Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide production and uses open sourceinvention

Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide is first described here including how it can be made and used.  Peroxides are known to improve mineralization and strength of cements in some cases.  Therefore a peroxidized tetracalcium phosphate can improve hydroxyapatite both in mineralization properties and cement forming properties.  Uses could include bone mineralization, teeth mineralization, general teeth/dental and/or bone care.  It could also include producing artificial teeth and/or bones or "fillings" or other improvements for such.  It can also be used as a electrode or electrolyte in a cell and/or battery.  It can also can be used as a non newtonian fluid similarly to magnesium peroxide.  If desire it can be used with any acidic phosphate including dicalcium phosphate or even a peroxidized phosphate.

Production can be simple.  This is one method of production as an example.  Grind the Tetracalcium phosphate to a fine powder.  Add 35% or higher hydrogen peroxide.  Keep temperature around 60c or lower.  Over time the tetracalcium phosphate is converted to tetracalcium phosphate peroxide.  This mixture can be dried and reground to provide tetracalcium phosphate peroxide powder.

Making ttcp pro recipie:

52.7 caoh
221 tricalcium phosphate
3/4 cup distilled water for powder press, +1/4 tsp for hand forming

Roll out on baking sheet with rolling pin to around 1/4" thick and cut shapes with cookie cutters and melt with HHO torch.  Use argon gas to prevent oxidation/nitridation.

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