What is the "Rule of 70"?

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The definition of the rule of 70 is that if you can explain something to someone with an IQ of 70 or below and it makes complete sense to them, then you own the narrative.  This is shown in memification.  Memes make concepts readily accessible to people. And it isn't just about dumb people understanding your message, it is just lowering the bar of effort so someone doesn't have to try very hard to understand.  This is the genius of Trump's messaging, his messaging makes sense to the lowest common denominator.  People in the middle think he is an idiot while genius' recognize the genius of his "lowest common denominator" oriented messages.  Whether we agree with him or not; very high IQ people will realize the genius of the crystallization of his concepts that are readily and easily understood by everyone.  Get the lowest 70 onboard and you own the message.  It takes a genius to communicate effectively with an idiot.

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