Cold Fusion using acidic electrolysis of regular light water

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I have been attempting to make gold when I stumbled upon an interesting find,  acidic hydrolysis produced much more heat than alkaline hydrolysis and also seems to produce neutron radiation.

I used two iron electrodes (but could be any conductive material) submerged in distilled water and 30 volt power supply running at about 10 amps by putting in a slight amount of sulfuric acid into the distilled water.   Just enough acid to get 10 amps at 30 volts.  

What I noticed was incredible heat produced and peripheral neuropathy like I was bombarded with neutron radiation. Even a foot of sand wasn't enough to stop the effects, adding water to that sand did however reduce the effects.  This leads me to believe we are dealing with neutron radiation.

The mechanism for this may be that the H+ ions in acidic solution were undergoing electron capture or 'positron emission' and being converted into neutrons.

To harness this power lithium or boron compounds and water can be used to absorb the neutrons and convert the energy into heat.

Alternating current can also seemingly produce large amounts of heat in water and may also produce cold fusion effects.

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