without risks and things to keep in mind.  There are three factors that cause more risk with DMT than with typical supplements.  First is that DMT is actively transported into the brain.  The body does not excrete excess DMT out, and it concentrates in the brain.  A typical dosage will last about 6 days in the brain while bieng absent in the urine.  This means that with a typical dosage the brain will be overdosed on DMT for 6 days, we will revisit why this can be a problem in factor 2.  The only way DMT ever leavs the brain is when it gets metabolized into Indole acetic acid (IAA).  Typically this will be expelled as a gas into the nasopharanx and can be smelled. IAA itself can be a dangerous metabolism byproduct as well that may not be beneficial to have high levels in the body.  Moving on to factor 2, DMT is a high energy molecule.  Not only is it a tryptamine which means bacteria like Bacillis Cerus and Pseudomonas want to eat it, but also demethylating bacteria like Haemophilis.  When you ingest potent bacteria food it can cause a harmful bacterial overgrowth.  Couple this with factor 1; and you see this bacteria overgrowth would be likely to happen in the brain.  This could lead to mental and psychotic symptoms from long term use (like microdosing) if not addressed.  This is why shamans in the Amazon are keen to administer antibacterial herbs with ayahuasca.  In a modern case, herbs that kill bacillis and pseudomonas should be taken (adaptogens, food grade diatomaceous earth, also need to find a pseudomonas herb that crosses the BBB) as well as herbs that kill haemophilis (peppermint and cinnamon). And of course the third factor is ayahuasca is often taken with an MAOI.  This, especially if taken long term, can possibly cause the body to fall behind on metabolism of certain food byproducts which could harm the liver.

Other risks:  DMT is the "shutdown button" of the body and as such can cause deregulation of thought (causing paranoia) and physical degregulation which can cause users forgetting to breathe, loss of motor skills, lack of adaptation to external stimuli, etc.  It is also illegal in many countries which can cause problems with the law.

DMT has the potential to advance human expression (or human evolution as the case may be).  Enhancing human DMT levels could be key in the future survival of our species and improvement where we no longer harm eachother, other species, and the planet.  Some people enhancing their DMT herbally may cause a spillover (like a contact high) into other people, whose brains adapt by creating more DMT endogenously. However it's use does not come without risks that absolutely need to be taken into account before use. Humans will need to adopt natural ways to control the bacteria that degrade DMT, to hasten our species advancement.


DMT is responsible for REM sleep

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DMT is responsible for REM sleep

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and to a lesser degree NMT, is the activator of REM sleep.  DMT is the "shutdown button" of the body.  It shuts down inhibitory neuromodulation (which makes it so you can think clearer or recieve inspiration, visions, and dreams better), it shuts down or slows down automatic control of many processes including sympathetic and parasympathetic processes in the body like breathing, digestion, salivation, sphincter control, movement, immune function, adaptation to environmental stimuli, etc.  This may sound bad but the body needs to rest.  As long as DMT is released in the relative security of REM sleep, it is incredibly restorative to the body.  Also if dosed artificially but intelligently with antibacterial herbs, sensory deprivation, and a supportive person helping you stay safe, it can also be a restorative rest for the body and mind.

There is a reason DMT is schedule 1 and cannot be researched.  Because DMT counters all the decades of work that has been done to keep the US population from achieving REM sleep.  REM is restorative to the bieng and gives people new ideas and breaks old habits and question current practices.  DMT is what made the Hebrews leave their captivity in egypt.  DMT is what made the Mimbres leave their ancestral home in search of a better land.  DMT is responsible for breaking old ways and doing things differently.

Fluoride counters REM (ie: DMT production).  Sleeping drugs counter REM.  Psych meds counter REM.  Caffiene and alcohol counter REM. The 60 hz electrical grid counters the Gamma brain waves that activate REM.  Cell phones and screen time inhibit REM.  Noise and lights inhibit REM.  The ubiquitous bacteria strep, tetanus, campylobacter, mycoplasma, klebsellia, pseudomonas, proteus, and haemophilis counter REM (strange that haemo only infects humans, genetic bio warfare anyone?).

They don't want you to know that Dimethyl tryptamine is the activator of REM.  If you knew that you would supplement with DMT and achieve REM, not only in your sleep but also have entire vacations where you REM up using legal ayahuasca analogs.

And then you would be discontent with governmental and monopolistic corporate control over your life.  You would yearn for freedom and free expression.  You would get new ideas on how to improve things or how to do things better than how society currently does them.  And the powers that be don't ever want to loose power.  If the people are (r)empowered, those in-power are in-trouble.

