The real reason why every mass shooter is on psychiatric drugs LasVegas false flag fake hoax conspiracy

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If you have been seeking truth for a while now you should have realized that all of these "newsworthy" mass shooting are fake.  Eric Holder predicted the epidemic we are seeing 4 years before Columbine with his quote "we need to really brainwash people that guns are bad".  Lockheed Martin perpetrated Columbine and Lockheed Martin also perpetrated this fake Las Vegas mass shooting.  Lockheed must always be first or the biggest at everything they do and columbine and las vegas shooting bore this MO.

The real reason they always claim the shooters are prescribed mind altering prescriptions is because this is how they plan to usher in gun control, start with banning people from owning guns who everyone can get onboard with.  They will start by restricting peoples gun ownership rights if they are diagnosed with a mental disorder, and you have to be diagnosed with a mental disorder to get drugs that treat mental disorders like anxiety or depression.  So this is a huge way for them to usher in gun control if people go along with banning people from gun ownership if they are on medication.

This is the only picture of blood at the event.  Anyone that dies on the spot from a gunshot wound would be in a pool of blood.  Pools of blood are not seen anywhere at this event.

Notice the blood is dripping up and down her legs.  This is from breaking a blood bag between her legs then letting it drip down one side then flipping over and letting it drip down the other side.  Also the crisis actors are together, it is easier to fake bieng dead when you can hide your face.

Great video on security motive for this false flag:

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