Cryogenic Computer case drawing

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In a past post I laid out how to create a case for a cryogenic computer.  Here is an example of a design that can be used for such a purpose.  Feel free to use it for any purpose you want.



The future is Digital Property (DP)

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The future of Digital Property is 4 fold; the same forms of traditional property are also digital property.

1.  Currency
2. Collectible
3. Cash generating Asset (or just Asset but I like the 4 C's)
4. Commodity

In my previous posts I have described these well but I have more to add.  I have developed ideas for each of these property classes for the digital age.

Currency.  Currency derives value from it's fungibility and infinite divisibility.  Digital currency is now known as "cryptocurency" but I think a better term is Distributed digital currencies (DDC's) and central digital currencies (CDC's which use databases instead of blockchains).

Collectible.  Collectibles derive value from their non-fungibility and non-divisibility.  This is the essence of what makes something "Unique". Sort of the opposite of currencies yet they are intertwind because coins like the half disme are collectibles that represent the currency of the dollar.  A digital collectible is a code, like the private key of a bitcoin wallet or the password to a world of warcraft account.  Private keys can be generated that can do anything the creator wants, something like open up a special page saying "congratulations you are the 100,098th customer!".  This is a digital collectible, the code cannot be divided up and the more unique (non-fungible) the code and/or reward is for a particular code, the better.

Asset.  Assets are something that by owning you are generating an income.  One spooky example of an asset is an IOU.  The reason an IOU is an asset is the proverb "the debtor is slave to the lender".  Debt is used to get people to do things that you want them to do, a form of income.  IRHN (IOU reciprocal handoff network -visit www.ir.hn for more info) is an example of a digital (and somewhat fungible) digital asset.

Commodity.  A commodity is something that provides for necessities of life; food, water, or shelter.  More generally; energy, solvents, and protection.  A commonly known commodity is gold, used to make electronics (energy), dental crowns (protection), etc.  A digital commodity is prime numbers or information regarding the primality or factorization of numbers.  Prime numbers are used in cryptography to provide the protection of data; encryption.  Prime numbers have value and can be sold (especially large primes) if desired

In the future all forms of digital property (dp) will be commonplace.  The benefits over traditional property is that digital property can be transferred at the speed of data and cannot always be censored or taxed.


New Proof of Work (POW) method based on factoring large numbers

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 This was discussed on the forum post below:


The current state of the art in cryptocurrencies is using encryption algorithms to provide a target "hash".  Then the "nonce" (or key) needs to be found by brute force (trying every possible combination) in order to crack the hash and prove that you did work to gain coins and provide your version of the transaction history to the blockchain.

The problem with this is that vulnerabilities can be found in these encryption methods and not only that but the development of these algorithms are centralized, for example the NSA developed SHA-256 used in bitcoin and could theoretically know how to break it without brute force.  Not only this but the NSA already recommends against the continued use of SHA-256, no one knows the real reason why but my guess is that someone has been able to crack it and the NSA found out about it.  It can probably be cracked if given a few example hashes from a given nonce are known.  Also these encryption algorithms are almost always extremely parrallelizable, leading to specialized equipment like gpu's and asic's to be developed to hash very fast.  This practice is bad for cryptocurrency because this leads to central powers usually the ones who can develop such specialized hardware.  In cryptocurrency allowing everyone with a CPU to mine profitably helps ensure a distributed ownership of a coin and make it less prone to pump and dumps or 51% attacks.

The point is we don't need encryption, we just need proof of work.  Maybe cryptocurrency was the wrong word.  Maybe a more general term like distributed digital currencies (DDC's), as opposed to centralized digital currencies, would be more universally applicable.

We don't need cryptography for proof of work.  We can use prime numbers.  How do we do this?  That is the trillion dollar question.  Primecoin tried to use prime numbers but already it has been cracked by GPU's.  The interesting thing is that GPU's do poorly for large primes or large composite factoring because they aren't smart enough.  The problem is these large composite numbers take forever to prime factorize and thus doesn't seem like a good fit for a 10 minute blocktime or adjusting the difficulty easily.

The secret is we don't need a full prime factorization.  This realization came to me when reading this paper:

We can just find one factor (or any desired number, and the factors need not necessarily be prime) that meets our difficulty requirements.  For example we could ask for any 18 digit factor of a 100 digit number.  On an old computer this takes 50 minutes according to the above paper.  We can increase the digit size of the factor we want and/or increase the number digit size in order to increase the difficulty.  We could ask for 2 factors or any number we desire.  These large numbers would require sieving which would put GPU's at a disadvantage.  In order to generate these large numbers in the first place for example we can (do the following or any other method or combination if methods) hash the factor (with any encryption method(s)) and whole number of the last block; and truncate according to the difficulty.  To make it even easier and not use encryption algorithms at all we could just multiply the last number by it's winning factor and truncate according to the difficulty to give us our next number to factor.

*Edit: the following paragraph was assuming everyone would be attempting the same number.  On bitcointalk.org forum someone (forgot who) suggested everyone work on a different number partly based on the hash of their public key.  I think this is a great idea and would solve the following issue. Also I should mention that the hash which is usually in capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers can easily be converted into regular numbers for our 100ish digit numbers, its just a matter of converting a base 62 number into base 10.*

If a factor is not found in say 50% plus the blocktime (15 minutes or whatever is desired), then a new number generated (could just be the last number+1) because that previous number may be prime and not have any factors.  A side effect of this mining could give us a list of possible primes for further research.  So it isn't a worthless task.

This is a super clean method of PoW that will give the advantage to cpu's.  Also it can be combined with any other algorithms or methods to achieve any goals including making it even better for cpu's.  Another thing is in order to verify the factor is a winner all one needs to do is divide the number by the factor and see that it gives a whole number result.  This is extremely fast and would reduce the risk of hackers DDOSing the network.  Also verify that the number(s) is indeed the amount of digits required.


The Age of the Block Explorer: Simplest method of how to save Bitcoin

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In my last post I discovered a problem in the bitcoin network.  Bitcoin has been hacked and is no longer decentralized.  This was done by China shutting down exchanges.  Whether you believe this development means that China now has control over the price of bitcoin or not, it shows undisputedly that the currency has lost its fungibility in china meaning people can no longer use it freely.  This is a fatal flaw and now trading crypto's is under threat everywhere by governments simply cracking down on exchanges.

My last post proposed the "trust factor" and "reversing transactions" to solve this issue.  While i think that method could work, I don't think it is practical to implement.  I have a new idea that would require not changing bitcoin at all,simply  utilizing  built in technology in order to bring the "exchanges" inside the blockchain itself, and thus make it impossible to hack.

Welcome OP RETURN!

OP return is a function in the bitcoin blockchain that had been added years ago but has thus been under-utilized.  What this does is allow for messages to be added to the blockchain and to transactions.  I have formulated an example language (very simple) that would allow for OP return to hold the key for making the blockchain into a self contained e-commerce platform thus negating the need for exchanges.

If you want to learn more about OP_Return here is a link:


Now back to the topic.

All messages are signed by your private key so you know which wallet sent the message.

