"Spork" distributed centralized cryptocurrency

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IHRN is a great peer to peer truly decentralized IOU network, but we need something a bit more centralized that more people accept to be able to "cash out" one's IOU's from IRHN.  People can use whatever they want, bitcoin, monero, twigs, anything.  But I don't feel like there are any really good digital options out there (twigs are awesome).

Enter Spork.  Spork is a new pseudo decentralized cryptocurrency and is based somewhat on trust.  It solves the 51% attack problem (google that if you don't know about it).  It solves the mining problem.  It solves the veriication problem.  It does not necessarily solve the privacy problem but I'm sure privacy features can be added as time goes on.  Spork primes are not necessarily fungible.  Spork trades fungibility for flexibility, strength, and longevity.

Spork works like this:

Spork's money is prime numbers (but an idea like this can also be used with normal coin accounting methods or a new method for trading).  Yes that's right.  Prime numbers are the currency.  This means anyone can mine it (just figure out prime numbers) and the supply is infinite yet regulated (it will take forever to find more than 100 billion or so)

Spork will transact these prime numbers in whole chunks (but an idea like this could transact partials if desired).  That means you can't send half a prime number, it is all or nothing.  So most transactions will have several prime numbers in exchange for a product.

Spork may or may not start with some set of the numbers "premined" since the first trillion or so primes are widely known and it would just be a race of verifiers not able to keep up with people requesting primes.

The process of mining is finding prime numbers and giving these to verifiers to put them in your name.  The verifier will check that it is a real prime number and also that no one else has claimed it.  Then he will attribute it to you (your public key and private key, works the same as bitcoin).  You want as many verifiers to agree that you own that prime as possible.

Anyone can be a transaction verifier in Spork.  Verifying transactions and mining is completely separate.  Verifiers will take no primes as transaction fees (I guess they could but its unlikely people would use them as a verifier).  Most verifiers will require a subscription fee or something similar in order to submit your transactions to them for verifying.

Every Verifier is their own spork (play on fork).  Verifiers will be incentivized to check their database (blockchain) against each-others but aren't required to.  A pseudo consensus is expected to be reached between verifiers.  You can say that you guarantee your primes will be verified by "enter some names" of verifiers.  If not then the transactee isn't obligated to send you the product.  So basically you have to have some level of trust in the verifiers and can choose who to do or not do business with.  This beats the 51% attack.

I expect a central hub to develop where you pay a small monthly fee to join and it gives you access to hundreds of verifiers.  You submit your transactions there and you can see in real time which verifiers approved (or denied) your transaction.  If this approval rate seems to satisfy you and your transactee, then you can exchange the goods in question.  Maybe if you both vote to disapprove the results the verifiers can take that into account when they do consensus building (not really defined, however they think is best) to where they cancel the transaction (initiated by both of you using your keys to vote to cancel the transaction).  

Don't like the biggest pool of verifiers?  No problem.  Go to smaller verifiers instead with your transactions.  The less consensus you get with verifiers though, the less fungible your primes will be.

In conclusion we are making a distributed centralized cryptocurrency which is immune to the #1 crypto threat, the 51% attack.  In order to accomplish that we have to trade fungibility.  However this will be more fungible than IOU's so it is a good way to cash out your IOU's from IRHN.

Also as a bonus it makes mining much more fair and viable forever.

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