Congratulations to Catalonia

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It is a very happy time for Catalonia right now as they declared independence.  A couple nations like North Korea and Venezuela have supported the independence and states including scotland and wales have also supported them.

The important and undeniable thing here is Spain is actively using force to undermine the free will of the catalonian people.  The important thing is that Spain forcefully tried to prevent a democratic vote and the vote was still a huge success and showed the overwhelming support for catalonian independence.  The government of catalonia itself overwhelmingly voted for independence as well.  There is no doubt whatsoever that the will of the Catalonian people is being outright denied by the spanish government.

I stand with catalonia.  As a change agent "I am Catalonia" and to those who support freedom "We are Catalonia".  I am, above all else, a global citizen of peace, individual empowerment and freedom, and love.

We need to vote with our feet and move to and live in a place that is independent and values non-violence and individual liberty.  We should keep a close eye on this centuries new wave of independence movements; these will be fundamentally different than the wave of violent revolutions of centuries past.  This new form of uprising will produce fruits of peace, not constant war like the revolutions in Venezuela and the United States.  Venezuela and the United States are both nations that live by violence.  Violent revolutions lead to violent states; the ends never justify the means, the means create the ends.

It shall be declared that anyone who takes up arms against Catalonia or her people will be devoured.  Catalonia shall be cherished and protected.

Let bees torment those who wish Catalonia to be squashed.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit; said the Lord of Hosts."

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