Enter the age of the block explorer.  Block explorers will become to the blockchain what search engines are to the internet.  Originally the internet was based just on links (and it still is) but now search engines have become the go-to way for the average person to use the internet, not just going from link to link.  Now bots do that for us.  The block explorer will become the same for the blockchain.  In the future the way people interact and use the blockchain itself will be through block explorers.  We know google has a monopoly on search, which is dangerous, and a blockchain explorer would also have the risk of being a monopoly.  So this idea isn't foolproof, but this will be a quite robust system.

I don't want to sound like a block explorer is a new thing.  It isn't.  Block explorers are widespread now.  But currently they serve only niche uses.  What I am saying is that in the future most people will think of block explorers as the blockchain, as people currently think of search engines as the internet.  It will be a huge paradigm shift as blockchain goes mainstream.

The block explorer should show the value of the bitcoin address in question and how many blocks the address mined and how many days the address has existed.  This should give the person a feel for how trustworthy the address is that they are considering sending money to.  Also the explorer will show the bitcoin addresses feedback (#FB) for their transactions (which is explained below).

The following example language is used to tell block explorers information.  Think of this like the HTML of the blockchain.

Use hashtags to tell block explorers what type of info you are providing.  All of them are optional but some more than others.  What you will do is start your OP return message with the following and block explorers will know that the message should be filed under that sort of information.  Basically think of it like you are setting up your e-commerce site on the blockchain using the following commands to create your profile.

#FT: your "for trade" list.  BTC2USD 10000  (I will sell bitcoins for $10,000 usd each) USD2BTC 8000:100000 (I will buy up to $100,000 worth of bitcoins at $8,000 each.)  YTN2BTC 5000:20000 (I will sell up to 20,000 yenten for bitcoin at a rate of 5,000 yenten per Bitcoin). 

#AD: Your wallet addresses.  for example YTN:hekcuFekGI75Hnekzha BTC:wiUenxYGk8619GskzuH etc.

#WW: Your website for people to visit for more information about your warez. This is especially good if you have lots of physical things for sale and you don't just trade currency.  Block explorers should be able to pull info from your website too especially if you are using  hashtags to denote information.

#CI: your contact info.  Optional [if the buyer specifies a payment address and pays 1 bitcoin to seller and attaches a note to the transaction (TX) that says BTC2YTN then seller will send the amount of yenten he offered for 1 btc to buyer without any communication needed.]  But if you want something that can't be traded digitally then you should provide contact info.  Anonymous email addresses through TOR is a great way to do it.

#PO: what pay-out methods you offer. (Paypal, credit card, check, cash in the mail, amazon/itunes/steam gift cards, etc.)

#FB(TXID): Feedback for transactions.  Make sure you reference the transaction id (TXID).  The block explorer will know if your address was actually involved in the transaction.

If you sign a message with a hashtag you used previously, the block explorer will know to disregard your old #FT list for example and only consider your newest one as valid.  There is a 40 letter limit to OP return messages so techniques may need to be used like breaking posts up into several pieces or using abbreviations or whatnot.  I leave that up to you to figure out the technicalities for making this work in practice.

So basically using a block explorer people can search the blockchain in a way just like how localbitcoins.com works today.  We will have a fully decentralized exchange that is un-corruptible built into the blockchain itself.  I am aware that this will add size to the blockchain but Monero adds size to their blockchain to anonymize transactions, the least we can do is sacrifice some size in order to keep bitcoin and other crypto's fully decentralized and outside the influence of state powers.

PS: Wallets could help with this funcionality by providing a gui to help people compose thier profile.  Also wallets could connect with block explorers to function as peoples effective bitcoin trading search engine.

BONUS:  Something I just realized is this idea could be used to "automatically" convert the crypto that a person is mining into another crypto or even cash.  In the wallet the person mining could be mining yenten and have it automatically converted into bitcoin for them and sent to their bitcoin address for them.  The wallet would contain code to do this.  This could make mining much more mainstream if someone could mine Monero and see their paypal balance automatically grow.

Also if you recieve a bitcoin transaction you can have your wallet automatically convert it into monero and back again to bitcoin to "clean" the history from your bitcoin.


China has hacked Bitcoin, the solution is "Trust Level"

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How has China destroyed bitcoin?  They attacked bitcoin in it's achilles heel; exchanges.  Whether or not you use exchanges is irrelevant.  The exchanges dictate the market price of all cryptocurrencies.  All cryptocurrencies are susceptible to an attack on exchanges.

How has China killed cryptocurrency by attacking the exchanges?  China shut down all exchanges in China.  This means that no one in China (people in china hold most of the worlds bitcoin) can buy or sell bitcoin.  This is an absolutely earth shattering thing.  When half of the worlds bitcoin can no longer be traded that means the effective pool of bitcoin is half of what it actually is.   Not only this but most bitcoin is created (mined) in china and now these coins can't be sold.  This means to get bitcoin you will have to pay more since the supply is lowered artificially.  This id what caused bitcoin's price to spike.

This spells the end for the current generation of cryptocurrency.  With a country like china able to cause the price to rise by stopping trade in china and the price to fall by allowing trade in china, bitcoin is no longer a stable decentralized currency.  It just becomes Yuan 2.0.

How do we fix this?  Ultimately we will have to move to an entirely different protocol (see my website www.ir.hn) but until then we can implement a temporary stop gap.  What we have to do is introduce trading into the cryptocurrency itself.  What we need to do is use the "notes" ability of the blockchain to request goods for our bitcoin payment.  

For example say I have .001 bitcoin ("bitcoin" is used here for shorthand but can be any cryptocurrency) and I want to buy a sandwich with it.  What I do is I give the .001 bitcoin to the person who has the sandwich and I write in the notes "for a sandwich" (you don't even need to write it in the notes but it will make it easier to keep track of).  

If you give bitcoin to someone, in this new system you can revert the transaction.  You have 3 month's worth of blocks to revert it (3 months should be long enough to ship to anywhere in the world).

 Miners would know that it is really you who reverted the transaction because you would sign using your private key (they wouldn't see your private key, but when you sign with your private key everyone can verify you own the private key who sent the bitcoin).

Now one other factor needs to be involved.  This factor is a trust factor.  The trust factor is how many blocks (or something related to that) you yourself (your private key) have mined since the last time that you reverted a transaction.  Yes you read that right.  This may or may not work with pool mining.  The point is that a trust factor can not be easily gained.  If you cannot mine blocks then you can buy a private key from someone who does mine.  If you did this then you can "change" the private key so the person you got it from can't use it again. To do this you hash the private key you got using a new private key that you created.  This new key only you will know but it required the old key.  This key now has the trust factor of the old key you bought and the trust factor of the old key is brought to zero.

Now the point here is that if you revert a transaction you do it at the cost of your trust factor.  This will make it unprofitable to revert a transaction unless you were seriously wronged.  Also the higher the trust factor you have, the more confident a merchant could be knowing you won't forfeit all that trust to revert the transaction.  People will probably not want to use accounts with too high a trust factor for the given transaction.  You want to balance your trust factor value with the value of the transaction.  You would probably want to mine each individual block to a different private key so you can sell or trade off the private keys later.

