Wolbachia infected killer mosquitoes are a horrible idea

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In a stranger than science fiction move, the EPA approved a ridiculous apocalyptic idea; infect mosquitoes with a parasite inducing disease in order to "protect us"?  What bullshit.


Ok so mosquito eggs that are free from wolbachia will die when fertilized with wolbachia infected sperm.  Don't the retards see what this will cause?  It will make it so only wolbachia infected eggs will survive!  This will make it so all mosquitoes are infected with wolbachia.

From wikipedia:
"In the common house mosquito, higher levels of Wolbachia were correlated with more insecticide resistance"
reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1691032/

Perfect.  Now we know insecticide causes microcephaly and now we can attribute that insecticide induced microcephaly to zika and thus require sending out more wolbachia infected mosquitoes to cure the non existant zika!  Fucking hell.

Wolbachia.  Nasty bacteria.  These bacteria are responsible for every obligate parasitic insect.  In other words wolbachia is the reason why parasites exist.  Parasites would be just normal insects surviving on plant matter if not for these bacteria.  These bacteria turn ordinary insects into parasites that require a host to survive off of,  The reason I know this is I have been studying how to kill parasites in the body and the best way to do that is to kill the wolbachia that lives inside the parasites and when you kill the wolbachia out of the parasites you have, the parasites can no longer survive on eating your body and quickly die.

So the mad scientists bright idea is to infect mosquitoes with this bacteria?  I can see two possible endings to this scenario.  First, mosquitoes infect humans with wolbachia.  Who knows what the heck this could cause.  Typically if humans ever have wolbachia it would be within their parasites living in their gut.  Apparently the mad scientists want mosquitoes to inject wolbachia into us so that it infects our brains and we become cannibals.  Once piece to the zombie making protocol.  Another scenario that could be envisioned is that mosquitoes become an internal parasite.  This is the freakiest thought.  The thought is that mosquitoes would adapt to the wolbachia so that they live inside humans for a portion of their lifecycle.  A person drinks water that has mosquito larvae in it and the larvae are able to live inside the person with the help of the wolbachia bacteria.  Yikes.  But yet the EPA approved this horseshit.  Wow.  Lets just hope none of these horrifying possibilities happen and that this psychopathic idea falls flat on its face and fails miserably.

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