Recipe to make gold

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gold recipie

3 stage.  First stage is the hydrogen sulfide generating mix.  Careful as hydrogen sulfide gas is deadly.  Make sure you really know what you are doing! 2nd stage is dry ice.  Third stage is iron-quartz.  For the theory of how this works see my previous post(s).

To make the first stage get sulfur and tellurium and make molten and mix.  I will start out trying 75% sulfur 25% tellurium.  Mix in graphite.  I will start with 50% graphite 50% sulfur/tellurium mix. Let cool so you have a solid.  Now grind this into a powder.  That is stage 1.

Stage 3 is alkali quartz hematite.  Get iron (III) oxide (rust/hematite) powder and mix with silicon dioxide and sodium hydroxide.  I will start with 65% sio2, 25% iron(3)oxide, and 10% sodium hydroxide.  Melt this then immediately crystalize at 750-900c.  Let cool and if it looks crystalline then smash to a coarse powder.  That is stage 2.

Now take a test tube that can withstand high temperatures and place the sulfur-graphite powder at the bottom.  Next layer on some clean (not dusty) sand.  Next layer some dry ice.  Maybe now layer cotton.  And now layer your iron-quartz.  Above this you will want to put a cotton layer, then a sodium hydroxide layer to capture excess hydrogen sulfide.  Careful, this won't catch all the hydrogen sulfide and it can be deadly so watch out!

Now once the reaction has run use tweezers to remove the cotton and sodium hydroxide.  Now carefully remove your now hopefully gold rich iron-quartz layer.  Assay your iron-quartz to see if you made gold.  The iron oxide should have partially turned to gold.


 Tellurium is probably better than sulfur but I feel sulfur will catalyze the tellurium sulfide generation.  

try this test tube:


The Co2 may interfere with the bisulfide production on the alkali quartz hematite and produce carbonates.  But we probably need the low temperature to make the gas superconducting and to create gold.


NatureHacker's Cold Fusion Theory

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This is not your grandaddy's "free energy" cold fusion.  This is real and no extra energy is gained, the only thing to be gained is creating higher elements and if you do it perfectly it would cost you very little energy (and very cheap raw materials).  So right now the most valuable thing cold fusion can do is create gold, mabye create some even higher elements too.

Cold fusion and nuclear chemistry hinges on one spectacular process;  creating neutrons.  One proton plus one electron combined equals a neutron. This is a well established fact proven by NASA but it is not well known yet by the public.  Neutrons can be created.  The cool thing about neutrons is they are no longer repelled by the nucleus like a proton would be.  They are more free to move.  So the cold fusion theory is that you convert protons into neutrons, add the neutron to an atom's nucleus, the nucleus now expells an electron (beta decay) and the neutron is now a proton and you have a new element.  Sound complicated to do?  Need a CERN particle accelerator?  Nah it's easier than you think.

Electrons are easy to come by.  Electricity.  The problem is that it is difficult to make the electrons leave their defined clouds and to join up with a proton in the nucleus.  There is an elegant way to do this though; superconductivity.  If you can create a superconducting cloud then when you provide extra electrons they can make their way to the nucleus to join with protons much easier.  Think of this superconducting "cloud" as a solvent to dissolve an atom's typical electron cloud configuration and allow electrons to join the nucleus.

Also you can't add electrons to the proton's of a metal.  We know that metals allow electrons to flow through them too easily without interacting with the atoms.  So we need oxides for this (since pretty much every solid and pure element is metal-like).

So lets take hematite (iron oxide) for example.

Our superconductor will be cold depressurized hydrogen sulfide (the best superconductor known; but hydrogen telluride and selenide will be found to be even better superconductors, and probably hydrogen bisulfide too).

Anyway not coincidentally hydrogen sulfide is an excellent reducing agent.  It isn't a coincidence that excellent reducing agents (lots of free electrons) make very good superconductors.  So we get hydrogen sulfide into its superconducting state and put some hematite in there.  Now what we need is to get some free electrons that are at a high energy state.  Enter quartz.  Quartz (silicon dioxide) has a negative surface charge... ie: free electrons.  Also it can very likely capture excess electrons from hydrogen sulfide and store them on it's surface as well.  Since quartz is not conductive these electrons will stay on the surface of the crystal/rock.  Now since our superconducting gas/fluid is hydrogen sulfide which has extra electrons of it's own, we may not need the quartz but it will still be helpful.  We have a downhill reaction catalyzed by a superconductor; electrons move from the quartz into the hematite nucleus via the superconducting fluid/cloud.