H. Pylori toxin VacA causes Non-Celiac Gluten sensitivity

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Do your belly swell and get virtually untreatable constipation or diarrhea when you eat too much bread?  I do.  I struggled with constipation my entire life until I figured out I was sensitive to gluten.  I cut gluten out of my diet and I have been so much better since.

But people like me who claimed they had leaky gut were labeled crazy or that we were enjoying the placebo effect.  Well as a trained scientist I knew what I experienced was very real.

It appears the medical community is catching on.  New studies show non-celiac gluten sensitivity is very real and it is caused by a leaky gut:

But I am still ahead of them.  Not only are microbes leaking through the gut wall along with gluten causing an allergic response, but I know that is microbes that cause it.

H.  Pylori is the cause.  And more specifically VacA toxin.  This toxin is secreted by the bacteria and it causes vacuoles in cells that line the gut.  Vacuoles are symptoms and results of severe cellular damage and basically means the cell is being destroyed.  So this H. Pylori toxin is causing the permeability or leakyness of the gut.  Gluten then that crosses into the cells unnaturally is seen as a foreign invader and attacked by the innate immune system.  This causes inflammation and ultimately constipation or diarrhea.

I figured this out because I treated myself successfully  for h pylori using generous dozes of wheatgrass juice powder.  I have systematically killed off any type of bacteria in my gut so I have lots of experience in this task.  Killing off none of the other bacteria has improved my gluten tolerance besides h. pylori.

Celiac disease is different and likely caused by a different bacteria.  I'm not sure exactly which one yet.

Please search for my post "quintessential guide to gut microbes" and bookmark it as I continue to update it with all my microbe discoveries.


Cryogenic Personal Computer or Server open source patent

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Described herein is an open source invention relating to cryogenic processors and computing.

Here is a drawing that can be used to produce such a compurer case for mini-itx computer. It is designed to allow the addition of a low profile passive cooled single slot graphics card to be plugged in as well.

As we know computers need to be kept cool.  But what we need to understand is that temperature creates a positive feedback loop in computers.  What a positive feedback loop is, is something that grows more when it gets bigger.  Rolling a big snow ball is an example.  The bigger it is, the faster it grows.  the same is true for computer processors.  The hotter it gets, the more energy it uses and therefore the hotter it gets.  For any computer that doesn't burn up, an equilibrium is reached but the equilibrium temperature is usually quite hot so processors use up a lot of energy.  Well we can run that feedback loop in reverse.  If we get a processor cold, it will use less energy and thus produce less heat.  What this means is that we can actually save energy by hypercooling a processor.  This means that the energy required to cool the processor would be paid back and then some in energy savings of the processor.  This is a really powerfully significant realization.  Ultracooling a processor can actually save money and energy.

Well if cold is good then cryogenic is better.  The reason why a processor uses less energy when it runs cold is that resistance goes down when the temperature decreases.  So how can we cool our processors with liquid nitrogen?  Thus far people have cooled thier processors with liquid nitrogen.  The typical example is someone having a can on their processor that they pour liquid nitrogen into.  This is a manual and non efficient process.  One other method I have seen is someone running a compressed tank of liquid nitrogen through a cooling block on their processor.  This requires a constant stream of liquid nitrogen which is not easy to reuse efficiently.

In this paper I will describe how to cool a processor and entire computer efficiently by submerging it in liquid nitrogen.

First a sealed case needs to be designed.  Any materials will do.  In a simple example of this two pieces of thick aluminum can be machined and hollowed out so they can be clamped or screwed (or any other attachment method) together inside of which resides the motherboard.  For example 3 (or more or less) sides can be screwed together and one side left open to access computer ports or any other use.  In order to make the hermetic or somewhat airtight seal, indium wire can be used.  When indium wire is compressed between two pieces of material it forms a hermetic seal that tolerates even cryogenic temperatures.  Any other method to seal it can be used too.  In order to allow efficient transfer of heat, heat transfer components can be used within the case.  For example a heat conductive block could be attached to the processor which in turn would be attached to the aluminum casing.  Indium again can be used to make the connections.  Indium can be used as a heat transfer material in processors and other uses.  The indium can be melted to produce a better connection.  Instead of added elements to improve heat transfer, these could also just be a part of the casing itself or other methods or a combination of methods.

The rest of the motherboard inside ideally would also be cooled well and kept dry.  In order to do this ideally a heat conductive material better than air (but air can be used as well) would be used.  Unfortunately not many liquids would stay liquid at this temperature so best to use dielectric powders and/or gasses.  Helium is a good option however it can be difficult sealing the whole rig including the ports and all to not let the helium escape.  A possibly ideal thing to use is a dielectric powder like a titanate or oxide powder.  If a powder is used other powders or granules or gels or anything else with desired properties can be mixed in such as a desiccant powder, silica beads, or anything else.  While not having the best properties (strontium and barium titanate may be better) titanium dioxide is very cheap and exhibits a high dielectric constant (important to protect the motherboard from frying itself) a high thermal conductivity (so it can act as a good coolant) and high specific heat (so it can hold lots of heat away from the motherboard).  So what we can do is pack titanium dioxide powder into the casing holding the motherboard.  This will allow the rest of the motherboard and components to be cooled by the liquid nitrogen efficiently not just the processor.  If anything becomes too cold to function, methods to reduce the conductivity between the component and liquid nitrogen can be taken.  This includes but is not limited to using insulative materials or thicker layers of lesser conductive materials like indium or any other method.  The open spaces between the ports and the casing can be sealed using any sealant such as silicone sealant or any other method or material.  This sealing may not be necessary but is probably beneficial in order to keep out any atmospheric air which contains moisture.  This computer then would be partially or fully submerged into liquid nitrogen.  Liquid nitrogen can be applied in any fashion not just submersion such as being sprayed with it or anything else.  Liquid nitrogen need not be used, any method or combination of methods to cool the device can be used including water, oil, other cryogenic or cold liquids, gasses (including but not limited to nitrogen), or solids such as dry ice or anything cooler than the temperature of an uncooled processor.

One or many of these modules can be used separately or together.  The devices can be connected or not connected together.  Lowering the temperature as described herein can be done for any purpose such as increasing the clock speed of the processor, reducing the power consumption, increasing the longevity of the components, a combination of the above and/or anything else.  The computer (or GPU or ASIC or any other processing or computing device) can be used for any purpose such as scientific experiments, cryptocurrency mining, server, personal computing, or anything else.

You are free to use, modify, sell, improve, create a business or anything else with the ideas or directions presented herin.


Prime factorization of the Nonce: a new way to increase difficulty ofASIC and GPU mining.

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Limiting cryptocurrency mining to CPU is a difficult task.  GPU's and ASIC's can be made to make the task faster but this centralizes mining and makes average Joe unable to compete using his regular CPU.  If we can make the mining only accessible to CPU or at least make CPU competitive to mine then we achieve much better distribution of power in the cryptocurrency.  Also it is more beneficial for society to have excess cheap used PC's retired from mining for the poor to buy.

