Mineralizing dentifrice (toothpaste, tooth powder) open source patent

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I have been producing TEEF powder for years now and within the last 6 months or so I feel I have settled on the best remineralizing ingredient possible; Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide.  I want to put in writing this invention. (edit 7/13/2019: also tetracalcium phospho-silicate and it's peroxide)

This invention is of a mineralizing dentifrice (could be any form from a powder to a paste to a gel, whatever) that includes tetra calcium phosphate.  More preferably tetra-calcium phosphate peroxide.  Most preferably including also dicalcium phosphate.  Extra preferably including antimicrobial ingredients.  Ultra preferably including naturally occurring anti-microbials.

Tetracalcium phosphate plus dicalcium phosphate produces hydroxyapatite ie; tooth enamel.  However it is also known that tetracalcium phosphate on its own can be remineralizing.  We also know that peroxides help the remineralization process.  Antimicrobials very much help with the natural remineralization process by preventing demineralization processes.  Also the alkalinity of tetracalcium phosphate supports remineralization but not too alkaline like something like calcium hydroxide.

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