Heavy metals in Brown Rice

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I used to use cast iron and recently changed to glass for cooking rice and everything else.  The iron was too much and I got iron overload from it.  Some symptoms were metallic taste in the mouth and heart skipping beats.  To reverse that I used L-Cystiene and L-Histidine.  It works well.  Also tannins from some herbs can bind up iron as well.

So after this I was able to reverse any symptoms of heavy metals.  The easiest symptom for me to use as a marker is metallic taste in the mouth.  Getting rid of this tells me that I have gotten rid of the easily accessible metals in the body.

Well even after I switched to glass cookware and porcelain spoon I got the metallic taste in my mouth come back after eating a good amount of brown rice.  So the only thing it could be was metals in the rice.  

I did some googling for heavy metals in rice and yes rice concentrates heavy metals especially in the bran.  So brown rice can have high levels of heavy metals including mercury.

So ideally white rice (organic) is the best. Also taking my product envirotox (check out health remedies tab above) has cystiene and histidine to help mobilize and remove metals from the body.

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  1. I want to detox heavy metals but I've read so many conflicting reports about the effects on amalgam fillings. Thoughts?


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