Major common root cause of insulin resistance: Heavy metal poisoning.

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Edit: It may be high iron as well cured with echinacea root powder. Even low iron people get it too so maybe just haemohilus which is cured by echinacea. Do you feel tired after eating? Do you tend to get love handles? For males do you have gynecomastia or man boobs? Then you are most definitely insulin resistant. What is insulin resistance? Well it is the precursor to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. What it means is your body doesn't respond effectively to insulin. Insulin tells your cells to take up carbs and proteins and fats, and when you are insulin resistant your cells don't respond and the nutrients stay in your blood for prolonged periods causing a lot of problems.

 So this causes lipodystrophy which means the fat is not spread around your body in the optimal way, fat accumulates in places you don't want it to be like the stomach, love handles, thighs etc. Also in my opinion it probably causes "hard gainer" syndrome which means especially for guys it is hard to build and keep muscle. This would be because insulin is anabolic therefore muscle building so if you are insulin resistant it probably makes it harder to put on muscle.

 Now the most straightforward way to break your insulin resistance is to stop insulin spikes. When any hormone spikes in the body the cells are like "woah hold on there too much!" so what they do is reduce the number of gateways (receptors) for that hormone. This is a major cause of hormone resistance. So in the case of insulin obviously when we eat large meals of fat, protein, and carbs it spikes our insulin to epic levels.

 This is why in your journeys across the internet wasteland you will see people getting equally effective results from cutting out one or two of the 3 main caloric groups. You will see carb free, fat free, low protein, etc. Some even do practically carb only or fat only or protein only. Obviously there are big problems with each of these strategies but they all accomplish the same thing; reducing the insulin spikes. Ideally we would eat small meals each meal being primarily only 1 food group each. The reason for this is some research I ran across a while ago was that these three types work synergisticly to boost blood sugar and insulin spikes when eaten in the same meal.

 Regardless of that our bodies should be able to work around blood sugar spikes pretty well. Why do so many of our bodies struggle so much to deal with eating big meals? The answer may be that we are all way too high in toxic metals. It is a symptom of societal and intellectual laziness. We have known for thousands of years that some metals are toxic yet we are too lazy to invent things and processes to totally eliminate the use of these metals. But we haven't. The powers that be are so lazy that they will put the easy and cheap to work with heavy metals in common products.

 The metals scientifically linked to insulin resistance are Lead, Nickel, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Mercury. People with high levels of these metals have more obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc. There is the chicken and egg question, perhaps these metals accumulate in insulin resistant people, but if that were the case other metals would have accumulated too but others were not linked to these problems. Also I'm sure we can find science showing that exposure to these metals increases your chances of developing diabetes etc.

 How do we get rid of our burden of these toxic metals? Well theoretically pretty easily, boost intake of histadine and cysteine. Histadine chelates and removes hard metals like nickel on that list, and cystiene chelates and removes the lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. 

However this process is pretty slow so it can take even years of daily supplementation to get good results. But we have to start somewhere. There may be shortcuts, Lead is solubilized in the body from lactic acid, so if we excercise it will help get these metals into circulation where we can then hit them with our cysteine/histadine mix and trap them and pee them out.

 I made a product for heavy metal removal called ENVIROTOX, check out the health remedies tab above and scroll through to find it. Taking this after a good workout should really help rid our bodies of these pesky contaminants that rob our energy and vitality.

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