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I don't know if your like me but every-time I ate my energy would crash. After breakfast I would want to go to bed, after lunch I would want a nap and same after dinner. Well I have always had a little bit of trouble with blood sugar control and tendency for low energy and weight gain so I realized I was insulin resistant. I figured out that the tiredness after meals is caused by a spike in insulin; when insulin goes too high the pancreas makes a ton of GABA which is a sleepiness hormone which brings insulin down and this is what causes the thanksgiving turkey sleepiness. So I realized my insulin was spiking too high and I wanted to figure out how to bring it down. Turns out fat and protien eaten with carbs makes insulin go sky high. So my solution was to eat fat and protein separatly from carbs and eat lots of small meals throughout the day. Well it didn't work. if there was any blood sugar left from carbs when I went to eat protien or fat I would crash again. So protien and fat had to be separated a long way from carbs.

So I developed another diet. This one says you can only eat carbs for breakfast. No fat or protein for breakfast, only carbs. No vegetables either because the calcium and magnesium in vegetables inactivate digestive enzymes needed to break down phytates and protien. So just carbs and seasoning for breakfast. I have been doing brown rice but fruits work too.

For lunch vegetables only. Vegetables are important for their vitamins and minerals so we need to include lots of them in the diet. Perfect place to put them is mid day between carbs and protiens and fats so there is no crossover causing insulin resistance and energy crashes. No oil or protiens or carbs with your veggies kust plain vegetables with seasonings. I would reccomend cooking your vegetables by steaming or boiling to inactivate goiterogens especially leafy or grassy greens. If you must have them raw then make sure to take an iodine supplement with them to prevent thyroid shut down.

This brings me to another point: Thyroid insufficiency or low thyroid. Since the symptoms of me poisoning myself with raw wheatgrass juice goiterogens and being put out of commision for a couple hours were similar to me crashing from a insulin spike after eating meals containing a combination of protiens, fats, and carbs, there may be a connection. Mabye the reason I crash from an insulin spike and not everyone does is because my thyroid activity is low. This could be the case. I will look into causes of this but my guess is eestrogenic pesticide accumulation in my body perhaps BPA or DDT or PPB or something along those lines. And finally for dinner. Fats and protiens. Just no carbs and no vegetables. Meat eaters you know what to do. For vegetatians nuts and seeds are perfect for dinner. Not sure about beans and legumes since they contain carbs and protiens which we don't want to mix so I would stay away from legumes.

For my excercise plan after eating a carbo breakfast I workout with 4 super sets. 1 superset includes 4 different workouts roughly 10 reps each. Only 3 deep breaths between each set in the super set. After 1 superset take about a 5 min break. The reason we limit breats between sets within the superset is to keep heart rate up throughout the superset and also to keep lactic acid in the muscles up which helps muscle building and also detoxification of heavy metals. My corrent workouts in each superset is pushups, pullups, tricep dips, and hanging leg lifts.

Anti-nutrients in foods

keep peroxidase catalase at 100c pH 7 10 mins

how long to cook 30 mins max

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