Cryogenic Personal Computer or Server open source patent

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Described herein is an open source invention relating to cryogenic processors and computing.

Here is a drawing that can be used to produce such a compurer case for mini-itx computer. It is designed to allow the addition of a low profile passive cooled single slot graphics card to be plugged in as well.

As we know computers need to be kept cool.  But what we need to understand is that temperature creates a positive feedback loop in computers.  What a positive feedback loop is, is something that grows more when it gets bigger.  Rolling a big snow ball is an example.  The bigger it is, the faster it grows.  the same is true for computer processors.  The hotter it gets, the more energy it uses and therefore the hotter it gets.  For any computer that doesn't burn up, an equilibrium is reached but the equilibrium temperature is usually quite hot so processors use up a lot of energy.  Well we can run that feedback loop in reverse.  If we get a processor cold, it will use less energy and thus produce less heat.  What this means is that we can actually save energy by hypercooling a processor.  This means that the energy required to cool the processor would be paid back and then some in energy savings of the processor.  This is a really powerfully significant realization.  Ultracooling a processor can actually save money and energy.

Well if cold is good then cryogenic is better.  The reason why a processor uses less energy when it runs cold is that resistance goes down when the temperature decreases.  So how can we cool our processors with liquid nitrogen?  Thus far people have cooled thier processors with liquid nitrogen.  The typical example is someone having a can on their processor that they pour liquid nitrogen into.  This is a manual and non efficient process.  One other method I have seen is someone running a compressed tank of liquid nitrogen through a cooling block on their processor.  This requires a constant stream of liquid nitrogen which is not easy to reuse efficiently.

In this paper I will describe how to cool a processor and entire computer efficiently by submerging it in liquid nitrogen.

First a sealed case needs to be designed.  Any materials will do.  In a simple example of this two pieces of thick aluminum can be machined and hollowed out so they can be clamped or screwed (or any other attachment method) together inside of which resides the motherboard.  For example 3 (or more or less) sides can be screwed together and one side left open to access computer ports or any other use.  In order to make the hermetic or somewhat airtight seal, indium wire can be used.  When indium wire is compressed between two pieces of material it forms a hermetic seal that tolerates even cryogenic temperatures.  Any other method to seal it can be used too.  In order to allow efficient transfer of heat, heat transfer components can be used within the case.  For example a heat conductive block could be attached to the processor which in turn would be attached to the aluminum casing.  Indium again can be used to make the connections.  Indium can be used as a heat transfer material in processors and other uses.  The indium can be melted to produce a better connection.  Instead of added elements to improve heat transfer, these could also just be a part of the casing itself or other methods or a combination of methods.

The rest of the motherboard inside ideally would also be cooled well and kept dry.  In order to do this ideally a heat conductive material better than air (but air can be used as well) would be used.  Unfortunately not many liquids would stay liquid at this temperature so best to use dielectric powders and/or gasses.  Helium is a good option however it can be difficult sealing the whole rig including the ports and all to not let the helium escape.  A possibly ideal thing to use is a dielectric powder like a titanate or oxide powder.  If a powder is used other powders or granules or gels or anything else with desired properties can be mixed in such as a desiccant powder, silica beads, or anything else.  While not having the best properties (strontium and barium titanate may be better) titanium dioxide is very cheap and exhibits a high dielectric constant (important to protect the motherboard from frying itself) a high thermal conductivity (so it can act as a good coolant) and high specific heat (so it can hold lots of heat away from the motherboard).  So what we can do is pack titanium dioxide powder into the casing holding the motherboard.  This will allow the rest of the motherboard and components to be cooled by the liquid nitrogen efficiently not just the processor.  If anything becomes too cold to function, methods to reduce the conductivity between the component and liquid nitrogen can be taken.  This includes but is not limited to using insulative materials or thicker layers of lesser conductive materials like indium or any other method.  The open spaces between the ports and the casing can be sealed using any sealant such as silicone sealant or any other method or material.  This sealing may not be necessary but is probably beneficial in order to keep out any atmospheric air which contains moisture.  This computer then would be partially or fully submerged into liquid nitrogen.  Liquid nitrogen can be applied in any fashion not just submersion such as being sprayed with it or anything else.  Liquid nitrogen need not be used, any method or combination of methods to cool the device can be used including water, oil, other cryogenic or cold liquids, gasses (including but not limited to nitrogen), or solids such as dry ice or anything cooler than the temperature of an uncooled processor.

One or many of these modules can be used separately or together.  The devices can be connected or not connected together.  Lowering the temperature as described herein can be done for any purpose such as increasing the clock speed of the processor, reducing the power consumption, increasing the longevity of the components, a combination of the above and/or anything else.  The computer (or GPU or ASIC or any other processing or computing device) can be used for any purpose such as scientific experiments, cryptocurrency mining, server, personal computing, or anything else.