We don't fight back with violence or hate; we fight back with learning, understanding, education, inspiration, and empowerment.  A battle won with love is ground that can never be lost.


Universal Expression

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I can't in good faith call this a theory.  I'm not going to come up with a catchy acronym or domain name.  This is beyond science and to put it up for scientific debate feels wrong to me, not that I don't want people to question or improve the idea, I do; but that this was given to me inspired and it is not my theory.  I wouldn't feel right arguing to defend it.  It feels sacred and special and for me to cast my usual prideful self importance on it would be disrespectful.

That said here is the understanding.  Evolution is incorrect.  Creation is incorrect.  Universal Expression shows us a much more real, understanding, and benevolent God than the theory of creation could ever paint.  God trusts us so much he doesn't create at all but rather lets us create.  And by us I mean all conciousness.  And everything is or was concious or created by conciousness at one point. Conciousness lives at the cutting edge where black and white exist.

Good and evil, light and dark, yin and yang are all expressions that describe potential for creation.  Whenever light and dark exists creation is not completed and conciousness will confront it.  God created light (and dark?), which is the possibility for creation, but he (I use that loosely as I don't expect God to have a gender, but who knows) entrusts conciousness in order to make concious choices on how to solve problems and create using that potential.  Our decisions in life, what we achieve (I use that loosely as teaching something is achieving something too) and the legacy we create literally is what creates the universe.  The universe is bieng created, even now.  Once that conciousness has begun creating this eternal legacy they reach enlightenment or baptisms.  Basically to get there you need to first find your true purpose in life, and begin excercising it.  That's it.  It's not hard but it does take courage to leave behind societies expectations and be actually true to yourself and your calling.  If you don't achieve this I don't know what happens to your conciousness after death.  But if you do achieve this even a little, when you die you will reach nirvana or heaven.  The way this happens is you become your legacy.  And if your legacy was integrated into the universe without bieng destroyed (because your legacy was proven to be good) then you live on in that legacy.  That legacy is living and active.  Perhaps it was a bacterium who's legacy is as a mitochondrion and now lives on in virtually every creature on earth.  This is nirvana or heaven.  That mitochondrion now has all of its needs met freely by the organism it supports.  It does what it loves to do for free and it recieves everything it needs for free.  This is heaven.  Find your true love in life and follow it and you too will achieve immortality in your death and your legacy will be encoded into the DNA of the universe.


Tuberculosis causes dementia and Alzhiemers

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So I have been I think trying to kill tuberculosis because from what I remember I had chest pains, wait not it was heart skipping beats.  Yes and then when I took garlic extract powder yesterday from purebulk I started having stabbing chest pains.  Stabbing chest pains are pericarditis and in my book always from tuberculosis.  So this confirmed to me that I was dealing with TB.  So today took vitamin c and garlic extract powder and started to become very forgetful and just like my memory feels totally blank and I ramble on with incoherent thoughts and lots of internal talking and banter.  Turns out tuberculosis also causes dementia.  Most of the times you notice some symptoms from bacteria is when you start killing them.  This is because usually they release toxins when they die. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/22127948/




Haemophilis holds Tuberculosis at bay

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Haemophilis had the last bastion in my body.  I killed literally every other type of bacteria off in my body before I figured out about haemo.  Some of my symptoms grew worse during this time.  Worsening balding, worsening skin picking and hair pulling, worsening insomnia.  It turns out all these things are caused by haemophilis influenzae.  By me killing off the other types of bacteria in my body, it allowed haemo to overgrow even more.  So I started killing haemophilis.  Some things improved like my insomnia and my skin picking slightly.  But one thing got worse, heart skipping beats or heart palpitations.  I already knew before that for sure tetanus and mycobacteria like TB can cause heart palpitations, also h. Pylori.  I treated for tetanus using gynostemma and tribulus and it helped but didn't solve it.  I usually treat for several bacteria every day including proteus, camphlobacter, tetanus/staph/strep (all killed using adaptogens), often ecoli using food grade DE, h pylori using wheatgrass juice powder, etc. So I for a moment almost believed that the heart palpitations were NOT caused by bacteria since they started when I started killing haemo and my regular bactericidal regimen couldn't seem to stop it.  Well I forgot about TB.  I think itnis TB causing my current heart palpitations.  Juniper essential oil, vitamin c, and garlic powder all are great to kill TB, so i am taking that now.  But it makes sense.  Both TB and haemo occupy the same niche in the lungs so killing one would likely cause the other to overgrow.  They are also both oxidative by nature.  Hopefully going hard on TB will solve my persistant heart skipping beats (also excercising more will help!).  It seems the reverse is also true and killing off Tuberculosis also causes a haemophilis overgrowth.


