Database driven operating system open source patent

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First it was text.  Then it was windows.  Now it is database.

In a windows type operating system the location determines the content.  You can have files of the same name but in different location and they are considered different files.  The location you put it in the file system is the biggest determinant of the file's identity.  Programs associate that location with the file's identity, and to move the file may very well mean breaking the program.

Imagine a world where files are location-less.  Where there is infinite possibility to organize and reorganize files on a whim.  Folderless.  Not that any of these things are required, but that they are possible.  You can still have folders if you like but they will not be needed in a database driven operating system.  Folders could be just for show, a display method nothing more.  All files can interact with each other as if their world is flat.  The categories and classification and organization would be only a visual que.  Completely fluid and ethereal.

The user interaction with files would be dynamic rather than static.  Group files on the fly based on any property of the file such as file type, name, size, author, content, anything at all. And change the grouping on a whim.

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