How to heal a sprain: MCL, ankle, knee etc.

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First of all we have to attack the microbes that tend to be in the area.  If you are someone who wakes up too early they you are likely high in streptococcus and can benefit from adaptogens.  If you have trouble falling asleep you are likely high in proteus and can benefit from eucalyptus essential oil.

Now there are 3 more ingredients.  Ice obviously as a natural anti-inflamatory.

The last part is to take 2 tsp of potassium bicarbonate in water per day internally and apply a bragg's vinegar compress.  To best do this get a towel damp in vinegar and wrap on the effected area and wrap cellophane around that.  

The human body is a bicarbonate-acid battery and taking bicarbonate internally and applying vinegar externally charges up this healing battery.

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