You are free to use, modify, sell, improve, create a business or anything else with the ideas or directions presented herin.


Prime factorization of the Nonce: a new way to increase difficulty ofASIC and GPU mining.

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Limiting cryptocurrency mining to CPU is a difficult task.  GPU's and ASIC's can be made to make the task faster but this centralizes mining and makes average Joe unable to compete using his regular CPU.  If we can make the mining only accessible to CPU or at least make CPU competitive to mine then we achieve much better distribution of power in the cryptocurrency.  Also it is more beneficial for society to have excess cheap used PC's retired from mining for the poor to buy.

The "header" is what determines what the "nonce" - the key to winning a block - has to be.  The header of a block is composed of functions that hash the nonce into a random value.  The only way to crack the code is to try every possible nonce value until you find the one that works.  When you do, it is easy for other miners to verify that you found the right one and you won the block and get the reward.

Bitcoin uses SHA256 to hash the 32 bit random nonce into a big random number.

The following idea can be used alone or in conjunction with other methods.  It can be used with or without any hashing algorithm or function or combination of algorithms or functions.

My proposal is to require that the nonce be reported as a product of prime factors.  This would add virtually zero time into verifying that the nonce was correct (multiplying a few numbers together to create the nonce would take virtually no time at all). This means that not only does the nonce need to be found, but that it needs to be factored.  This factoring would help promote the abilities of a CPU.  Also the nonce must be chosen not only to create the correct hash difficulty, but also to not be prime (since then it would have no factors, and thus just saying it is prime does not lend to validation like a list of prime factors would).  This is not a strict requirement but I believe not alowing nonces to be prime would be beneficial.  We could also even say that nonces cannot be prime squares if we want which may improve the speed of verifying correct nonces and also increasing the dataset size required to check against disallowed nonces.  If more restrictions are desired then even perfect squares could be disallowed as nonces and/or any other testable requirement.  Since the nonce is typically 32 bit, a list of prime factors can be made so that the miner, after generating a nonce, checks it with the prime list to make sure it isn't prime.  If it is on the list the miner needs to create a new nonce.  This prime list contains about 200 million values and takes up roughly 800 mb of space.  This is also important since each miner would need to use about 1 gb of ram just to store the dataset to check to make sure a generated nonce is valid.  The list could also be used to speed up the process of sieving which nonces to check during mining since you can save time by eliminating primes from being checked.  Also the list would be used to check if the list of prime nonce factors proposed by another miner are indeed prime numbers.  If they are then they would be multiplied together to give the nonce and then that nonce checked to see if it gives the correct hash.

This also would help even the playing field giving normal computers an edge or at least a fighting chance against low memory GPU's or ASIC's.


How the left right paradigm "constricts" our liberties

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Big power, started since the enlightenment, uses the left right paradigm of regulation ad deregulation to slowly constrict personal liberties until they are gone.

This is how it is done.  Let a new sector grow via not regulating it.  Then add regulations so you can select the winners.  The winners will be your companies.  Next, when your companies are now the top players, deregulate.  This will make your companies blossom and grow in monopolistic power.  When new players crop up, increase regulation again.

Now heres the problem.  The public would wise up and see something is going on during your cycles of regulating and deregulating.  It would be fishy.  Enter political parties.  Now you rig the elections (a science and is done around the world including spain's future catalonia elections) and make a republican (pro deregulation) win one cycle and a democrat (pro regulation) win the next cycle.  Now you have plausible deniability and continue to constrict and reconsolidate until your prey (us) are strangled to death and can be eaten.

How cryptocurrency will die (but not really)

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As bitcoin reaches for new highs I have been contemplating it's end once again.  Before I said it would be due to a lack of hashing power. That isn't true.  Any hashing power is enough to keep transactions processing at a constant rate.  The problem will really be one of trust.  Bitcoin will be 51%'d.  It may already be.  But as soon as something sparks it, the 51% attack will rear its ugly head and people will loose faith in the coin flocking to other coins.  It appears bitcoin cash would be a natural move.  However this will be shortlived.  A 51% attack on bitcoin - and a subsequent exodus into something like bitcoin cash - would cause a cannibalism event and the people who 51%'d bitcoin will turn their hashing power to bitcoin cash and 51% that as well.  This will keep happening and cryptocurrencies will drop like flies.  The only solution is to make a coin that requires different hardware to mine than bitcoin so the 51%ers couldn't also attack those currencies.  These currencies already exist.  Ones like bitcoin gold and monero and other CPU only or CPU/GPU coins will not be able to be attacked by these massive groups. Bitcoin gold and monero would likely beamong  the sole survivors of the cryptocurrency apocalypse.


