Gold making attempt 2 recipie

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Since I know that light is just the vapor form of electrons, this should work well to cause cold fusion and produce gold.  What I will do is use a large fresnel lens and dig a hole in the ground.  Set the fresnel up to focus at the bottom of the hole.  Put a mixture of the below in the hole and leave!: (the hole will help block radiation produced and leaving will help you not be exposed to sulfide gas and radiation in the process.  Wait at least a couple hours.)

silicon dioxide
sodium hydroxide.

(not sure on exact proportions, experiment)

Sulfur selenium tellurium when combined with heat and a hydrogen source like graphite will produce the respective hydrogen -ides (like sulfide telluride etc). These are our potent electron sources (along with the sunlight).  Now these -ides combined with sodium hydroxide will create bi-ides like bisulfide.  This is an even more potent reducing (electron giving) compound.  Hematite is what transmutes into gold, and silicon dioxide seems to be some sort of catalyst.  Maybe electrons are stolen from it, not sure.

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