Trump will soon start persecuting Christians

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Will Trump sign an executive order making it mandatory to "honor the flag" above everything else?  If so, christians should refuse. 

"Christians, muslims, buddhists, liberals and conservatives, lets all come together and honor the flag above all else.  This is what unifies us as one nation, one people, with one purpose.  America first.  Lets all raise our right hand and take an oath to this nation and flag."

I could imagine him saying something along those lines.  And I wouldn't do it.  I will only honor the higher power, on earth we are all equals.  And a flag or nation is not a higher power worthy of devotion and honor.

We should notice that persecution for christians is coming very soon and even already at the door.  To be persecuted as a christian means to be persecuted for cherishing truth, liberty, justice, and love. Already we are under attack for "denying" climate change, feeding the homeless without a permit is illegal in many states and cities, for questioning official propaganda narratives (labeled conspiracy theorist),  Ultimate surveillance destroys our sovrenity and privacy, medical slavery (including forced vaccines) kills us while looting our life savings, and monetary slavery rules all the nations.  The time is ripe for the real persecution to begin.

In the early 250's AD (the last time revelation 12 sign in the sky appeared 249 AD) all were forced to worship the sun or be fined or even in some cases killed.  What could be a parallel to that today?  I'm not sure but what I can see is a covert attack on christians by making it illegal to question the official media narrative (fake news), Illegal to refuse vaccines, I could see trump revoking tax exempt status of churches, illegal to deny climate change, illegal to bypass biometric recognition systems, etc.  Not yet will it be impossible to buy and sell, that will come later, not for another 10 years or so.  The question is where does the persecution start? Helping the homeless becomes punishable by death?  Alternative medicine becomes punishable by death? (already the penalties for this is very severe).  Go to jail or face high fines for refusing health insurance?  I think we will see a ramping up of the covert persecution of liberty and peace loving americans.  We may not think the war Trump is raging currently against people protesting police brutality is bad, but he is coming for us next.  Will people protesting war also be attacked by the president with executive orders issued against those who want peace? Predator drones to assasinate americans who resist unlawful executive orders or people who leave the country? You be the judge.  This is all in preparation for when the beast is revealed in 7 years.  It will likely be someone who has been in power nearly this whole time too.  In my dream the head that I slew of the beast was asian and reminded me of a possible president or ruler of china.  So who knows but be prepared, the persecution begins NOW.

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