Electric Cold Fusion of atomic nuclei mechanism: How gold is made inthe earth

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In my past posts I have talked about creating gold with a strong electric charge.  Now I am going to propose a theory on exactly how electric charge can induce fusion.

In this hematite lattice we can see each oxygen is bound to 3 irons.  Now the theory here of electric fusion is that since we know a strong electric charge can create oxygen vacancies in a crystal structure, these vacancies coupled with the neutralization of the iron atoms from the same electric charge, allow the three iron atoms to collide/implode along with 2 oxygens fusing them together creating plutonium 200.  This plutonium 200 decays with 15 electron captures/positron emissions and 3 neutron emissions.  (Now I don't believe in positron emission, I believe it is just a high energy electron capture producing a gamma ray instead of an x-ray, but regardless it doesn't effect this theory.) 
What may happen is when 5 neutrons are created rapidly that one is lost as a neutron emission.  Or that neutron loss leads to gamma ray emission (positron emission).  Something to this effect would be needed to explain why both positron emission/electron capture and neutron emission are both happening to convert plutonium 200 to gold 197 and not mercury 200.

Now the iron/hematite is just an example of exactly how this works, but electric fusion in general just requires:

1. a crystal structure 
2. Negative atom vacancies being  produced by an electric charge (ie: oxygen, chlorine, fluorine)
3. An electric charge that neutralizes positive atoms that are a part of the crystal structure that are in proximity to the vacancies (probably the same electric charge from #2 but not necessaarily)

The predictions of this theory are:
1. We will see x-rays (from electron capture) and/or gamma rays (from 'positron emission') emitted which signify electric fusion is happening.
2. We will see neutron emission. (unless the exact amount of atomic mass units are produced ie: iron 55 is being made/used to produce plutonium 197.)
3. We should see elements being transmuted.

**Update** high mercury contents found in gold!
This means that the Iron 55 method is probably right, so we need neutron radiation to convert Iron 56 and 54 to 55 in orderto make gold.

So all that is needed is an oxide of the form of hematite and a strong electric charge to transmute elements.  The charge just needs to be protected so that it doesn't induce a chemical bond between ions instead of electric fusion within the crystal lattice.  So negative ions should be blocked from interacting with the target oxide.  

This can also work with other elements besides iron; Manganese in this form may be able to create platinum for example.

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