Is the President the most powerful person in the World or America? Global Central bankers and Federal Reserve rule.

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It's a common misconception that the President of the United States is the most powerful person on the face of the earth. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The president and especially the executive branch in the USA are merely cheap throw away puppets. The real people in charge are those who lent our government and governments around the world all the money they have. Who has more power, the parent giving the allowance or the kid spending it? Especially because the bankers don't even GIVE money, they only lend it. So the global central banks that print all money are like parents who only lend their kids their allowance, requiring their kids pay them back more than they were given because of interest. Where would the kid get the extra money to pay back their parents? Beats me. This is how the central banks work, there is never enough money in existence to pay off the debt. When the bankers stop or change the flow of money economies boom or bust at will. Their MO is to saddle countries in so much debt that they become debt slaves, unable to pay off the debt just to be in a perpetual hole only able to pay off the interest forever. Once this is achieved the central bankers can kick back and just live off the work everyone else is doing and never have to do anything themselves. And that is exactly what has been happening.

Since 1347 to 2013 it was the age of the bankers. They funded everything from the renaissance, to Napoleon's wars, to the American Revolution. Their calling card is they fund both sides of the conflict and whoever wins will be saddled with debt they have to pay them back. War is profit for the central bankers. Every central bank around the world (except Iran) is owned by this global cabal. These people do not answer to their respectiv3e countries, they are supra-national and don't have to follow any laws and all countries must follow their rules (UN and global trade deals) or else their economy will be brought down by the central banks.

The president is just a low level pawn in this operation. They try to install their chosen puppets into positions so they can control them, but if all else fails they have so much power over a nation, literally they have every country grabbed by the... purse-y ;). If a country defies them (like Russia and Iran and Syria) they will bring them into war or at the very least terrorize them with the CIA. Ultimately they will get sanctions imposed to strangle any country that doesn't go along with them.

So that is the real truth in who really controls the world and how they exert their control.

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  1. Thanks May you be blessed by the All encompassing for your sincerity.


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