The "header" is what determines what the "nonce" - the key to winning a block - has to be.  The header of a block is composed of functions that hash the nonce into a random value.  The only way to crack the code is to try every possible nonce value until you find the one that works.  When you do, it is easy for other miners to verify that you found the right one and you won the block and get the reward.

Bitcoin uses SHA256 to hash the 32 bit random nonce into a big random number.

The following idea can be used alone or in conjunction with other methods.  It can be used with or without any hashing algorithm or function or combination of algorithms or functions.

My proposal is to require that the nonce be reported as a product of prime factors.  This would add virtually zero time into verifying that the nonce was correct (multiplying a few numbers together to create the nonce would take virtually no time at all). This means that not only does the nonce need to be found, but that it needs to be factored.  This factoring would help promote the abilities of a CPU.  Also the nonce must be chosen not only to create the correct hash difficulty, but also to not be prime (since then it would have no factors, and thus just saying it is prime does not lend to validation like a list of prime factors would).  This is not a strict requirement but I believe not alowing nonces to be prime would be beneficial.  We could also even say that nonces cannot be prime squares if we want which may improve the speed of verifying correct nonces and also increasing the dataset size required to check against disallowed nonces.  If more restrictions are desired then even perfect squares could be disallowed as nonces and/or any other testable requirement.  Since the nonce is typically 32 bit, a list of prime factors can be made so that the miner, after generating a nonce, checks it with the prime list to make sure it isn't prime.  If it is on the list the miner needs to create a new nonce.  This prime list contains about 200 million values and takes up roughly 800 mb of space.  This is also important since each miner would need to use about 1 gb of ram just to store the dataset to check to make sure a generated nonce is valid.  The list could also be used to speed up the process of sieving which nonces to check during mining since you can save time by eliminating primes from being checked.  Also the list would be used to check if the list of prime nonce factors proposed by another miner are indeed prime numbers.  If they are then they would be multiplied together to give the nonce and then that nonce checked to see if it gives the correct hash.

This also would help even the playing field giving normal computers an edge or at least a fighting chance against low memory GPU's or ASIC's.


How the left right paradigm "constricts" our liberties

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Big power, started since the enlightenment, uses the left right paradigm of regulation ad deregulation to slowly constrict personal liberties until they are gone.

This is how it is done.  Let a new sector grow via not regulating it.  Then add regulations so you can select the winners.  The winners will be your companies.  Next, when your companies are now the top players, deregulate.  This will make your companies blossom and grow in monopolistic power.  When new players crop up, increase regulation again.

Now heres the problem.  The public would wise up and see something is going on during your cycles of regulating and deregulating.  It would be fishy.  Enter political parties.  Now you rig the elections (a science and is done around the world including spain's future catalonia elections) and make a republican (pro deregulation) win one cycle and a democrat (pro regulation) win the next cycle.  Now you have plausible deniability and continue to constrict and reconsolidate until your prey (us) are strangled to death and can be eaten.

How cryptocurrency will die (but not really)

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As bitcoin reaches for new highs I have been contemplating it's end once again.  Before I said it would be due to a lack of hashing power. That isn't true.  Any hashing power is enough to keep transactions processing at a constant rate.  The problem will really be one of trust.  Bitcoin will be 51%'d.  It may already be.  But as soon as something sparks it, the 51% attack will rear its ugly head and people will loose faith in the coin flocking to other coins.  It appears bitcoin cash would be a natural move.  However this will be shortlived.  A 51% attack on bitcoin - and a subsequent exodus into something like bitcoin cash - would cause a cannibalism event and the people who 51%'d bitcoin will turn their hashing power to bitcoin cash and 51% that as well.  This will keep happening and cryptocurrencies will drop like flies.  The only solution is to make a coin that requires different hardware to mine than bitcoin so the 51%ers couldn't also attack those currencies.  These currencies already exist.  Ones like bitcoin gold and monero and other CPU only or CPU/GPU coins will not be able to be attacked by these massive groups. Bitcoin gold and monero would likely beamong  the sole survivors of the cryptocurrency apocalypse.


How to prepare for plagues

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We are seeing a plague outbreak in Madagascar and other countries on the eastern side of Africa.  We expected this since in 2012-2013 we just crossed into a Seal of revelation (comes every 333 years) and in september of this year we saw the revelation 12 sign (comes roughly every 300 years too).  The coincidence of these two is of major importance and plagues are the least of what we will see.

The answer on how to prepare for a plague is easy, clay and charcoal.  Preferably food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal.  The stronger sicknesses hit, the harder they fall.  Virus' are the easiest to treat sicknesses.  All you need to do is take food grade DE to immunize yourself against plague and/or take activated charcoal to cure it.


Russia is creating Iridium, the most precious metal

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Edit: actually they were probably making Rhodium

As you have seen from my past posts on how to make gold using muon catalyzed fusion, you make elements typically by electrocuting elements that are to the upper left in the periodic table of the element you want to make.

There has been found radioactive ruthenium across Europe originating from russia:


This cannot be explained from conventional theory, ruthenium isn't created in typical plutonium or uranium nuclear reactions and even if it was there would be far more elements present like strontium and iodine, not just ruthenium.

But since we know how catalyzed fusion works, we could predict that radioactive ruthenium would be a consequence of making iridium.  The funny thing is gold is more valuable than iridium but a smart person or government would rather make iridium because it is rarer and more useful in energy production.


Wolbachia infected killer mosquitoes are a horrible idea

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In a stranger than science fiction move, the EPA approved a ridiculous apocalyptic idea; infect mosquitoes with a parasite inducing disease in order to "protect us"?  What bullshit.


Ok so mosquito eggs that are free from wolbachia will die when fertilized with wolbachia infected sperm.  Don't the retards see what this will cause?  It will make it so only wolbachia infected eggs will survive!  This will make it so all mosquitoes are infected with wolbachia.

From wikipedia:
"In the common house mosquito, higher levels of Wolbachia were correlated with more insecticide resistance"
reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1691032/

Perfect.  Now we know insecticide causes microcephaly and now we can attribute that insecticide induced microcephaly to zika and thus require sending out more wolbachia infected mosquitoes to cure the non existant zika!  Fucking hell.

Wolbachia.  Nasty bacteria.  These bacteria are responsible for every obligate parasitic insect.  In other words wolbachia is the reason why parasites exist.  Parasites would be just normal insects surviving on plant matter if not for these bacteria.  These bacteria turn ordinary insects into parasites that require a host to survive off of,  The reason I know this is I have been studying how to kill parasites in the body and the best way to do that is to kill the wolbachia that lives inside the parasites and when you kill the wolbachia out of the parasites you have, the parasites can no longer survive on eating your body and quickly die.

So the mad scientists bright idea is to infect mosquitoes with this bacteria?  I can see two possible endings to this scenario.  First, mosquitoes infect humans with wolbachia.  Who knows what the heck this could cause.  Typically if humans ever have wolbachia it would be within their parasites living in their gut.  Apparently the mad scientists want mosquitoes to inject wolbachia into us so that it infects our brains and we become cannibals.  Once piece to the zombie making protocol.  Another scenario that could be envisioned is that mosquitoes become an internal parasite.  This is the freakiest thought.  The thought is that mosquitoes would adapt to the wolbachia so that they live inside humans for a portion of their lifecycle.  A person drinks water that has mosquito larvae in it and the larvae are able to live inside the person with the help of the wolbachia bacteria.  Yikes.  But yet the EPA approved this horseshit.  Wow.  Lets just hope none of these horrifying possibilities happen and that this psychopathic idea falls flat on its face and fails miserably.