DMT: The Exodus Molecule

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We are at a place when we need to leave our dying society.  Amazon, Google, Facebook, Walmart have taken over and monopolized our world.  These are growing into monumental bubbles and when they pop, society will collapse.  We need to leave this deathtrap.

LSD showed promise to some as revolutionary; Tune in, turn on, drop out.  But it didn't work.  If anything it left people even more trapped in society than they were before.  The CIA knew this and this is why they released it, to mind control the disenchanted in the same way they make monarch mind control victims with it.

LSD is a counterfeit.  The true spirit molecule that will help people move on from oppressive situations is DMT.  There are 2 good examples in history.  First was the Israeli exodus from egypt.  They left their oppressive situation under the guidance of Moses speaking to God.  The israelis used syrian rue to bleach their flour (hence all the emphasis on bread in the bible) which enhances DMT, and also Acacia trees which contains DMT.  Likely Moses, who spent a lot of time journeying and in nature, experienced this plant hallucinogen.  For more info on this see here:

Also see the book; DMT and the soul prophecy

There is another example of this, the "Great Abandonment" of the mimbres people, natives in new mexico.  They lived in the Mibres valley for centuries but it appears their Maize became chronically infected with fungus.  They started gathering acacia pollen, which very likely contains DMT, and then they made their own exodus.  This exodus was from the Mimbres valley new mexico to casa grandes in mexico, roughly 170 miles.  Interestingly the israeli exodus was also a similar distance, roughly 200 miles.  See links below for more info.  Also we can collect pollen easily nowdays by placing a hepa air filter powered with a portable battery under an acacia tree and collecting the pollen off the hepa filter.  This coupled with the FreeContagion (recent post, basically give freely) will bring us out.

Pdf on pollen use

Mimbres to casa grande


Killing H. Pylori symptoms and bacterial overgrowth side effects

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Welcome to NatureHacker.org!  This domain more accuratly reflects what I am trying to do here.  If you have not read and bookmarked "naturehackers guide to gut microbes" I highly suggest you do that.

Here is a chronicle of killing h. Pylori and the side effects of doing so.

I took 2 capsules of wheatgrass juice powder and garlic extract powder.  I did this because I have been drinking a lot of milk lately and my heartburn got bad.  Acid reflux is caused by a collaboration of h. Pylori and mycoplasma.  H. Pylori killed with wheatgrass juice powder, and mycoplasma with garlic.

I went to sleep

Woke up one hour later to severe restless legs.  Restless legs are caused by a collaboration between campylobacter and proteus, and h. Pylori seens to hold campylobacter at bay.  So I took a capsule of ginger and a capsule of eucalyptus essential oil.  Campylobacter killed with gingerol and proteus killed with eucalyptus oil.

Woke up several hours later to an irregular heartbeat, basically heart skipping on every beat.  Heart skipping beats and irregular heartbeat is often but not always caused by Tetanus. Apparently tetanus is held at bay be campylobacter and/or proteus (probably campylobacter as a guess). Tetanus is killed with triterpenoid saponins (adaptogens).  So I took tribulus terrestris and gynostemma.

Problems are all gone.


NatureHacker "Products" are ending

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In the spirit of the FreeContagion, I will no longer be making products on this site.  NatureHackerProducts was an attempt for me to make money.  The truth is I am not the best at making and shipping things.  My true strength lies in Designing and Analysis, so I will focus on that in blog posts here, and not on making and shipping products.  To ease this transition if you absolutely need help with something I will make it for you for free.  But please contact me first and I can give you sources to get your own raw materials to help you make it.  Also I will start going through and give simplified recipes, basically the minimum components to achieve a goal and nothing more, this will help the ease of acquiring the ingredients and making your own versions.

I will be taking my address off the shopping cart so please don't send me any money.  Thank you.  Contact me if you have questions at naturehackerproducts@gmail.com.  It may take me a while to respond as I do not check email often.



The FreeContagion necessarily creates a Freeconomy

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What is the FreeContagion (FC)?  The FC is based on a universal principlal of Equilibrium; that every entity will assume it's lowest energy state or rest state.  Life in general is an exception to this rule because homeostasis counters equilibrium.  However even though homeostasis uses synergy and design to raise entities above ambient equilibrium, still at every level from molecules, to protiens, to organelles, to cells, to tissues, to organs, to organ systems, to lifeforms; all things always tend toward and favor their rest state.  Rest state is important because it allows for processing and repair and requires less energy expenditure.

