The future is Digital Property (DP)

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The future of Digital Property is 4 fold; the same forms of traditional property are also digital property.

1.  Currency
2. Collectible
3. Cash generating Asset (or just Asset but I like the 4 C's)
4. Commodity

In my previous posts I have described these well but I have more to add.  I have developed ideas for each of these property classes for the digital age.

Currency.  Currency derives value from it's fungibility and infinite divisibility.  Digital currency is now known as "cryptocurency" but I think a better term is Distributed digital currencies (DDC's) and central digital currencies (CDC's which use databases instead of blockchains).

Collectible.  Collectibles derive value from their non-fungibility and non-divisibility.  This is the essence of what makes something "Unique". Sort of the opposite of currencies yet they are intertwind because coins like the half disme are collectibles that represent the currency of the dollar.  A digital collectible is a code, like the private key of a bitcoin wallet or the password to a world of warcraft account.  Private keys can be generated that can do anything the creator wants, something like open up a special page saying "congratulations you are the 100,098th customer!".  This is a digital collectible, the code cannot be divided up and the more unique (non-fungible) the code and/or reward is for a particular code, the better.

Asset.  Assets are something that by owning you are generating an income.  One spooky example of an asset is an IOU.  The reason an IOU is an asset is the proverb "the debtor is slave to the lender".  Debt is used to get people to do things that you want them to do, a form of income.  IRHN (IOU reciprocal handoff network -visit www.ir.hn for more info) is an example of a digital (and somewhat fungible) digital asset.

Commodity.  A commodity is something that provides for necessities of life; food, water, or shelter.  More generally; energy, solvents, and protection.  A commonly known commodity is gold, used to make electronics (energy), dental crowns (protection), etc.  A digital commodity is prime numbers or information regarding the primality or factorization of numbers.  Prime numbers are used in cryptography to provide the protection of data; encryption.  Prime numbers have value and can be sold (especially large primes) if desired

In the future all forms of digital property (dp) will be commonplace.  The benefits over traditional property is that digital property can be transferred at the speed of data and cannot always be censored or taxed.


  1. I have gone over a lot of your videos, concepts and theories and i would absolutely like to go into some that are exactly in correlation to yours! I feel as though you ground a wide range of scientifique theories that can finally explain what ive been living seeing and feeling yet no one comprehends the limits to which i can exllain it or dont unerstand or agree with the theories.
    You can fimd me under imbisoul on youtube or facebook... i really hope to hear from you.... really!

    1. you are the first person to figure out what I'm doing. You are exactly right. Take some of my ideas and run with them, that is why I create them. Imbisoul I will talk to you soon, also email naturehackerproducts@gmail.com

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