Now these electrons get so up close and personal with the protons of the iron oxide via the superconducting pathway that they can combine with the protons and form neutrons.  Turning an atoms protons into neutrons makes the atom "melt" (I'll term it "nuclear melting") into other atoms combining with them.  Since neutrons aren't repelled by the other atoms protons, two nuclei (atoms) can combine into 1.  And when this happens you have a heavier element.  In the case of hematite; it seems that the most favorable element to be formed is gold.

The neutrons now release their electrons as beta decay in order to stabilize once they are in their new home (another atoms nucleus).  These extra electrons can be salvaged if you want, but they aren't going to give you more energy than you had before.

Viola...you just made gold.

And that's cold fusion.


What we likely give Homo Capensis as a society

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1.  Our blood plasma.
2.  Glucose from the production of high fructose corn syrup.
3.  Lauric acid.
4.  Plutonium that they use in their anti-gravity craft in order to counter "gravity" (which is really just induced electrical charge).

probably much more.

Gold making attempt 2 recipie

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Since I know that light is just the vapor form of electrons, this should work well to cause cold fusion and produce gold.  What I will do is use a large fresnel lens and dig a hole in the ground.  Set the fresnel up to focus at the bottom of the hole.  Put a mixture of the below in the hole and leave!: (the hole will help block radiation produced and leaving will help you not be exposed to sulfide gas and radiation in the process.  Wait at least a couple hours.)

silicon dioxide
sodium hydroxide.

(not sure on exact proportions, experiment)

Sulfur selenium tellurium when combined with heat and a hydrogen source like graphite will produce the respective hydrogen -ides (like sulfide telluride etc). These are our potent electron sources (along with the sunlight).  Now these -ides combined with sodium hydroxide will create bi-ides like bisulfide.  This is an even more potent reducing (electron giving) compound.  Hematite is what transmutes into gold, and silicon dioxide seems to be some sort of catalyst.  Maybe electrons are stolen from it, not sure.


How to make cold fusion theory

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We thought about this all wrong.  You don't need to bombard an atom with protons and neutrons to make it grow.  All you have to do is provide it with extra electrons.  When you really give an atom more electrons what happens is it melts. The atom will pull another atom's nucleus into it to share the electrons.  Think of an electron cloud as a fence and the protons and neutrons in the nucleus as cows.  If you enlarge the pasture (make the fence bigger by adding more electrons) then the other nearby pastures will combine into 1 and all your cows will be together.  This is how cold fusion works.  You don't shoot cows at the fence (nuclear bombardment) if you are smart.  You simply open and enlarge the fences to encompass your neighbors cows.  This is what cold fusion is.  The melting of nearby atoms into one.

Now this sounds hunky-dory and peaceful.  And it is for the most part but these atoms could create unstable versions when they combine and could possibly release radiation in order to stabilize.  So be careful and make sure the contraption is underground so gamma rays or alpha/beta particles don't do damage to you.  We are doing nuclear chemistry after all.

You can't use metals for this.  Metals are way too conductive and instead of electrons sticking to them it will flow right through and nothing will happen.  We need oxides.

Now I don't claim to have it all figured out, this is just the beginning of the research.  But in order to make gold we need quartz (silicon dioxide) and hematite (fe2o3).  I believe its the hematite that transforms into gold but for some reason quartz seems to be needed. 

Anyway what we need is a STRONG source of electrons.  Or maybe just a superconducting pathway between the silicon dioxide and hematite.  Nature uses H2S and H2Te.  At the temperatures and pressures underground these gasses can be superconducting when they are rapidly cooled and depressurized.  This happens in an earthquake.  As the superconducting h2s (or better yet h2te) rush by the quartz and hematite maybe  electrons are siphoned from the quartz and given to the hematite, or maybe the quartz isn't needed and the superconducting sulfide gas just melts the hematite on its own into gold.  In any case the hematite gains extra electrons and the atoms of hematite melt together into gold.  Like I said there are probably neutrons/protons/gamma rays lost so be very careful if trying experimentation.