What this means is to gain market share you need to lower your prices and increase value, bringing people closer to their rest state while costing them less time, energy, and money. This is obvious, however not obvious enough because companies that offered great deals and convienience like google (free), facebook (free), walmart (cheap), and amazon (cheap) took the markets by suprise in a race to the bottom.  Not only did it take the market by suprise, but it destroyed markets.  No one can profitably compete with these players so no one could stop them.  THIS is what the FreeContagien does.  The FreeContaigen destroys everything in it's path.

The FC is not bad.  It is a gift of God that will destroy every exhalted thing.  Nothing can stop the FC.  Let that powerful notion sink in.

That said; Amazon, Google, etc. aren't true FC.  They are an imitation, a fraud.  Because the services they provide aren't really free, just the costs happen slower and less directly than an instant hit in the bank account.  Using these services on average will cost you more; more targeted advertising tempting you to buy more, loss of privacy and quality and choice, etc.  The costs are there.  So these are merely fraudulent FC.

How does real FC come?  "Freely you have recieved, freely give". You simply give.  The biggest trap to good people right now is the notion of "trying to make a living doing what you love". It sounds great but if you ever really have tried it you will know even if you are doing what you choose to be doing and believe in it, making a living at it is lots of work that you would rather not be doing.  In this day and age it is honestly better to find a decent company and get a paycheck for 8 hours a day and use the rest of your freetime to freely give.  Do what you love in your freetime and with your discretionary income and share it freely and don't expect or try to ever make a living on it.  This is true FC that will spread like wildfire and force out the frauds.  Your freetime is enough.  If you don't have energy, work on your health first and help others with their health (NatureHacker is a great place to learn).

The Freeconomy will necessarily start with true FreeContaigen.  FreeContaigen, based on the laws of nature, will put every buisness out of buisness since no one can compete with free.  A Freeconomy, an economy where everything is free of charge, will necessarily emerge and displace the current Federal Reserve based economy.  The monetary system will collapse as the grassroots movement of people doing things for free takes over and people buy less stuff.

Also there is Karma.  What Karma means is those freely giving will not have to wait until the Freeconomy takes over before they ever get free stuff in return.  Karma means the Freeconomy will start and revolve around the creator(s) of the FreeContaigen.  When you start making silverware for free and giving it away, others will be inspired to do what they love and give it to you.  You will absolutely be compensated for what you do.  The more you do, the more others will do and the more they do the more others will do, and the FreeContaigen will claim all marketshare as it is destined to do.  No one trying to profit can compete with free. The impetus for the freecontaigen is a sense of purpose and a desire to do something, to make something, to help in some way.  This is given by the creator as the "genesis block" of the FreeContaigen.

And then, when the FreeContaigen makes all buisnesses go bankrupt and claims all marketshare, you will loose your job but have everything you need.  Money will be worthless because everything you want and need is free.


The Real Truth About Climate Change

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Geoengineering.  The end.

Here's some more detail. 

The first prong of this weather attack on the earth is "Chemtrails" or High Altitude Aerosolic Condensation Effector (HAACE) are used to manipulate rainfall. State Air National Guard planes are used for this purpose.  Some chemical salts (apparently coal fly ash) are used as powerful dessicants which will trap moisture and create droughts like we see in California, while others will cause excess condensation (cloud seeding) and cause the rain to fall out over the eastern US.  This coupled with orchestrated fire starting in California, will be used to buy up prime real estate in places like Malibu for pennies on the dollar.  Also force people to move out of the Northeast so that can be used for more vineyards and orchards which the government will confiscate during a nationwide "state of emergency".

HAACE planes at Sky Harbor

Coal Fly ash, dessicant used in HAACE

The second prong is heating the north pole using HAARP and related technologies.  This heating of the north pole not only causes ice loss, but also causes manipulated warm oceanic currents.  These currents cause unpredictable weather; warm spells in the winter, changed jet streams, and wet spells.  Some other motives for doing this is to increase oil drilling at the north pole (which cannot happen when ice is present). This same technology, which creates an upper atmospheric bubble that focuses sunlight, can be used to steer and enhance hurricanes over the ocean.

The third prong I am not fully sure how it works yet GWEN towers are used to beam some type of radiation into the atmosphere causing either suppressed or enhanced condensation of clouds and rain.  These can probably be used in conjunction with HAACE to have greater control of local weather.

Who is doing this?  The Deep State.  The people who own the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks around the world.  Homo Capensis involvement is also a possibility.

How can we fight back?  Educating yourself and others.  Inventing and deploying counter technologies such as orgone, orgonite, and triborgone.  The earth will also fight back using many methods including an upcoming mini ice age and hopefully a targeted and not mass kill-off of the people and things causing and responsible for the destruction.  When evil people are in power, patience is a virtue and also empowering yourself and others mentally, physically, and spiritually will play the critical part in removing them from their seat of power.  The more personal power we gain by empowerment, the less leverage they will have over us.

