Stabbing heart chest pain cured naturally with garlic

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There aren't many things scarier than getting a stabbing pain right in your heart.  It feels like someone literally stabbed your heart with a knife.

But there also aren't many things that can be cured as easily either.  Well pretty much anything can be cured easily if only you can figure out how.  Turns out that in my "quintessential guide to gut microbes" post I talked about mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) in the gut as the cause of stabbing pains randomly throughout the body.  Well when i experienced stabbing pains specifically in the heart over the course of several hours, I finally figured out that since it was a stabbing pain, it was probably TB, but since the location wasn't random, I probably had TB in the heart.  Turns out TB can and does infect the heart so this thought was justified.  So knowing that vitamin C and garlic easily kill TB, I took some garlic extract and the stabbing pains immediately stopped!  The pain came back within about an hour but it was noticably less sharp than before.  I then took some vitamin c and potassium bicarbonate and again the pain immediately stopped.  It may just take a few rounds of tuberculosis killing natural remedies to complete.

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