Discentralization not decentralization is the key to a free and open society

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Decentralization is all the buzz lately.  We want to wrestle the power from the hands of the few and spread it among the many.  But the way we are doing this is all wrong. Little hints in quotes by regulators let me know that they already know about this hidden truth, and they are the ones actually behind decentralization in order to co-opt the movement and end up controlling it in the end with all of us totally fooled into believing we have actually achieved decentralization when in fact the same people who had the power before still have it in the end.  Decentralization is impossible and believing in it will lead you to the proliteriate while those preaching decentralization will actually be in central control.  The promise of decentralization is the promise of socialism.

What you have to realize is that decentralization is a myth.  It cannot exist.  This is the first step in realizing the fraud that they had told you.  There is never a system where no human being has any control.  Even if robots were making the system there had to be someone to program them.  Even if they use machine learning, it is only by algorithms we designed.  There can never be a case where no humans are in control.  The quicker you come to grasp with the fact that you were sold a lie, will you find the solution.

I could tell you the solution right now (and I will) but unless you can believe that you may have been lied to and believed a lie, you will never find the truth.  I could talk till I'm blue in the face but you would never find it.

So I am believing that you think there may be something to this argument.  Good.  Now I will explain the solution.


We have to accept and embrace the fact that we can and should be in charge of things.  The problem comes, and only comes, when there is a consolidation of power.  When people give up power they were born with, and give that power to another.  This is the heart of socialism.  And it always leads to a two class system.  The controllers, and the controlled.  The key is we all need to exercise our right to be controllers.  Controllers of our own paradigm and our own sphere of influence.  

A system can be created where personal liberty and responsibility are protected.  It was called the constitution and declaration of independence.  These libertarian type ideals are the only correct answer to centralized control.  Liberal ideals of large government that makes everyone equal only leads to the government itself becoming the centralized control it was supposed to protect us against.

What is the libertarian answer to crypto-currency?  It isn't decentralization but rather discentralization...distributed centralization.  It is the whole reason libertarians want us to all carry guns and liberals want no one to carry guns.  The people who enforce the liberal agenda would have guns but no one else would be allowed to.  This is decentralization and is actually centralization.  Libertarians want to distribute the centralization, so we all have it and no one has inherent power greater than anyone else.  This is discentralization of power.  Distributed centralization.

How do we make a discentralized crypto currency?  Well all my ideas have been doing just than; irhn and spork.  But the idea is give everyone power over their own transactions and have their own power to verify.  The key to creating discentralization is empowering not taking power away from individuals.

In bitcoin only the person who wins the block has the power to have the final say on transactions.  And this is why the 51% attack is possible.  What if instead of stopping everyone from verifying transactions once someone else has verified it, we actually allow everyone to finish verifying then see what everyone says?  More like a democracy huh?  And what if you empowered users to believe or not believe what the verifiers say?  If they know certain verifiers are wrong to go to other verifiers instead?  That is empowerment.  That prevents centralization.

Because any "decentralized" system like bitcoin is just a race.  It is a race to the top at who can claim the title of emperor (51%er) and rule the coin.  Of course they would be subtle about it.  They would split their pool up into a few pieces and pretend every pool is autonomous but they really would all have one master.  And they could attack only zombie wallets so that no one would be any the wiser.  Secret centralized control under the guise of decentralization.  Just like socialism is secret centralized control under the guise of equality.

Another example is decentralized wikipedia.  Under the guise that no one has control, in actuality the big players have control because they can hire botnets to keep pages that are financially important to them from being changed.  A discentralized version would allow people to control what is changed on pages they create.  And if people don't like your page they can create a competing page.  Pages on the same topic aren't allowed on decentralized wikipedia but are necessary for liberty and discentralization.

How would discentralization fix this?  Well instead of a race to see who can become central controller, discentralization would empower people to have the tools to resist centralized control.  The tool of choosing who verifies your transactions.  The tool of allowing all verifiers to have their say not just the one who wins the block.  The tool of each verifier allowed to be their own fork and have their blockchain as accurate as possible, not forcing consensus.  Decentralization would say that either republican healthcare bill or democrat healthcare bill will win and discentralization would say that everyone can propose their own bill and vote across party lines.  Mabye it is messier but freedom is a messy process.  Mabye a coin where people can choose who verifies it and verifiers can choose how they verify would make your coins less fungible, but freedom is a messy process.  You would be your own master and by choosing who verifies your transactions you choose how fungible your coins will be.  

That is called liberty.  

That is called distributed centralization.

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