Coordinate DC motor open source invention

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I will term this open source invention the Coordinate DC Motor or Staged DC Motor or Multi-Series DC Motor, my preference is to call it a Coordinate DC Motor.  In a normal series DC motor you have one field winding that takes all the power and it is connected in series with the commutator (rotor).  This is good because the electricity waste from creating the magnetic field in the stator is recycled to power the rotor.  The problem is that you can't control the power in the rotor and stator separately.  I had the idea of having multiple inputs on the rotor so you could add current to the rotor without putting it through the stator first.  Then I thought you could control the differing amounts by using resistor(s).  But then we are back to the first problem that series solved, instead of recycling the energy a resistor will loose it.  So I thought why not make the resistor just separate field coils?  So that is what I did.  You have 2 or more (could be any number) of separate field windings that all output to the rotor.  They could be of any size or resistance/impedance.  They could all be the same or all different in any respect.  Each of these windings could have a different resistance so you can choose or vary which windings get how much current to be able to control how much magnetic field is produced in proportion to how much power the rotor gets.  Another use for the coordinate design is to modify the magnetic field.  You could have the same voltage and amperage going to the stator and rotor as a normal series motor but the positioning and number of the stator windings could vary the size and shape of the magnetic field to improve torque, efficiency, control, etc.  Similar things could be done for the rotor wires but that is beyond the scope of this invention.

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