How the CIA and FBI intelligence agencies collect group intelligence

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Everyone is always amazed when they find out how much good intelligence the CIA and FBI have on groups and how it is on a whole different level than other countries.  They not only know what the group is planning to do but also the thoughts of the groups members on various subjects.  Well it isn't hard to know what a group is doing and thinking when you yourself are leading the group. The best way to know the groups plans and opinions is to lead the group and brainwash the members.  This is exactly what they do.

I have been a part of two groups which I am quite sure have spanned the gamut of intelligence agency surveillance.  The first group was Occupy and the second group was phoenix trance family.

The first group occupy was entirely created and led by intelligence agencies. The group leader was very likely an FBI informant (see the end for more discussion on this) and she got her orders from above and gave us orders in the group.  They make it seem like the group can decide for itself what they want to protest but 1. they make you protest something 2. they give you a limited set of options of what to protest.  3. when they protest you have to follow the leaders rules and make signs exactly to the leaders spec and dress up in some cases how the leader wants you to dress (costume or whatnot) and are not allowed to speak to the press.  This is an example how an intelligence run group functions.  Also they game the system to provide you food and shelter.  In the case of occupy they utilize food banks and other government resources for food and as for shelter they commandeer it from the public spaces and park their tents.  So now we understand how they know what a group is going to do, they lead it.  

Next is how they find out what members think about certain topics.  For this they literally set up a camera (I saw this) and interview the members.  This accomplishes 2 things.  First they can facially recognize everyone and determine everyones identities in the group, and 2. they literally get to interview people on what they think about things.  Knowing what and how people think about certain things is the essence of intelligence, once you know what and how people think you can develop strategies to manipulate them.

And for the next group; Phoenix Trance Family.  This is a much more loosely organized group.  In this group intelligence agencies may have started the local trance families in order to better maintain intelligence on the trance movement which is something that gives people freedom of thought and emotional healing and inspiration.  They also seem to do this with groups of other types of EDM as well.  Again they tend to resort to similar tactics.  They will set up situations where members of the group are given free or discounted tickets to certain events.  Then they are also led to interact with the artist before or after the show and pose for a picture.  While it may appear the picture is being taken by your own cell phone, in this type of situation there will be another camera set up looking at you as well.  This may have visibly unlit led's or an unlit lamp whereas this is actually an infrared (nightvision) light.  Also audio is collected so they can tell what you say to the artist and get a snapshot into your mind.

Once you understand how terrorist groups like the CIA and FBI operate you can better understand their tactics and avoid being led into their traps.  These intelligence agencies are fully unconstitutional and provide one of the biggest threats against our freedom, liberty, and even life in this country.

For more information please read the following article (link below) on the FBI informants that both infiltrate groups and lead groups.  This is the essence of entrapment and not only do they entrap people to do what they otherwise wouldn't, they brainwash the members of the group that the fbi informant leads to do things way beyond what they ever would have considered doing.  Not enough real crime to bust, huh FBI?  You feel the need to create as much chaos as possible.


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