Making gold from iron electrolysis appears to have worked, update latertoday

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So I have been working on making gold and this is how I did it.

two 3/8" steel bars put in distilled water in a glass (not touching each other). Put in a tsp or so of sulfuric acid.  Hook up the bars to a 30 volt power supply around 2 amps or so.

Electrolyze for a long time but changing the polarity of the electrodes often (switching which electrodes is positive and which one is negative).  Run it for as long as you can.

All of that muck is your gold "concentrate".  Now wash it (by adding water, letting it settle, and pouring off the excess water) and then dissolve it using hydrochloric acid and peroxide and heat.

Once it is all dissolved and the liquid is clear, let it cool then add SMB (sodium metabisulfite), you may need quite a bit but if you add too much it will turn all opaque and foggy, you don't want that.  You just want enough until it stops fizzing when you add it, maybe a little bit more.

Now wait a day and you should see a dusting of tan to blackish powder on the bottom of the glass.  This should be gold.  Carefully pour off the liquid.  Add more distilled water (only use distilled water in this whole process) let it settle another day, then pour off the liquid again.  Do this once more.  Now when you pour off the liquid, heat up the remaining powder and water to evaporate all water.  

This is what is left: (looks like gold but who knows)

Now put this remaining powder in a crucible and melt it into gold. (may need to add borax, doesn't seem to want to easily melt into gold)

I am at the final step now, once I melt it and verify it is gold I will let you know.  

ps: since I don't really have enough to reliably melt into gold I am aquiring a stannous (tin) chloride test solution to test this for gold rather than trying to melt it.

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