Men: How to supercharge your life. A tale of two bacteria on testosterone.

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Hey everyone NatureHacker back with another health discovery!

You know that I wouldn't hide a secret to a powerful and vital life from you. This secret can literally change your life if you are a man (and will probably work for women too). The secret is boosting testosterone naturally with herbs, and not just that but boosting your testosterone receptors throughout your body.

So the first question is how to boost testosterone naturally. This is pretty easy, testosterone levels are naturally going to be very high but certain types of gut bacteria reduce it. These types of bacteria are called gram positive. Not only do they sap LH levels by releasing cytokines and therefore reduce testosterone, but also they increase sex drive to abnormal levels (like being high on cannabis) which we will see later will also sabotage us. So the simple fix is kill these bacteria. This is easy to do with tribulus terrestris extract powder and food grade diatomaceous earth. Simply take these two ingredients every day and it will clean out this bacteria (you can also use 'natures fury' in health remedies section above to achieve the same effect.)

Now doing that will raise men's testosterone to levels off the medical charts. This will also reduce sex drive urgency by about 3x. So if you could go 1 day without sexual activity, doing this will allow you to go around 3 days. Now this abstinence time is important for several reasons but as far as health is concerned being abstinent increases testosterone receptors. This means testosterone's positive effect on the body will be magnified.

Now that's not the end of the story. Yes doing that is great and will reap huge rewards but there is one more piece to the puzzle and that is another bacteria. This bacteria is called proteus mirabilis and chronically colonizes the kidneys. You can tell you have it if you ever get dull constant lower back pain. This is the hallmark of this bacteria. Now what I didn't realize is this bacteria gives sexual urgency. It makes you feel like you NEED to have sexual activity. So while getting rid of the excess cannabis style sex drive was the first step, this bacteria will also increase urgency to unhealthy levels. When I still had this bacteria I couldn't make it for more than a few days without sexual activity. I discovered this bacteria and killed it off by taking 20 drops of 50/50 clove essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil per day. As long as you don't take over 20 drops of essential oil a day you are safe (but do NOT take more! if you do you will need to take activated charcoal immediately). This brought me to a place of sexual balance. I could engage in sexual activity if I wanted but I could also be abstinent for long periods.

Now the reason this is important was because after a week or so of abstinence I noticed a real tangible boost in my energy and set out to figure out what was happening. While average testosterone isn't effected much by sexual activity, androgen receptors ARE. Turns out the spikes in testosterone from sexual activity cause a decrease in androgen receptors. This means while testosterone level may be ok, it is as if you don't have enough. Similar to type 2 diabetes where you are insulin resistant, if you have too much sexual activity you can become testosterone resistant.

Now when you go abstinent and your receptors recover, you get more energy and lower insulin resistance ironically. Also your body downregulates estrogen and prolactin which helps prevent "man boobs".

Also one other bonus is being abstinent causes your testosterone to spike on a monthly cycle so you are more attractive to females and will be more fertile.

So there you have it, for the sources I used to inform my thoughts see below:


14 days with mice. probably 28 with humans.


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