How can they manipulate the weather and no one notice? They knew people would notice so they developed and intricate scheme to blame people breathing and driving cars (CO2) for causing the changes.  It's an alibi to divert attention so that we fight amoungst eachother and not notice the man behind the curtain manipulating us.


Glyphosate exposure poisoning causes heart skipping beats arrhythmia

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It turns out that glyphosate causes heart skipping beats.  Lots of factors contribute (see my previous posts on this topic) but glyphosate roundup herbicide is the biggest direct cause.  Thiamin deficiency contributes to heart skipping beats, but glyphosate is the biggest cause.  This pesticide/herbicide can be detoxed from the body using oxime creating aminos like tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and cystine like my envirotox product.

From wikipedia:
Glyphosate-based herbicides may cause life-threatening arrhythmias in mammals. Evidence also shows that such herbicides cause direct electrophysiological changes in the cardiovascular systems of rats and rabbits.[97]


A scientific test for whether rockets work in space

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Here is a fully off the shelf parts list on how you can make a test of whether rockets work in space or not.  The idea is to use a CO2 cartridge which has a measured amount of gas and will work in atmosphere or a vacuum chamber.  A simple balloon experiment cannot work in a vacuum chamber since it will make the rubber expand.  In this experiment a co2 cartridge is used and remotely opened.  A USB load cell is used to measure the force generated.  For the vacuum a 15 gallon vacuum chamber is used which will provide 57 liters.  A 12 gram co2 cartridge will create 6 liters of gas. This is nearly a 10x larger vacuum chamber than the gas in the canister so if rockets don't work in space, we should definitly see less force generated in the vacuum chamber from the co2 cartridge than outside the vacuum chamber.  Give it a shot!


15 gallon vacuum chamber

Vacuum pump

Load cell usb

Load cell usb cell

Rf relay switch

Threaded co2

Inflator head

12v 1/4" solenoid



Thiamine essential to strengthen heart: potassium bicarbonate crashes it

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So my years long high supplementation of potassium bicarbonate caught up with me.  It appears that alkalizing the blood crashes thiamine out.  So now I have stopped the potassium and am taking thiamine.  Eventually I will start back up on potassium but instead of the bicarbonate I will use potassium citrate.  Thiamine deficiency causes the heart to skip beats because it looses its strength.  I have reason to helieve that the body creates thiamine from tyrosine and probably in combination with cystiene, but if your heart is skipping beats, you will want to supplement with thiamine directly.


Whispering Wall (WW or WiWa): Widescreen sound

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What if sound was about to have a revolution as big as the TV was for visual?  It just takes a little imagination.  The speaker is what we have today that makes sound.  As an audio engineer for my friends, I am in charge of making good sounds.  The most recent path I have been on is using xlr crossovers to feed prebuilt speakers their optimum frequency.  Then having other speakers that specialize in other frequencies and adjusting their levels so they all play well together.  Using distortion testing to find the optimym frequency range of each speaker.  That is all well and good and can be dine now with off the shelf devices and I can make that happen now and I will.  However I decided to just imagine an evoltion in sound producing devices.  Why a speaker anyway? Speakers are not the be all end all of sound production.  Some of the first sound producing devices were strings, tuning forks, vocal cords...etc.  Basically all you need to produce sound is a vibrating object.

The revolution in music came when we could record and play back sound electronically, and create new sound blueprints electronically (and programatically). That was a huge revolution.  But the necessary thing became we need to translate that bluepring of sound (file) into actually moving the air.  It would be pretty hard to use strings and tuning forks to do this as they resonate and cant change frequency on a dime.  Eventually we got to "voice coils" which are electronic coils that can use inductance to create minute motions.  Couple this with a cone and these minute vibrations can turn into moving air at frequencies high enough to hear.

The problem is that it is just an inherently bad design.  The one cone not only has to vibrate at basically an infinite amount of resonant freqeuncies which it is bad at, it also has change its frequency in a split second.  One piece of material does all of this without even changing its properties.  This makes for inherently bad results.  The key is to break these processes into multiple stages or steps.  We can look to nature to do this.

Step 1: diaphram.  We are going to need to move air.  Lets start with that.  Our first stage moves large amounts of air rather slowly.  The diaphram can be common to all chords or separate for each cord or any number of chords.