The element to the left of iron on the periodic table (manganese) may react in the same way as iron but instead of producing gold, may produce the element to the left of gold, platinum.  And maybe  the elements to the left (and/or right) of those too do the same thing and so on.

Microwaves and light and electricity are also sources of electrons so may also work but it would be much more difficult to achieve than with superconducting sulfide gas.

One method to make sulfide gas superconducting at room temperature may be to turn it into a plasma in something like a halogen light bulb.  Have a hematite electrode(s) and conduct electricity through the sulfide gas and maybe gold will form.  Or do it the old fashioned way and pressurize/heat sulfide gas and rapidly depressurize and chill it through hematite/quartz mix and see if gold forms.  Be very careful not only could the gold produced let off gamma rays but also hydrogen sulfide gas is deadly!  So don't do this without really knowing what you are doing!


How to (mabye) make gold

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I do not recommend trying this without adequate protection from gamma radiation.  Creating gold may create gamma rays.

Coarsely crush quartz and mix in hematite powder.  Run superconducting hydrogen sulfide or hydrogen tellurium through the mix.  Collect the gold produced.  Getting the h2s or h2te to be superconducting is the tricky part, you would need high temperature high pressure tanks of it and run it through a (dry ice) chilled expansion valve into a tube containing the quartz-hematite mix.

the below was from old thoughts and didn't work
The mix would be iron powder and food grade diatomaceous earth melted at very high temperatures like the 5,000f with an HHO torch or oxyacetylene.  Potassium hydroxide may also help catalyze the reaction.  This is based on the notion that burning silicon can create iron and as iron is created it could catalyze gold creation.

I have been studying gold veins in quartz and it seems that superconducting hydrogen sulfide with quartz in the presence of catalysts (iron containing minerals and possibly others) can create gold.

"At pressures above 90 GPa (Gigapascal), hydrogen sulfide becomes a metallic conductor of electricity. When cooled below a critical temperature this high-pressure phase exhibitssuperconductivity. The critical temperature increases with pressure, ranging from 23 K at 100 GPa to 150 K at 200 GPa.[11] If hydrogen sulfide is pressurized at higher temperatures, then cooled, the critical temperature reaches 203 K (−70 °C), the highest accepted superconducting critical temperature as of 2015. By substituting a small part of sulfur with phosphorus and using even higher pressures, it has been predicted that it may be possible to raise the critical temperature to above 0 °C (273 K) and achieve room-temperature superconductivity"

hydrogen telluride is probably a superconducter at higer temperatures and is why telluride bearing gold viens can go deeper into the earth.  This would be great for gold production.


Bookmark my Guide to Gut Microes!

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This is what my next book will primarily reference:


Please bookmark it and check it regularly!  I update 
it constantly and there is a treasure trove of information on
how to keep your gut and body healthy!


Hacking drug withdrawl

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As a curious youth in college I experimented heavily with Salvia divinorum use.  I wanted to experience the hallucinogenic states to gain insights about the truth behind reality.  Basically to understand more about life.

Well it was a drug and drugs have consequences.  For receptor agonists like salvia (very potent kappa opioid agonist), they cause a down regulation in receptors.  When you overwhelm the body with a agonist (activator) the body responds by reducing the amount of receptors so excessive activation can't happen.  It basically adapts to the new normal.

Bow problem is when you stop taking the drug you are now below the new normal and experience the effects of bieng low on it.  So if you take morphine all the time and stop taking it, your body will think it is now low in morphine and you will wothdrawl.

Well I stopped taking salvia about 13 years ago but I still haven't recovered.  I believe my sleep disordered breathing is caused by low kappa opioid receptors.  I have two reasons to think this; first some erowid trip reports of heavy users mention that they have severe sleep disordered breathing.  Also kappa receptors block the sleep disordered breathing that opiates cause.  So if salvia over time down regulates kappa receptors, then there is nothing to stop opiate induced sleep disordered breathing (sleep apnea, etc).  Obviously I don't take opiates but the body produces opiates naturally.

So what do I do?  Well you have to fight fire with fire in this case.  If the cause of your problems was a drug, it will take a drug to fix them.

