Recipe to make gold

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gold recipie

3 stage.  First stage is the hydrogen sulfide generating mix.  Careful as hydrogen sulfide gas is deadly.  Make sure you really know what you are doing! 2nd stage is dry ice.  Third stage is iron-quartz.  For the theory of how this works see my previous post(s).

To make the first stage get sulfur and tellurium and make molten and mix.  I will start out trying 75% sulfur 25% tellurium.  Mix in graphite.  I will start with 50% graphite 50% sulfur/tellurium mix. Let cool so you have a solid.  Now grind this into a powder.  That is stage 1.

Stage 3 is alkali quartz hematite.  Get iron (III) oxide (rust/hematite) powder and mix with silicon dioxide and sodium hydroxide.  I will start with 65% sio2, 25% iron(3)oxide, and 10% sodium hydroxide.  Melt this then immediately crystalize at 750-900c.  Let cool and if it looks crystalline then smash to a coarse powder.  That is stage 2.

Now take a test tube that can withstand high temperatures and place the sulfur-graphite powder at the bottom.  Next layer on some clean (not dusty) sand.  Next layer some dry ice.  Maybe now layer cotton.  And now layer your iron-quartz.  Above this you will want to put a cotton layer, then a sodium hydroxide layer to capture excess hydrogen sulfide.  Careful, this won't catch all the hydrogen sulfide and it can be deadly so watch out!

Now once the reaction has run use tweezers to remove the cotton and sodium hydroxide.  Now carefully remove your now hopefully gold rich iron-quartz layer.  Assay your iron-quartz to see if you made gold.  The iron oxide should have partially turned to gold.


 Tellurium is probably better than sulfur but I feel sulfur will catalyze the tellurium sulfide generation.  

try this test tube:


The Co2 may interfere with the bisulfide production on the alkali quartz hematite and produce carbonates.  But we probably need the low temperature to make the gas superconducting and to create gold.

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