Psycotics on the left, Insane's on the right. I'm stuck in the middlewith both

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Wouldn't it be funny if I told you Garlic could cure both psychotic liberals and insane conservatives?  Well it can.

I have found the cure for liberalism and conservatism.

Turns out that liberals are bona-fide psycho's.  Look it up.  Conservatives are neurotic - severe neuroticism I believe is the same as insanity.  Liberals are infected with toxoplasmosis.  Conservatives are infected with tuberculosis.  The funny thing is muslims are heavily infected with TB and are ultra-conservative yet liberals want to take them in.  This is psychosis at work, rats with toxo also desire their own doom by being attracted to cats more than their fellow rat.  The same cat that wants to kill them the toxo infected rats love.

Distasteful patriotism.  Adoration of cops and authority and a'murca.  These are neurotic conservative symptoms of tuberculosis infection.

Another way to look at it is liberals are pathogenic pessimists (psycotic) whereas conservatives are pathogenic optimists (insane).  Both ways will lead to authoritarian tendencies.

The funny thing here is that garlic is excellent at killing both of these infections.

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