Kappa receptor antagonists.  Since I caused a down regulation of receptors with the agonist salvia, I have to cause an up regulation with an antagonist.  This antagonist is a plant called selaginella tamariscina.  This plant contains the perfect antagonist; amentoflavone.  This kappa antagonist is very selective to only antagonize kappa receptors.  This will mean that by taking it I will increase the amount of kappa opioid receptors without effecting the other receptors like mu and delta.  This should cure my problem and may help many people fighting central or obstructive sleep apnea (or especially a mix of the two).


Cold Stone Ice cream hacked real recipe

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So I reverse engineered cold stone's actual base ice cream (sweet cream) recipie.  They use this recipie for the base of all their ice cream then add vanilla or other flavoring and more sugar depending on the flavor.  I did this using their ingredient list and the nutrition facts.  With just those two things and enough mathmatical calculations, you can reverse engineer any recipie.

Makes roughly 1kg (2.2 lb)

390g heavy whipping cream
390g skim milk
41g whole milk
3.75g whey powder (pure)
61g corn syrup
132g white sugar


200g half an half 1cup
15g corn syrup 2 tsp
33g sugar 2.5 tbsp

turns out half and half is not actually half milk and half cream so we need to do...

so simplified recipie:

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 cup skim milk (or water even if sensitive to milk)

5 tbsp sugar

4 tsp corn syrup (or 1 tbsp sugar)

Use your favorite method to turn this recipe into ice cream.  Cold Stone uses capigiani 502g batch freezer.  The quicker the ice cream machine freezes the ice cream the better.


Treating central cerebral edema naturally

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Strep seems to be a bacteria associated with this so adaptogens for that.

Looks like I took a little too much rennet (10 drops or so over a couple days) and felt a little pressure in my head.  Aspartic proteases are good at extracting collagen and it may have stripped some collagen from my blood brain barrier causing a fluid pressure imbalance.  It turns out that the CSF is deficient in potassium and bicarbonate and protein  and glucose compared to the blood.  This means if you take potassium bicarbonate and protein and glucose/starch it will osmotically pull fluid from the csf into the blood.  I took about a half tsp of potassium bicarbonate and slightly elevated my head at night and feel better now.



TEEF Powder up and running again!

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Turns out an HHO torch will work to make tetra calcium phosphate! (the key ingredient to teeth remineralization).  Picked up the micro flame polisher H180A from ebay for a couple hundred bucks and couldn't be happier!  Never have to buy gas tanks or refill gas since it just uses water to make hydrogen and oxygen!  I can run two torches at once with it, one for each hand!  Just mix 12g CaOH with 50g TCP thoroughly  and put in a flame proof container and start torching it!  Only melts a little powder at a time and you will need to wear 2 pairs of polarized sunglasses so you can see what you are doing.

Hair-loss male female pattern baldness is caused by a pepsin (asparticprotease) deficiency

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Pepsin deficiency:
H pylori
heart disease (Coronary artery disease)
high cholesterol
gluten sensitivity

Hair loss is caused by the buildup of collagen in the hair follicle.  This is caused by type XVII collagen being destroyed which leads to triggering the body to synthesize more collagen and subsequent buildup.  Kind of like in the game tetris, if you can't eliminate the bottom rows then it builds up and you have a crash.

So how do we eliminate the collagen properly?  Aspartic proteases.  Aspartic proteases like pepsin are used in biology research to extract collagen without destroying it.  These enzymes are needed to maintain a health scalp (and also healthy brain against Alzheimer's and healthy blood vessels against plaque buildup from an aspartic protease cathepsin d). In order to achieve this we could supplement aspartic (cheese making) enzymes from plants like cardoon and thistle flowers, animal rennet, or pepsin itself.  Don't go overboard though because enzymes are powerful medicine and may make cancer grow more rapidly.

H pylori is either the cause or result of pepsin deficiency and pepsin deficiency also causes gluten sensitivity.

rennet chymosin



buy veal rennet

cardoon stamens cynarase 

cardoon rennet

mutagen studies


cathepsin d alzheimers breast cancer but also metastasis.

cathepsin b cystine protease

pepsin extracts collagen

collagen follicles

collagen breakdown products cause collagen synthesis and buildup.