Optimized method of producing tetracalcium phosphate

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Basically mix roughly 23.9% CaOH as tricalcium phosphate for example 24g CaOH and 100g TCP.  Add minimal water and mix well forming a stiff paste.  Roll into small balls and bake until dry.  This should produce very hard balls. Now flame these with a high temperature torch preferably HHO for its renewability or any torch that can achieve temperature to melt the balls including  oxyacetylene.  As the mixture melts it converts into tetracalcium phosphate.

Pro recipie:

52.7 caoh
221 tricalcium phosphate
3/4 cup distilled water for powder press, +1/4 tsp for hand forming

Roll out on baking sheet with rolling pin to around 1/4" thick and cut shapes with cookie cutters and melt with HHO torch.  Use argon gas to prevent oxidation/nitridation.

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