Step 2: vocal cords.  The next step is to use this slowly moving air to cause something to resonate.  In a creature there can be reallynonly 1 path for air so multiple different size vocal cords need to share the same opening.  We are not restricted so we can have a single set of vocal cords for a certain frequency range per opening.  The cords need to be able to both vibrate from air movement, and also to change length.  This changing length will be what causes a change in frequency.  There wull be bass chords that wull vibrate between say 20-50 hz, another set for say 50-100hz, another from 100-200, etc.

Step 3: throat.  Now we need a valve to adjust the flow, increasing and decreasing the back pressure and also able to shut off sound.  The throat may need to be before (and/or after) the cords in our device.

Step 4: mouth.  Next all of the chords (or just one or any number) will output into a common (or separate or combination) resonant tuning chamber. In this chamber the frequencies from all the vibrating cords wil be combined, or kept separate, and the pitch changed for final ttuning of all.the cords or one of the cords or any number.

The point bieng that instead of one paper cone doing everything itself, we split the tasks required into 4 (or more or less) stages to make the system more robust, flexible, and responsive.  And this will give the possibility of creating much vetter and less distorted sound.

Finally we need to mimic the choir; a wall of sound.  Sound is delacate and from a point source, like light, it dissipates quickly.  A 2D plane of sound (or ideally a solid or hollow sphere in 3D) is lossless in theory.  We can do this by creating sound pixels and combining them into a sheet like a TV.  Each "mouth" would be like a pixel.  The diaphram(s) can be separate per pixel or feed several or many pixels but ideally multiple pixels per diaphram.  Here is where we look to fractal design.  So per diaphram we have multiple vibrating cords, and per vibrating cords we have multiple throats and mouths.  If a throat is closed then that mouth (or sound pixel) wont sound.  This can all be run hydraulically, mechanically, electrically, or any other way, the point is however it is run, the multiple stages will ensure a robust and pleasing output.


Dethroning the King: Haemophilus Influenzae

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H. Influenzae non-typable NTHi is the champion of all bacteria and has outsmarted our immune system and runs circles around it.  No other bacteria has become so sickly effective at destroying, manipulating, and invading our immune system.  It is so effective that it even gets our immune system to do its bidding by tattle telling on strep bacteria to get our body to kill off its competitor.  Literally when strep kills h. Influenzae, the immune system goes after the strep and leaves the h. Influenzae alone!  Also h. Influenzae requires staph bacteria to feed it; so h. Influenzae mind controls us to bite our lips and nails and pick our skin and pull our hair and get piercings and tattoo's (and even in severe cases cut ourself) to get skin staph bacteria to enter the blood stream to feed the h. Influenzae.  This bacteria is the master human manipulator and is the "master of puppets"

The reason why I am even talking about this bacteria is that up until now I also haven't been able to kill it with the standard herbal antibiotics like adaptogens, tannins, wide array of essential oils, etc.  The only things I have found that kill it is peppermint essential oil and cinnamon essential oil taken internally, which isn't a super common thing to do (and you need to take a lot).

This bacteria is the reason for virtually all inflammation in the body.  Its time to take the power back and assume our rightful place as kings and queens instead of letting this bacteria control our entire society!  Having rulers over us is a symptom of mass societal infection with this bacteria.


Water Cycle Generator: How to generate energy from the water cycle

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A water cycle generator is an entity or system that harvests energy by virtue of its coupling with the water cycle.

In the simplest form of a battery, electrons are liberated when metal ions are liberated from the anode.  The dissolving of the anode frees up the electrons that were bonding atoms together in the metal anode.  These freed electrons travel up through the anode and through the circuit back down to the cathode.  The reason this happens is because the cathode, by virtue of it bieng connected to the anode via the circuit, is pulling electrons.  What makes it pull electrons is the differential in the dissolvabilities of the anode and cathode in the electrolyte solution.  By oxidizing the cathode with air or an oxidizer, you can make the cathode pull even more electrons from the anode causing the anode to dissolve faster and release more electrons.

One way to look at this is the anode is "evaporating".  The metal atoms are going from a solid into a "gas".  As these atoms evaporate they loose their bond electrons which are captured by a circuit.  In the same way liquid water can be our anode.  In the case of water, hydrogen bonds are what hold it together.  When water evaporates, these hydrogen bonds are broken.  So it should be possible to harvest the energy (electrons or another form of energy) freed up in this process.

To capture this energy we have to make it flow down a gradient.  Once we have it flowing we can put load(s) in the path that lets us extract some of this energy. This is the topic of the Water Cycle Generator (WCG or "Wacy generator" for short).