How to prepare for plagues

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We are seeing a plague outbreak in Madagascar and other countries on the eastern side of Africa.  We expected this since in 2012-2013 we just crossed into a Seal of revelation (comes every 333 years) and in september of this year we saw the revelation 12 sign (comes roughly every 300 years too).  The coincidence of these two is of major importance and plagues are the least of what we will see.

The answer on how to prepare for a plague is easy, clay and charcoal.  Preferably food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal.  The stronger sicknesses hit, the harder they fall.  Virus' are the easiest to treat sicknesses.  All you need to do is take food grade DE to immunize yourself against plague and/or take activated charcoal to cure it.


Russia is creating Iridium, the most precious metal

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Edit: actually they were probably making Rhodium

As you have seen from my past posts on how to make gold using muon catalyzed fusion, you make elements typically by electrocuting elements that are to the upper left in the periodic table of the element you want to make.

There has been found radioactive ruthenium across Europe originating from russia:


This cannot be explained from conventional theory, ruthenium isn't created in typical plutonium or uranium nuclear reactions and even if it was there would be far more elements present like strontium and iodine, not just ruthenium.

But since we know how catalyzed fusion works, we could predict that radioactive ruthenium would be a consequence of making iridium.  The funny thing is gold is more valuable than iridium but a smart person or government would rather make iridium because it is rarer and more useful in energy production.


Wolbachia infected killer mosquitoes are a horrible idea

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In a stranger than science fiction move, the EPA approved a ridiculous apocalyptic idea; infect mosquitoes with a parasite inducing disease in order to "protect us"?  What bullshit.


Ok so mosquito eggs that are free from wolbachia will die when fertilized with wolbachia infected sperm.  Don't the retards see what this will cause?  It will make it so only wolbachia infected eggs will survive!  This will make it so all mosquitoes are infected with wolbachia.

From wikipedia:
"In the common house mosquito, higher levels of Wolbachia were correlated with more insecticide resistance"
reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1691032/

Perfect.  Now we know insecticide causes microcephaly and now we can attribute that insecticide induced microcephaly to zika and thus require sending out more wolbachia infected mosquitoes to cure the non existant zika!  Fucking hell.

Wolbachia.  Nasty bacteria.  These bacteria are responsible for every obligate parasitic insect.  In other words wolbachia is the reason why parasites exist.  Parasites would be just normal insects surviving on plant matter if not for these bacteria.  These bacteria turn ordinary insects into parasites that require a host to survive off of,  The reason I know this is I have been studying how to kill parasites in the body and the best way to do that is to kill the wolbachia that lives inside the parasites and when you kill the wolbachia out of the parasites you have, the parasites can no longer survive on eating your body and quickly die.

So the mad scientists bright idea is to infect mosquitoes with this bacteria?  I can see two possible endings to this scenario.  First, mosquitoes infect humans with wolbachia.  Who knows what the heck this could cause.  Typically if humans ever have wolbachia it would be within their parasites living in their gut.  Apparently the mad scientists want mosquitoes to inject wolbachia into us so that it infects our brains and we become cannibals.  Once piece to the zombie making protocol.  Another scenario that could be envisioned is that mosquitoes become an internal parasite.  This is the freakiest thought.  The thought is that mosquitoes would adapt to the wolbachia so that they live inside humans for a portion of their lifecycle.  A person drinks water that has mosquito larvae in it and the larvae are able to live inside the person with the help of the wolbachia bacteria.  Yikes.  But yet the EPA approved this horseshit.  Wow.  Lets just hope none of these horrifying possibilities happen and that this psychopathic idea falls flat on its face and fails miserably.


Intelligence is more widespread than you think

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We tend to think of intelligence as being dependent on the brain.  The brain is a powerful central processing unit, but  as we know reflexes don't require a brain at all.  But wouldn't we consider the act of pulling away from a hot stove intelligence?  Or how about swimming towards food?  We know these sorts of intelligence in even bacteria, much smaller than even a single brain cell.

Perhaps the most plausible explanation to many natural phenomenon we see in the larger world around us are actually from the intelligence of the earth.  If bacteria smaller than we can see are intelligent, then how much more intelligent could the gigantic earth we are on be intelligent?  Does it kick up winds or storms to clean itself or the environment?  Does it influence the orbits of moons by manipulating it's "gravity"?  I believe if we look for irregularities in orbits we will find it.  We know that the interaction between the earth and moon creates earthquakes and other seismic activity, could the earth be using the moon to "itch" itself?

And on the other end of the spectrum, could atoms themselves be intelligent?  If so this would certainly disprove any lingering notion that they are the most basic building blocks of matter or even close to the most basic.  I believe that one day a scientist will be manipulating atoms or creating manufacturing processes at the atomic scale (think 14nM processor architecture) and they will realize that they have to take into account atoms "fighting back" when explaining observed atomic phenomenon.  What an interesting day that will be, anything we can observe in our experience will be realized to in fact be intelligent.  Where would that leave the theories of evolution or intelligent design?