Russia is creating Iridium, the most precious metal

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Edit: actually they were probably making Rhodium

As you have seen from my past posts on how to make gold using muon catalyzed fusion, you make elements typically by electrocuting elements that are to the upper left in the periodic table of the element you want to make.

There has been found radioactive ruthenium across Europe originating from russia:


This cannot be explained from conventional theory, ruthenium isn't created in typical plutonium or uranium nuclear reactions and even if it was there would be far more elements present like strontium and iodine, not just ruthenium.

But since we know how catalyzed fusion works, we could predict that radioactive ruthenium would be a consequence of making iridium.  The funny thing is gold is more valuable than iridium but a smart person or government would rather make iridium because it is rarer and more useful in energy production.

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