Acid washed food grade diatomaceous earth

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*I took some of this and got pretty serious aluminum toxicity which I immediatly countered with potassium citrate which worked well.  I don't think I washed the DE enough and there was still aluminum phosphate left.  Be careful.*

Disclosed herein is a method for removing aluminum from food grade diatomaceous earth.  Roughly 150g food grade diatomaceous earth is added to a glass container.  Distilled Water is added to create a liquid slurry. 60 mL food grade phosphoric acid is added and mixed and let sit at room temperature or elevated temperature until small bubble evolution stops.  Phosphoric acid can dissolve aluminum.

The reason to do this is when taking large amounts of food grade DE internally excess stomach acid can dissolve out aluminum causing brain fog and from long term aluminum exposure possibly Alzheimer's or dementia.  To acid wash the DE ahead of time this can be avoided.

Once the acid washing is complete the solution should be neutralized and/or washed with multiple separations (filtration or gravity separation) in order to remove or neutralize the phosphoric acid.

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