Intelligence is more widespread than you think

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We tend to think of intelligence as being dependent on the brain.  The brain is a powerful central processing unit, but  as we know reflexes don't require a brain at all.  But wouldn't we consider the act of pulling away from a hot stove intelligence?  Or how about swimming towards food?  We know these sorts of intelligence in even bacteria, much smaller than even a single brain cell.

Perhaps the most plausible explanation to many natural phenomenon we see in the larger world around us are actually from the intelligence of the earth.  If bacteria smaller than we can see are intelligent, then how much more intelligent could the gigantic earth we are on be intelligent?  Does it kick up winds or storms to clean itself or the environment?  Does it influence the orbits of moons by manipulating it's "gravity"?  I believe if we look for irregularities in orbits we will find it.  We know that the interaction between the earth and moon creates earthquakes and other seismic activity, could the earth be using the moon to "itch" itself?

And on the other end of the spectrum, could atoms themselves be intelligent?  If so this would certainly disprove any lingering notion that they are the most basic building blocks of matter or even close to the most basic.  I believe that one day a scientist will be manipulating atoms or creating manufacturing processes at the atomic scale (think 14nM processor architecture) and they will realize that they have to take into account atoms "fighting back" when explaining observed atomic phenomenon.  What an interesting day that will be, anything we can observe in our experience will be realized to in fact be intelligent.  Where would that leave the theories of evolution or intelligent design?


Congratulations to Catalonia

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It is a very happy time for Catalonia right now as they declared independence.  A couple nations like North Korea and Venezuela have supported the independence and states including scotland and wales have also supported them.

The important and undeniable thing here is Spain is actively using force to undermine the free will of the catalonian people.  The important thing is that Spain forcefully tried to prevent a democratic vote and the vote was still a huge success and showed the overwhelming support for catalonian independence.  The government of catalonia itself overwhelmingly voted for independence as well.  There is no doubt whatsoever that the will of the Catalonian people is being outright denied by the spanish government.

I stand with catalonia.  As a change agent "I am Catalonia" and to those who support freedom "We are Catalonia".  I am, above all else, a global citizen of peace, individual empowerment and freedom, and love.

We need to vote with our feet and move to and live in a place that is independent and values non-violence and individual liberty.  We should keep a close eye on this centuries new wave of independence movements; these will be fundamentally different than the wave of violent revolutions of centuries past.  This new form of uprising will produce fruits of peace, not constant war like the revolutions in Venezuela and the United States.  Venezuela and the United States are both nations that live by violence.  Violent revolutions lead to violent states; the ends never justify the means, the means create the ends.

It shall be declared that anyone who takes up arms against Catalonia or her people will be devoured.  Catalonia shall be cherished and protected.

Let bees torment those who wish Catalonia to be squashed.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit; said the Lord of Hosts."

How bitcoin will die: Icarus

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Bitcoin will die like icarus.  Or like an airplane that climbs too fast that it stalls out and crashes to earth.  This will be the death of bitcoin.

Like I said in my last post the reason for bitcoins recent spike has been scarcity; china is in a crackdown on bitcoin miners and is not letting them sell their mined coins.  This causes a reduction in supply, and with a constant demand will lead to an increase in price.

As these miners have been able to sneak some bitcoin past the guards and have been able to sell chunks the price has fallen and as the supply again dries up the price goes back up.  This is why we have been seeing temporary dips below 6000 to 5500 in recent days.

We don't know what bitcoins cap is.  What I mean by this is lets say all the supply from china drops out what is the most people are willing to pay for bitcoin?  It depends on the use that it is bieng used for.  With a price at 6000 obviously some people think that it has uses to warrant that price.  In other words they will pay that price.

Whatever the price cap ends up bieng the same fact remains, that once china effectively totally blocks its miners from selling their coins, or just makes it so they can't sell enough to maintain operations, they will stop mining (or greatly slow it down to the rate at which they can sell their coins).  This does not only perpetually keep the supply low and therefore bitcoins price high, but it will slow down transactions on the network.  The slowng down of the network will severely drop bitcoins usability and therefore the "price cap" - in other words what people are willing to pay - will drop significantly.  If it takes a month to process a bitcoin transaction people will dump their bitcoins and move to a bitcoin fork like bitcoin gold or another crypto like etherium (or monero if they are smart) where transactions happen in a reasonable time frame.

Bitcoin will never go away totally; but without the mining prowess it once had, it is just another run of the mill crypto.  And it will be priced accordingly.


Currency, collectible, commodity, or asset: what is the differencebetween a currency and a collectible?

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These 4 things: currency, commodity, collectible, and cash generating asset; the 4 C's are said to make up every form of property.

How do we differentiate between them?  Well there have been good definitions for asset and commodity but not for currency and collectible yet.  First I will quickly summarize the first two and then propose new definitions for the last 2.

An asset is known as something that you can own whose value derives insomuch from either value it, in and of itself, generates over time or saves you money over time.  Stocks are one since you are benefitting from peoples daily work.  Land is another one, you can use it to make money or save you money from renting.  A slave would also be this.  Your social security number is your proof of ownership to the slave master.    An asset must do actual work or it must insomuch as produce.  A digital asset would be a computer program that performs useful work or a botnet that you control to mine cryptocurrencies.

A commodity is something insomuch that it has a demand (and therefore value) by its usefulness to directly provide for biological type necessities.  Energy (food), solvents (water), and protection (shelter).  I believe I am the first to require that commodities must be linked to the 3 basic necessities.  An example of a digital commodity would be prime numbers (they can be used to create protection; cryptographic keys.  They are also used to create protection in the physical world by certain species like cicaida's)

Now for the last two which I feel don't have good definitions yet.


Currency is an infinitely divisible theoretical system of accounting.  The dollar.  The yen.  They aren't the paper they are printed on, they are the theoretical system that underlies the physical representation.  The "dollar" would still exist even if temporarily all the physical bills were destroyed in a fire.  Currencies can be private (binding between two people only) or widely adopted (legal tender), or anywhere in between.  Some currencies (private ones like IOU's) are protected from regulation under Common Law.


Collectibles have been hard for many people to differentiate from currencies.  The reason for this is because the physical representation of currencies are actually not a currency at all, but rather a collectible.  A collectible is anything who's value derives from it being not infinitely divisible by nature.  Why does infinite divisibility matter?  A collectible is desired for it's degree of completeness.  A barbie doll new in the box is worth more than the sum of its parts if you were to break off all its limbs and sell them separately.  As a counter example lets say barbie arms were more valuable than the NIB barbie themselves?  Well then the collectible would be the arms themselves then wouldn't it?  The same thing applies to a dollar bill or to a quarter.  If you shred a dollar bill it is worth less than the sum of it's parts.  Same with a coin.  Now it makes sense how some people collect things that seem like currencies.  By definition you cannot collect currencies (it would be called hoarding instead) but you can collect any non infinitely divisible representation of it; be it digital, physical, or otherwise.  An example of a digital collectible is a digital code or password that when someone enters in the code online they are rewarded with something be it a form of property or just a temporary sensory display like a "congratulations!" page.  Entering in half of the code would not work.  The full code is required and therefore the code is collectable.  Another example of a digital collectible are files, think songs or pictures.  

