Truth and Fiction

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A narrative.  A history.  A mythos.  It is what defines a culture.  Every culture has had its own origin myth.  Some may have been closer to the truth than others.  This is why I tend to identify most with the jewish heritage.  It seems they are greedy and nepotistic but their mythos is the closest to truth that I have found.  Many of their stories can be literally proven with historical evidence.  And even for some stories that we can't verify, they for the most part promote justice, mercy, and hope, and especially liberty.  And much wisdom.

In order to build a future you don't need to be told how to do something or even what needs to be done.  To build the future you have to have some idea of what the past was.  Wheter your idea of the past is correct or not will determine your sucess or failures.  If your understanding of what happened in the past is complete and accurate you will be able to make better decisions in the future.

We need a true history.  A false history is dangerous because it will lead the people to make the same mistakes that were made in the past.  Manipulators feed their subordinates a false history in order to manipulate their future.

This is why we need to seek truth and buy it and don't sell it.  We need to uncover our true history.  We need to understand how this world really works by standing on the shoulders of those who came before.

But perhaps there is a place for fiction.  Fiction is a test space.  Fiction is a place where we can experiment with alternate possibilities and hypothesize a different outcome.  Fiction can be redemptive.  The only danger in fiction is when it is touted as truth.  When we believe in a lie then we have an incorrect view of the world and how it works.  Believing a lie will sabotage you.

Redemptive fiction is fiction that is touted as fiction.  It isn't masqueraded as truth but plainly revealed for what it is.  You need to be open about fiction.

I think that fiction can be a great way to practice creating the future.  By understanding and embodying a mythos, without believing it is true, and then creating a future based on that mythos can prepare us to do the same thing in real life.  And more than that fiction can pose questions without offering a definitive solution.  Pose tough questions and let your audience come up with their own thoughts on it.  Fiction can be introspective and shine light on important questions.

Video games.  How do we create a storyline.  Do we lead the players by the hand delivering story to them as they go?  May it never be.  We create a mythos.  Something they know is fiction but in the confines of the game it is true.  A mythos that if they can learn from, their gameplay will benefit.  The future is fully emergent gameplay.  No storyline, just backstory.  The past is myth.   The future is open.  This is how a video game story should be.

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