Beware of January 15th for the near future. January 15th 2018 andbeyond.

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In my last post I laid out that I believe that we are in the period of witness.  During this time I believe that there will be signs and warnings of the 7 year period to come which starts in 2024.  The thing that brings all the doomsday events in revelation 6-14ish are one comet, the comet we know as ISON.  This same comet has an orbital period of 333 years and has been called caesars comet, comet negra, and newton's comet.  Each "seal" in revelation is the passing of this comet.  As the comet breaks apart more and more the devestation will grow more intense as we pass through its tail.  We pass through its tail every january 15th.  The first time we passed through its tail since it came by in 2013 there were 2 meteors seen.  2 is the number of witness and signifies that the seal is happening (6th seal).  Within this 14 year period that started on september 23rd we should see meteor impacts on the earth causing widespread devastation including tectonic issues and widespread fires.  And remember with widespread earthquakes will come widespread Fukushima like events.  Get your iodine and cesium and strontium and calcium.

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