Anti-Tuberculosis regimen seems to be fighting gynecomastia

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So upon seeing that the side effects to tuberculosis drugs seemed to be everything that ails me, I figured maybe I have been harboring a latent TB infection for virtually all my life.  Things like insulin resistance (getting tired after eating), gynecomastia, low thyroid, hair loss, etc are linked to conventional TB treatment.

So I figured maybe I should treat myself naturally for TB and maybe I would be able to cure my symptoms.  To do this I have been taking capsules of garlic extract, vitamin c, and also broccoli sprout extract to keep h pylori suppressed and ginger to keep campylobacter suppressed.  In addition to this I have been taking Glucuronic acid capsules and also massaging my chest with a blend of eucalyptus and tea tree oil.  These two essential oils are known to kill tuberculosis in addition to the vitamin c and garlic that is known to kill tuberculosis.

I have been noticing some softening and reduction in gynecomastia.  I am also hoping that my insulin resistance, low energy, and hair improves over the long term as well.  I have also been applying that essential oil blend to my scalp too.  The last anti-h pylori oils I had been using on my scalp didn't seem to work, so perhaps it is TB to blame.  We will see Iwill keep  you updated.


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