H. Pylori toxin VacA causes Non-Celiac Gluten sensitivity

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Do your belly swell and get virtually untreatable constipation or diarrhea when you eat too much bread?  I do.  I struggled with constipation my entire life until I figured out I was sensitive to gluten.  I cut gluten out of my diet and I have been so much better since.

But people like me who claimed they had leaky gut were labeled crazy or that we were enjoying the placebo effect.  Well as a trained scientist I knew what I experienced was very real.

It appears the medical community is catching on.  New studies show non-celiac gluten sensitivity is very real and it is caused by a leaky gut:

But I am still ahead of them.  Not only are microbes leaking through the gut wall along with gluten causing an allergic response, but I know that is microbes that cause it.

H.  Pylori is the cause.  And more specifically VacA toxin.  This toxin is secreted by the bacteria and it causes vacuoles in cells that line the gut.  Vacuoles are symptoms and results of severe cellular damage and basically means the cell is being destroyed.  So this H. Pylori toxin is causing the permeability or leakyness of the gut.  Gluten then that crosses into the cells unnaturally is seen as a foreign invader and attacked by the innate immune system.  This causes inflammation and ultimately constipation or diarrhea.

I figured this out because I treated myself successfully  for h pylori using generous dozes of wheatgrass juice powder.  I have systematically killed off any type of bacteria in my gut so I have lots of experience in this task.  Killing off none of the other bacteria has improved my gluten tolerance besides h. pylori.

Celiac disease is different and likely caused by a different bacteria.  I'm not sure exactly which one yet.

Please search for my post "quintessential guide to gut microbes" and bookmark it as I continue to update it with all my microbe discoveries.

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