A water cycle generator needs to provide a path for electrons (or other form of energy) to travel from high concentration to lower concentration.  In the tribogon or triborgone inventions, the source of high concentration of electrons was the ground and the low concentration was the air (for triborgone, tribogon was opposite).  The air would strip electrons from our positive tribocharging material and the ground would supply more electrons.  This works and allows for generation of electricity or useful work by putting a load in the path of the electron flow.  However this requires an earth ground.  I wanted to make a portable version that dudn't need an earth ground and I figured that somehow an open body of water could act as a ground (which is sort of known in the art). I started thinking about the water as a battery that when it evaporates energy is liberated.  This idea became a whole lot bigger and instead of just a portable triborgone, this idea is something much more significant and will revolutionize many different scientific fields of study - from geology and meterology to electrochemistry and theoretical physics - and change the face of our planet like no other idea in history.

So here's how it works.  Water evaporates in the container around the pyramid (or other shape) shaped object (pyramids are the best triboelectric shape). The electrons/energy  travel up the pyramid and out into the air.  The air "pulls" the energy out since the positive tribocharging material wants to give up negative charge to the air.  Negative ions in the air will induce water to condense.  This is the water cycle, energy from water evaporating is transfered into the air which will make the water vapor condense again.  So if you have a big enough entity you could get clouds forming over it from the negative ions causing water to condense.


1.  Make your water alkaline.  More acidic solutions evaporate faster.  This makes sense because electrons need to be taken by the pool for water molecules to break their hydrogen bonds and evaporate.  H+ ions will take up electrons to form bonds and turn into H2 gas which will bubble out of solution.  This is undesirable for us since our electrical energy is bieng used up converting H+ to H2.  We would like to minimize this so as to harvest all the energy ourselves.  Even if we are using triborgone and do not wish to harvest any energy, still we want those electrons to flow out the pyramid, not used up, creating hydrogen gas.

2.  Boric acid evaporates too.  One way to improve the charge we can get out of this process is to use boric acid instead of or in addition to the water.  Boric acid evaporates and by so doing, may also release energy for us.  May want to alkalize the solution to make it harder for boric acid to evaporate, and in so doing it should increase the energy released from the boric acid evaporation.  Also I suppose that boric acid may help anions to condense and evaporate releasing even more energy.

3.  Salts might help, volatile anions do too.  Salts attract water molecules by their charged nature.  This is good because it makes the liquid harder to evaporate because even stronger bonds need to be broken besides just hydrogen bonds. Volatile anions like chlorine, probably boric acid, iodine, mabye bromine, etc. are negatively charged so in order for them to bond to eachother and form a gas they need to get rid of excess electrons that are repelling the atoms.  We can harvest these extra electrons.  I suppose the best anions are calcium or even better would be strontium.  Also boron and aluminum or gallium may be even better since they have lower positive charge (more electrons) and may encourage the condensation and electron release from the anions.  Salts also lower the surface tension of water helping it to be wicked up our "mat", see below.

4.  We need a wicking "mat".  We need a material for the pyramid to sit on that uses capilary action to bring water to the surface to evaporate and draw new water to replace it when it evaporates.  Sand is a good option but many others can be used too like rockwool or even normal soil.

5.  Distilled warer may be good too.  The combination of fast evaporation and strongest capilary action may make distilled water ideal.  However itbhas low conductivity though.  I still the proper mix of salts,  Cations low on group 2 combined with group 3 like boron, and high in group 7 like chlorine and bromine and iodine will be the best combination.  Fluorine would be the best but you do not want fluorine gas emitted! Also chlorine may not be the best, I feel bromine and iodine is the best just for health reasons.  Phosphates, sulfates, selenates, carbonates, silicates, and even hydroxides can also be used to get some conductive properties without emitting any halogen gases but will probably produce a lower voltage than the halogens.


Passive Environmental Enhancement (PEE) using biased triboelectric ion generators (BTIG)

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Passive environmental enhancement is defined as increasing the hydrophilic nature of an environment in a way that does not incur any apparent costs.  The most ubiquitous example of a Passive environmental enhancing entity is a Tree.  Trees draw moisture to the surface, and also it is bieng discovered, emit negative ions which attract clouds and rainfall. Negative ions, either created or concentrated or any other way enhanced relative to positive ions, are a great way but not the only way to accomplish positive environmental enhancement.

We all know that property with rainfall and water resources is what makes it desirable for all living creatures.  Our basic needs are food, water, and shelter and with consistent rainfall plants grow which can be used to provide food and shelter materials.  Finding a way to increase water resources is paramount in enhancing the environment.

Passive environmental enhancement can achieve this goal in any way but preferably by either attracting or creating rainfall or atmospheric moisture and also by drawing moisture up from the earth or keeping it near the surface.  Both of these increase surface usable water resources.

