5 chronic bacterial infections that cause persistent Insomnia

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1. Streptococcus.  Most common cause of insomnia.  Supercharged by mercury.  Kill with adaptogens.

2. Campylobacter.  Very common cause, also causes restless legs, brain zaps, and pins and needles.  Kill with ginger.

3. Proteus.  Common cause, also causes restless legs working together with campylobacter.  Causes low back pain.  Kill with 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil internally.

4. Pseudomonas.  Common cause. May cause crawling or itchy sensations all over the body.  May also cause nausea.  Kill with food grade diatomaceous earth and also take activated charcoal to prevent detox reaction.

5. Tuberculosis.  Kill with garlic and vitamin c.

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