Root Cause and Cure for Dry Mouth Discovered: TB bacteria killed by Garlic natural cure treatment

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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis appears to be the root cause of Dry Mouth and is killed by raw garlic. I make and sell a product called TEEF powder (click the health remedies tab above and scroll through) and recently have added ginger to the recipe. The reason I did this is a bacteria that causes gum pocketing and loose teeth is campylobacter jejuni. So in an effort to thwart this bacteria I added ginger which is known to kill c jejuni pretty well. Unfortunately after a few days of using my new formula I developed dry mouth. As I always do in this type of situation I regretted adding any antibacterial herbs to the mix at all. But soon I came to my senses and realized this sort of problem has arisen before with my other bacteria killing products and I have always solved the issue. Usually what happens is when you kill a wide array of bacteria there are a couple types left which overgrow when the rest are dead. So I figured this dry mouth was just a symptom of some bacteria overgrowing. When I woke up in the middle of the night with dry mouth I got kind of scared but the idea quickly came to me that this actually might be TB bacteria. I don't know exactly how that came to me but it just seemed to fit since I had to battle with TB in the gut a while back with my old SADC formula. Soon I remembered I was going to put garlic in my teef powder but I neglected to for obvious reasons, garlic is known to cause bad breath. I researched online and found TB bacteria is actually a known cause of Dry Mouth. Garlic is THE herb to kill TB so it made sense; since I neglected to put the garlic in I got a TB overgrowth in my mouth. I took some garlic extract and swished it around in my mouth with water and almost instantly proper saliva flow returned and has stayed back. So to me this confirms that garlic is the natural cure and treatment for dry mouth. As just a small part of my recipe I don't believe garlic will have much of a negative impact on breath, and if you care about breath you will probably be using a breath freshener anyway. But the benefits of having a germ free mouth are paramount and can help you achieve a great lifelong smile.

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