Islam is a comprehensive system of abuse to effect potent mind control

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The religion of Islam is expertly crafted to induce potent mind control.  The most important aspect in fulfilling this goal is to use the brain parasites toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis to control adherents minds biologically.  Toxoplasmosis greatly increases someones risk of becoming suicidal and violent.  I will show how this is done in the islamic traditions.

1. Do not eat garlic or onions.  Garlic and onions are potent antimicrobials especially against both tuberculosis and toxoplasmosis.  Since these infections are mind controlling their victims, eating these may make you question your faith. 

2.  Cats are clean and desirable.  Cats are widely revered in islam and are the major reservoir of toxoplasmosis.  Cats are allowed in all homes and even hospitals in muslim nations and muslims are even encouraged to eat food or drink water after cats have eaten or drank from it.  This is a potent way to infect everyone with toxoplasmosis.

3. Praying 5 times a day.  This has the dual benefit of getting toxo on ones hands before eating from prostrating oneself as well as touching forehead to ground increases blood pressure to the blood brain barrier which disrupts the barrier and allows toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis to cross into the brain.  Also the prayers that are said are hypocritical by calling god merciful yet also that god hates most people.  The prayer doesn't mention anything that god loves only that god hates certain people.  So this brainwashes adherents to think that the only important thing in life is to persecute people that god hates.  Also the prayer asks for help not to become a person god hates which may invoke fear which also suppresses the immune system.  It is said that the person praying should make many supplications to allah.  Being submissive has been shown to lower the immune system, again another way to cause brain parasites to flourish.

4. Ritual fasting.  While it is true that many religions fast, none do like islam.  Muslims fast for a month straight yet eat only during nighttime hours.  This has the obvious detriment of not only reducing the immune system but causing sleeping problems which has been well documented.  And sleeping problems suppress the immune system and allow toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis to flourish.

5.  Pilgrimage to mecca.  Both toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis prevalence in saudi arabia (mecca) are very high, about 1/3 and 1/4 the population respectively.  Pilgrimage from people all over the world increases this (like letting your house be open to many people and animals, people will get sick easier).  It is also a great way for people from countries which are less infected with brain parasites to aquire them to strengthen their faith and bring them back home to infect others which they can then convert.

In conclusion Islam is biological warfare against the mind.  Virtually every aspect of this religion can be traced back to the beneficial effect that the practice has on brainwashing their victims.  Using natural treatments against tuberculosis and toxoplasmosis can help cure people in this religion and stop the suicidal and angry tendencies that lead people to want to harm their fellow man.

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