These classifications matter for regulators (slave masters) and people wishing to avoid regulation (unwilling slaves).  Regulators have been held in check by common law (the "ants" as opposed to "grasshoppers"...when the people believe in something enough the regulators can't stop them like how a grasshopper though bigger and stronger than ants can't stop the ants if they want something) to not regulate certain forms of property.  Typically commodities and collectibles are the least regulatable property.  Assets are the next least regulated, and currencies are the most regulated with the exception of IOU's.  Decentralization or discentralization of currencies is a current push to minimize regulatability of currencies.

So when we are thinking about or creating digital property we should mind the above definitions so we can be informed on how exactly to create them in a way that keeps them the type of property and therefore the regulatability that we intended.


What type of electronic music is the chorus to ...Ready for it? TaylorSwift song

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The type of EDM music in the chorus to taylor swift's new song is the heavenly sound of Trance.  Popularized by DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk and many others.  In this song it is Ali Payami the Trance DJ who masterminded this chorus. To me Trance is the sound of heaven.  Many tend to call this type of trance 'Progressive Trance' or 'Vocal Trance'.  It features uplifting, inspiring, progressive electronic melodies that climax and give the listener a sense of floating weightless over the most beautiful expanses.  It gives one a sense of freedom and exhaltation.  It is produced using high class synthesizers the most popular being the Virus Ti2.  

The lyrics around when the chorus starts around :47 or :48 is "In the middle of the night, in my dreams
You should see the things we do, baby
In the middle of the night, in my dreams
I know I'm gonna be with you
So I take my time
Are you ready for it?"
Not only is Trance one of the most hauntingly beautiful forms of music ever created by mankind, but it is also open source.  A single person can make epic riffs with nothing more than a laptop running a DAW software program like Logic Pro.


The real reason for Bitcoin's $6000 spike, and soon crash

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Bitcoin's price has been hovering around $6000 for the last week or two.  No one is quite sure why it has risen so much especially after China, bitcoin's biggest exporter, has been banning coin sales.

Well to me it just became obvious.  It is just supply and demand.

Since China is bitcoins biggest supplier, now their country is banning them from selling their bitcoins.  So as of now the Chinese miners are still mining away but they can't sell their coins.  This means there is a supply shortage of bitcoin in the market.  What happens when there is a supply shortage?  The price goes up.

The problem with this is that if the chinese miners are being blocked from selling their coins, eventually they are just going to shut down operations. While this is great for the small scale bitcoin miner to become competitive, China has all the mining power and if they stop mining then bitcoin transactions would slow down to a crawl.  Already bitcoin transactions take hours or even days to complete, with china's hashing power stopped all transactions would slow to a crawl, mabye up to a month backlog.  Transaction fees would also skyrocket spooking bitcoin investors.  If their bitcoin assets suddenly become non-liquid - they can't trade their bitcoin - people will dump whatever they have and bitcoin will crash.

Eventually bitcoin will correct itself I am estimating down to $300 and just be one of the gang with all the other crypto's.


Discentralization not decentralization is the key to a free and open society

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Decentralization is all the buzz lately.  We want to wrestle the power from the hands of the few and spread it among the many.  But the way we are doing this is all wrong. Little hints in quotes by regulators let me know that they already know about this hidden truth, and they are the ones actually behind decentralization in order to co-opt the movement and end up controlling it in the end with all of us totally fooled into believing we have actually achieved decentralization when in fact the same people who had the power before still have it in the end.  Decentralization is impossible and believing in it will lead you to the proliteriate while those preaching decentralization will actually be in central control.  The promise of decentralization is the promise of socialism.

What you have to realize is that decentralization is a myth.  It cannot exist.  This is the first step in realizing the fraud that they had told you.  There is never a system where no human being has any control.  Even if robots were making the system there had to be someone to program them.  Even if they use machine learning, it is only by algorithms we designed.  There can never be a case where no humans are in control.  The quicker you come to grasp with the fact that you were sold a lie, will you find the solution.

I could tell you the solution right now (and I will) but unless you can believe that you may have been lied to and believed a lie, you will never find the truth.  I could talk till I'm blue in the face but you would never find it.

So I am believing that you think there may be something to this argument.  Good.  Now I will explain the solution.


We have to accept and embrace the fact that we can and should be in charge of things.  The problem comes, and only comes, when there is a consolidation of power.  When people give up power they were born with, and give that power to another.  This is the heart of socialism.  And it always leads to a two class system.  The controllers, and the controlled.  The key is we all need to exercise our right to be controllers.  Controllers of our own paradigm and our own sphere of influence.  

A system can be created where personal liberty and responsibility are protected.  It was called the constitution and declaration of independence.  These libertarian type ideals are the only correct answer to centralized control.  Liberal ideals of large government that makes everyone equal only leads to the government itself becoming the centralized control it was supposed to protect us against.

What is the libertarian answer to crypto-currency?  It isn't decentralization but rather discentralization...distributed centralization.  It is the whole reason libertarians want us to all carry guns and liberals want no one to carry guns.  The people who enforce the liberal agenda would have guns but no one else would be allowed to.  This is decentralization and is actually centralization.  Libertarians want to distribute the centralization, so we all have it and no one has inherent power greater than anyone else.  This is discentralization of power.  Distributed centralization.

How do we make a discentralized crypto currency?  Well all my ideas have been doing just than; irhn and spork.  But the idea is give everyone power over their own transactions and have their own power to verify.  The key to creating discentralization is empowering not taking power away from individuals.

In bitcoin only the person who wins the block has the power to have the final say on transactions.  And this is why the 51% attack is possible.  What if instead of stopping everyone from verifying transactions once someone else has verified it, we actually allow everyone to finish verifying then see what everyone says?  More like a democracy huh?  And what if you empowered users to believe or not believe what the verifiers say?  If they know certain verifiers are wrong to go to other verifiers instead?  That is empowerment.  That prevents centralization.

Because any "decentralized" system like bitcoin is just a race.  It is a race to the top at who can claim the title of emperor (51%er) and rule the coin.  Of course they would be subtle about it.  They would split their pool up into a few pieces and pretend every pool is autonomous but they really would all have one master.  And they could attack only zombie wallets so that no one would be any the wiser.  Secret centralized control under the guise of decentralization.  Just like socialism is secret centralized control under the guise of equality.

Another example is decentralized wikipedia.  Under the guise that no one has control, in actuality the big players have control because they can hire botnets to keep pages that are financially important to them from being changed.  A discentralized version would allow people to control what is changed on pages they create.  And if people don't like your page they can create a competing page.  Pages on the same topic aren't allowed on decentralized wikipedia but are necessary for liberty and discentralization.

