Clean legal nuclear power reactor using bismuth lead thallium

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Here is the invention of a clean safe and legal nuclear reactor.

We use our neutron production from our previous method of generating neutrons from hydrogen sulfide/selenide/telluride and quartz/hydroxide/iron oxide system.

To the iron oxide we add beryllium oxide (or another high temperature neutron moderator).  This slows neutrons down so that we can capture them later.  Now we take a large atom like bismuth (largest easy to acquire element) to capture our slowed (thermal-like) neutrons.  The reason we want big elements is they decay quickly and release radiation that we will absorb to produce heat.

To add the neutron capturing atom we include that in the quartz crystal described in the how to make gold post. Quartz crystal can act as a neutron filter to only allow slow neutrons to enter.  Now the slow neutrons interact with the bismuth atoms in the glass and create unstable bismuth isotopes.  These emit radiation which is captured by a neutron absorber, preferably borax or boric acid infused water.  This setup is preferably placed underground for safety or is shielded with heavy elements to protect against gamma rays from escaping.

Also we can tune the temperature of the reactor so that neutron capture is effected.  Anywhere from near absolute zero to high temperatures can be used to vary the reactor properties like neutron capture/reemission rates and how many neutrons can be captured before decay. Having todo with the resonance of the atomic nucleus with the neutron it is trying to capture.  R and S process and what isotopes are formed can also be effected.  If the temperature is low and the neutron speed is low and constant then likely we will expect greater frequency of neutron capture since the resonance peak is higher and narrower.  This can allow for more R process capture happening.

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