Tetracalcium Perphosphate and Perhydroxyapatite open source peroxideinvention

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Tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) is a well known compound used for creating hydroxyapatite (HAP) when combined in the stoichiometric ratio with dicalcium phosphate.  I have used these two ingredients in my TEEF powder to aid in remineralizing teeth.  It appears that peroxides are actually used to attach hydroxyapatite to teeth in saliva.  So my invention is creating tetracalcium phosphate peroxide to not only aid even more in remineralizing teeth, but to whiten a bit as well.  Also Perhydroxyapatite or hydroperoxyapatite or hydroxyapatite peroxide could also be made to use in a teeth product to aid in remineralization as well.

These peroxides are easy to make, just mix finely ground tetracalcium phosphate and/or hydroxyapatite powder into some concentration of hydrogen peroxide and let the peroxide attach to the TTCP or HAP molecules.  Temperature should be kept controlled around 30c for best results.  Then filter and dry and you have the respective peroxides.


  1. Could you tell us or explain to us what the real improvement is between TEEF 1.0 and TEEF 2.0?


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