Cold Stone Ice cream hacked real recipe

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So I reverse engineered cold stone's actual base ice cream (sweet cream) recipie.  They use this recipie for the base of all their ice cream then add vanilla or other flavoring and more sugar depending on the flavor.  I did this using their ingredient list and the nutrition facts.  With just those two things and enough mathmatical calculations, you can reverse engineer any recipie.

Makes roughly 1kg (2.2 lb)

390g heavy whipping cream
390g skim milk
41g whole milk
3.75g whey powder (pure)
61g corn syrup
132g white sugar


200g half an half 1cup
15g corn syrup 2 tsp
33g sugar 2.5 tbsp

turns out half and half is not actually half milk and half cream so we need to do...

so simplified recipie:

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 cup skim milk (or water even if sensitive to milk)

5 tbsp sugar

4 tsp corn syrup (or 1 tbsp sugar)

Use your favorite method to turn this recipe into ice cream.  Cold Stone uses capigiani 502g batch freezer.  The quicker the ice cream machine freezes the ice cream the better.

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