How would discentralization fix this?  Well instead of a race to see who can become central controller, discentralization would empower people to have the tools to resist centralized control.  The tool of choosing who verifies your transactions.  The tool of allowing all verifiers to have their say not just the one who wins the block.  The tool of each verifier allowed to be their own fork and have their blockchain as accurate as possible, not forcing consensus.  Decentralization would say that either republican healthcare bill or democrat healthcare bill will win and discentralization would say that everyone can propose their own bill and vote across party lines.  Mabye it is messier but freedom is a messy process.  Mabye a coin where people can choose who verifies it and verifiers can choose how they verify would make your coins less fungible, but freedom is a messy process.  You would be your own master and by choosing who verifies your transactions you choose how fungible your coins will be.  

That is called liberty.  

That is called distributed centralization.

"Spork" distributed centralized cryptocurrency

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IOUTP is now called IRHN, please visit ir.hn to learn more.

IHRN is a great peer to peer truly decentralized IOU network, but we need something a bit more centralized that more people accept to be able to "cash out" one's IOU's from IRHN.  People can use whatever they want, bitcoin, monero, twigs, anything.  But I don't feel like there are any really good digital options out there (twigs are awesome).

Enter Spork.  Spork is a new pseudo decentralized cryptocurrency and is based somewhat on trust.  It solves the 51% attack problem (google that if you don't know about it).  It solves the mining problem.  It solves the veriication problem.  It does not necessarily solve the privacy problem but I'm sure privacy features can be added as time goes on.  Spork primes are not necessarily fungible.  Spork trades fungibility for flexibility, strength, and longevity.

Spork works like this:

Spork's money is prime numbers (but an idea like this can also be used with normal coin accounting methods or a new method for trading).  Yes that's right.  Prime numbers are the currency.  This means anyone can mine it (just figure out prime numbers) and the supply is infinite yet regulated (it will take forever to find more than 100 billion or so)

Spork will transact these prime numbers in whole chunks (but an idea like this could transact partials if desired).  That means you can't send half a prime number, it is all or nothing.  So most transactions will have several prime numbers in exchange for a product.

Spork may or may not start with some set of the numbers "premined" since the first trillion or so primes are widely known and it would just be a race of verifiers not able to keep up with people requesting primes.

The process of mining is finding prime numbers and giving these to verifiers to put them in your name.  The verifier will check that it is a real prime number and also that no one else has claimed it.  Then he will attribute it to you (your public key and private key, works the same as bitcoin).  You want as many verifiers to agree that you own that prime as possible.

Anyone can be a transaction verifier in Spork.  Verifying transactions and mining is completely separate.  Verifiers will take no primes as transaction fees (I guess they could but its unlikely people would use them as a verifier).  Most verifiers will require a subscription fee or something similar in order to submit your transactions to them for verifying.

Every Verifier is their own spork (play on fork).  Verifiers will be incentivized to check their database (blockchain) against each-others but aren't required to.  A pseudo consensus is expected to be reached between verifiers.  You can say that you guarantee your primes will be verified by "enter some names" of verifiers.  If not then the transactee isn't obligated to send you the product.  So basically you have to have some level of trust in the verifiers and can choose who to do or not do business with.  This beats the 51% attack.

I expect a central hub to develop where you pay a small monthly fee to join and it gives you access to hundreds of verifiers.  You submit your transactions there and you can see in real time which verifiers approved (or denied) your transaction.  If this approval rate seems to satisfy you and your transactee, then you can exchange the goods in question.  Maybe if you both vote to disapprove the results the verifiers can take that into account when they do consensus building (not really defined, however they think is best) to where they cancel the transaction (initiated by both of you using your keys to vote to cancel the transaction).  

Don't like the biggest pool of verifiers?  No problem.  Go to smaller verifiers instead with your transactions.  The less consensus you get with verifiers though, the less fungible your primes will be.

In conclusion we are making a distributed centralized cryptocurrency which is immune to the #1 crypto threat, the 51% attack.  In order to accomplish that we have to trade fungibility.  However this will be more fungible than IOU's so it is a good way to cash out your IOU's from IRHN.

Also as a bonus it makes mining much more fair and viable forever.


IOU Transfer Protocol Program

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**Now known as IRHN, see ir.hn for more info**

IOUTP Program

1. GIVER: take inputs for prompt and password.  Save prompt and password. RECEIVER:  Take inputs for prompt and password. Save prompt and password.  Must match what the giver sets.  

2. GIVER: Echo prompt to all connected people.

3.  MIDDLEMAN: If a prompt comes to me echo the prompt to all others connected to me except the one who gave it to me.

4.  MIDDLEMAN: Remember which person gave me the prompt.

5. RECEIVER: If the prompt that comes to me matches the prompt I set, then issue the set prompt and password to the person who prompted me.

6.  MIDDLEMAN: If a prompt and password comes to me from a person I prompted earlier, then send that prompt and password to the person who initially prompted me.

7.  GIVER: If a prompt and password comes back to me for which I initiated the prompt; check if the password is correct.

8.  GIVER: If the password is correct then send an IOU, prompt, and password to the person who returned the prompt and password to me.  Delete prompt and password from memory.  Clear all memory except <<save issued IOU code into database>> as an active IOU but not who it was issued to.

9.  MIDDLEMAN: If an IOU comes to me for a given prompt and password; <<save IOU code>> and <<save who sent IOU>> then submit an IOU, prompt, and password to the person who sent the prompt and password to me.  <<save issued IOU code in database>> After this; delete prompt and password from memory.  Delete who gave me prompts and passwords.  Ie: clear all memory.

10.  RECEIVER: If an IOU comes to me and I originated the password then <<save the IOU code>>.  Clear all memory except <<save who issued me the IOU.>>

11.  If transaction doesn't complete then the receiver tells the giver to cancel the iou's.  The giver will tell the first middleman that the "IOU the giver issued is now cancelled for <<prompt>> and <<password>>.  You are advised to cancel the IOU that you advanced".  This middleman then sends this to the next person.  If one of the people cancels the IOU and doesn't tell the next person, the IOU accounting will be different and the person will no longer trust the person who cancelled the issued IOU without notice.  

No one will know exactly who was the weak link and the reason the transaction failed.  However if you notice that one of your friends has a higher rate of failed transactions than others then you will eventually unfriend them.  Also there is nothing to gain by being the weak link because the IOU given to you will be cancelled anyway.

12.  Next the GIVER starts the echo process again to find another route to the receiver, this time omitting the friend through whom the transaction failed last time.  Repeat all the rest of the steps.

13.  You will need to keep track of an IOU tally between you and all your friends.  You should check your tally against your friends periodically to ensure that the accounting is the same.

14. As long as you buy the same amount as you sell you will have to exchange no money.  If you buy more than you sell or sell more than you buy, then you will have to end up settling your debt with your friends at some point.  You will pick friends based on what forms of payment they will accept for settling debts.

15.  Also you need to set what you pay out for an iou.  An iou should be roughly the value of a half dime in 1792 (currently about $1.25).  So say I will redeem any IOU I issue at $1.25 or I will give 0.0002 bitcoins or I will give 1 luumn or I will give a 1lb loaf of bread.  Then when the person who collects IOU's from me wants to cash out, they can select how much of each thing I offer they want to collect from me.