Biased triboelectric ion generators (BTIG's also known as tribogon, triborgone, orgone, orgonite) use triboelectric effects to bias (like a diode) electrical flow.  In the case of Passive environmental enhancement, a BTIG would be designed to only allow flow of electrons from a source into the environment, preferably the air.  So highly positive charging triboelectric materials will be connected to an electron resevoir like earth ground so the highly positive material gives off electrons into the environment (likely air) and is replenished from the source (likely earth ground).  These emitted negative ions are free and passive (provided as needed by the earth).  The optimum shape for a BTIG is liekly a square pyramid with the shape of a seked.


Why does loud music cause heart problems?

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So recent research has shown loud noises over a long period of time can increase risk of heart disease, blood pressure problems, and even heart failure.  What could be the mechanism or underlying root cause of this finding?  Here is my proposed theory.  Mechanoreceptor proprioreceptors in heart cells sense when the heart beats in order to help synchronize their contraction.  Lound sounds or noises, especially low frequency bass, will cause sensory adaptation.  What this means is the cells no longer respond to the beating heart and thus fire asynchronously.  Asynchronous firing will adversely effect heart beating and can contribute to heart failure.  However I believe this sensory adaptation is temporary but can be a contributing factor in heart failure if other factors line up.

To test this theory a rat heart primary cardiac cell culture (with control dishes) should be exposed to loud music.  The synchronicity of beating should be measured against controls.

A New Constitution is Born

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This is a constitution I wrote for a group.  Replace "Phoenix Trance Family (PTF)" with your own community name if you want!

Pure collaboration.  There is no "organization" or company persay.  Will work similarly to a partnership of anyone and everyone who wants to be involved, no matter what the capacity or no capacity yet, can be included in everything including decision making.

We run by consensus.  If we cannot reach a consensus (everyone agreeing) we get more people and perspectives involved.  We firmly believe with enough perspectives we can find a solution that works for everyone.  This belief recognizes the inherent and infinite value of each and every individual. We do not run by "biggest bankroll rules", most important position rules, or even majority rules.   Those methods can easily be hacked.  Consensus rules, and more perspectives included until consensus is reached, is much harder to hack.  In this way, just as long as one single person is willing to stand up for what they believe in, the group is constrained.  If PTF ever does not support your ideals and won't seem to budge for you, you are encouraged to fork it and bring everyone who agrees with you into your fork.  But the consensus mechanism is designed so that this hopefully shouldn't happen for a long while.

Since we are a partnership of sorts (but not an official partnership nor an "offical" anything) each contributer can manage themselves and their resources however they wish.  What this means is that if you want to contribute to one event and not another event, that is totally fine.  Also if you want to create your own company structure to help you manage your role(s) in PTF (like your own company or LLC), that is also perfectly fine.  However an issue will arise when PTF is intended to become dependent on a person or organization to fulfil one of its goals (and PTF's goals can change over time).  For example; Phoenix Trance Alliance would have had PTF dependent on them to host their events.  This sort of arrangment should be, and will be, resisted.

Phoenix trance family is not a profit seeking group nor does it own property.  It is run on bailments, which is just a fancy way of saying PTF holds peoples money and pays it out where the contributers want it to go.   For example money that PTF raises for an event will go to paying those who contributed to making the event a success.  So it will go to the artists, promoters, venue, workers involved, etc.  These payments and percentages of the cut will also be based on consensus (whatever amount is fair).  Someone who passed out a few flyers isn't going to reap as much as someone who funded and organized the event for example.  However this is not to say that some roles inherently deserve more compensation than others.  Again this is decided by consensus. Just because you spent money on widget A and widget B does not mean you will necessarily be compensated by PTF.  You cannot "buy things for PTF".  If you buy something you own it and you should use it to help you contribute to PTF's success.  So be smart.  Take risks but bear the burdens of your risks yourself.  This is also why communication is essential so that you don't spend your own money on something the group doesn't agree with.  Also it should be said that PTF cannot be in debt to anyone.  All the money that PTF holds rightfully belongs to those who gave it to them, and as such PTF needs to maintain accurate records of who contributed what money (this is also so that we stay legal).

Your current roles are not guarenteed forever.  Again this will be decided by consensus.  Therefore you are strongly encouraged to make your role transparent so everyone understands and is happy with what you are doing. For example if someone wants to be involved in event organization, and the people(s) currently responsible for that facet don't want to include that person, then there is a problem that will be decided by consensus.

In general the vision of PTF is a free and open community, ruled by no one and embracing of everyone in every facet of its functions.