Hacking drug withdrawl

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As a curious youth in college I experimented heavily with Salvia divinorum use.  I wanted to experience the hallucinogenic states to gain insights about the truth behind reality.  Basically to understand more about life.

Well it was a drug and drugs have consequences.  For receptor agonists like salvia (very potent kappa opioid agonist), they cause a down regulation in receptors.  When you overwhelm the body with a agonist (activator) the body responds by reducing the amount of receptors so excessive activation can't happen.  It basically adapts to the new normal.

Bow problem is when you stop taking the drug you are now below the new normal and experience the effects of bieng low on it.  So if you take morphine all the time and stop taking it, your body will think it is now low in morphine and you will wothdrawl.

Well I stopped taking salvia about 13 years ago but I still haven't recovered.  I believe my sleep disordered breathing is caused by low kappa opioid receptors.  I have two reasons to think this; first some erowid trip reports of heavy users mention that they have severe sleep disordered breathing.  Also kappa receptors block the sleep disordered breathing that opiates cause.  So if salvia over time down regulates kappa receptors, then there is nothing to stop opiate induced sleep disordered breathing (sleep apnea, etc).  Obviously I don't take opiates but the body produces opiates naturally.

So what do I do?  Well you have to fight fire with fire in this case.  If the cause of your problems was a drug, it will take a drug to fix them.

Kappa receptor antagonists.  Since I caused a down regulation of receptors with the agonist salvia, I have to cause an up regulation with an antagonist.  This antagonist is a plant called selaginella tamariscina.  This plant contains the perfect antagonist; amentoflavone.  This kappa antagonist is very selective to only antagonize kappa receptors.  This will mean that by taking it I will increase the amount of kappa opioid receptors without effecting the other receptors like mu and delta.  This should cure my problem and may help many people fighting central or obstructive sleep apnea (or especially a mix of the two).

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