Behold the first Beast of Revelation: Xi Jinping

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Edit: Just had a dream of the second beast too, see

This is not the first time that the "end times" have happened in the world.  The revelation 12 sign happens in the sky once every several hundred years and with it come the rise of the righteous two witnesses, the beast, and the second beast also known as the antichrist.  The world is not about to end, there are still at least another 333 years to come I believe are spoken for in revelation.  However the years between 2024 and 2031 may get very very bad.  Persecution may start now but Good will prevail between 2017 and 2024.

Just to give you a rundown of our current place in this cycle, the sign happened about a month ago so in 3.5 years the two witnesses will rise to prominence.  I would say as we have seen from him saving trump and our nation; the brains behind the healthcare executive order and also saved the trump tax plan the horrible publicity of raising taxes on the middle class, Rand Paul is a leading contender as one of the Two Witnesses.

Seeing the recent news about Xi Jinping consolidating control and persecuting business leaders, considered most powerful man in the world by The Economist in 2017, and the fact he looks exactly like the person I dreamed of slitting their throat in 2007 (before he ever rose to power)... (In 2007 I dreamed I was an angel and slit the throat of someone who looked exactly like Xi and he yelled out then his wound was healed, just like the first beast in the revelation of john.) ... I think Xi is the leading contender as the first beast, or at least one of the heads of the first beast.  

Now what will happen is the two witnesses will rise in prominence starting around 2020.  I think that I also may be a candidate as one of the two witnesses. If I am, I think that the way I will sever a head of the beast is by crippling China with my IOUTP monetary system that can divert the control of any government.  Decentralized money - controlled by the people not the government - would be a death blow to chinese communist control.  But according to the revelation, this wound would be healed so somehow China will figure out how to stop its use there.  Other world leaders may also be heads of the first beast, people like the polished Trudeau, Macron, and Sebastian Kurz...mabye even trump, we will see.


The only 100% fully decentralized peer to peer Monetary Systemunveiled: IOUTP

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Think Bitcoin is decentralized? Think again. 

**Now known as IRHN, see ir.hn for more info**

How do we create a monetary system where there is truly no centralized control? The way to do this is to not transfer money at all; but rather creating a mutual reciprocation system. The answer is to empower everyone to create their own IOU's that they accept back in exchange for money (or other things) and use the principle of "6 degrees of separation" and "pay it forward" in order for everyone to give one of their own IOU's to someone they know, and so on, until the IOU or money ends up at the person who requested it.

That's a mouthful but lets break that down.

1. Everyone creates their own currency.
In a simple form of this everyone has a database of codes that they accept back in exchange for product, money, or services. If the person who created a code gives it away; when the person with the code wants to redeem it, the code creator can destroy it (remove it from the database) and give the person that redeemed it some money or something else.  The codes are like IOU's.   Also if the person who wants to "cash out" the IOU from his friend also has an outstanding IOU given to the same friend, the IOU's just cancel eachother out.  So in essence as long as you are giving away the same value as you are recieving, then all the IOU's will just cancel out and will never need to be cashed out at all.  Just in case someone wants to recieve more than they give through the network, thier IOU's should still be redeemable for something.  But that is between the person and their friends as we will see below.

2. Leveraging the "6 degrees of separation".
People only give IOU's to people they know, and therefore they only accept IOU's from people they know. However if everyone is connected through only 6 different people, then the trust chain doesn't need to be long at all for IOU's to transfer between anyone on earth. IOU's are transferred only 1 person away. Lets say I give my friend Billy Bob a NatureHacker IOU then he gives his friend Jane a Billy Bob IOU in reciprocation. Kind of like a "Pay it Forward" type of system. This chain of paying it forward connects between the person giving something and the person requesting it. At the end of the line the person who requested something ends up with an IOU from one of their friends which can be saved or cashed out by them.

3. Mapping the IOU pathway from source to destination
Now that is all well and good, a cascade of IOU's that go from source to destination. However without a centralized network how do we know which pathway for the IOU's to take? Great question. The answer is, of course, leveraging our "6 degrees of separation" again. We can "scout" the landscape before ever sending the first IOU. If I, NatureHacker, want to send an IOU to "Billy Bob" then Billy and I talk to each other first. We develop a prompt and an answer. So lets say the prompt is his name "Billy Bob". When he hears the prompt "Billy Bob", he will respond with the agreed upon answer (password). The password we agreed to ahead of time was "1237". When he hears the prompt "Billy Bob" he will respond to that person (that said the prompt) "1237". Now the person who finds Billy Bob will give this answer back to the person who told that person to look for Billy Bob and so on until the password makes it back to NatureHacker. Now we have a trace that goes from source to destination. Now NatureHacker can send an IOU to the person who returned the code to him, and that person can deliver an IOU to the person that returned the code to them and so on until it reaches the destination.

So how do we scout for Billy Bob in the first place? We tell everyone we know to look for him. We tell everyone in our group of friends to look for Billy Bob and they in turn tell everyone in their circles to look for him. As soon as someone claims to be Billy Bob he gives the code which makes its way back to the sender and then the IOU goes out back through that pathway used to locate him.

The person initiating the transaction can be made to "overpay" a finders fee which is split among all the people along the correct path to the destination.  This incentivizes to make your friend network the best it can be.   For example lets say there are 10 nodes along the path from NatureHacker to Billy Bob.  NatureHacker could pay 1.1 IOU forward, person 2 pays 1.09 IOU forward, person 3 pays 1.08 IOU forward until we get to Billy Bob who gets 1 IOU.  Reducing the amount of people (nodes) along the path is therefore incentivized.

 Also not only will any correct pathway "win" but the pathway that leads to the destination quickest.  So if you want to win the transaction it would be best to prune your friend list to only include friends that end up having the people of interest most often so you don't waste time talking to lots of friends.

Now there might be a temptation to hack the code running on your system so you keep any IOU you get without paying it forward. If this happens you will never be along the correct path and people will "unfriend" you, effectively locking you out of future deals.  A self grooming network.

Also why not just give an IOU directly to Billy Bob from myself NatureHacker?  Well Billy Bob doesn't trust me.  The whole reason we have the IOU's always go to friends and come from friends are that people we select as friends we trust to pay up when we return to them one of their IOU's they issued us.  Instead of a central power as the trusted party, we use a de-centralized network of friends.  Also even if you trusted me our deal would be a one time deal and you would immediatly ask me to fulfil the IOU which makes it pointless.  But if you have 10 friends and have accumulating IOU accounts with only those 10 people and can deal with every outside person by just racking up more IOU's from one of your 10 trusted friends, then it becomes much easier to manage.

So that is about it. Of course these are all metaphors for technological communication, or it could be in the physical world as well but more likely digitally in this day and age. There would obviously be code involved in this process but it would be modular and run on each system itself. It would be like HTTP, each computer/server would run a copy of the code in order to make this communication happen. Now the question is...who is going to be the first to develop the code for IOUTP? (IOU TRANSFER PROTOCOL).